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Written By: Lisa Simmons Editorial

Posted: 3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1102   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: General

What in the World is going on ? Political, Social, and Religious unrest. Not one at a time, not even separately but rather all at the SAME time. I don’t know about you but even one of those can be a daunting task to follow, participate in and even to debate or discuss at length.

Right now, just when Mel Gibson’s “Passion of The Christ” comes out, the gays are rallying for the right to Marriage. President Bush is threatening to amend The Constitution of the United States to prevent Legal Marriage between same sex couples. Never before in history has the Constitution been structured or amended to actually discriminate against any ONE particular group or sect of the populace.

If that is not enough, it is amazing how the “semantics” occur when a passionate topic of debate is being discussed. When a party runs out of logical argument, they resort to “personal belief”. First of all , the Gay Marriage debate at present should not include RELIGION. Religious belief has no place in the LAW. Ever since separation of Church and State it seems that Washington continues to straddle the fence between religion (Gods Law) and mans own judicial system and mans law. If you separate the two , then you cannot, should not use one to disprove or prove another!!!!

Gays are asking for the right to unify and have the SAME LEGAL BENEFITS as couples that have a Marriage recognized by law in ANY state.
Even though the President George Bush says that this threatens something that has been around for 3,000 years. I would like to know WHERE that idea came from , that marriage is only between a man and a woman!? I will wager that it came from the bible itself. NOW WE HAVE MANS LAW AND GODS LAW intermingled. I won’t even get into WHY it is written into the Bible or that the “time” had something to do with it and what was going on then. Trust me, its not Gods law. It was written in by MAN.

If you are giving a right to HUMANS, then all HUMANS are equal because they are all HUMAN. If you take a right away from one HUMAN you must remove it from all HUMANS. If one group of HUMANS wants to pick on another, then the rights they hold that they wish to remove form all others should be removed from THEM as well. Do you see what I am saying here? Never take from another what you yourself value ! Never place yourself above another human being.

In addition, have you noticed how Religious Zealots tend to feel they have the right to JUDGE because of what is written in the Bible that is proclaimed to have been spoken by God? NO ONE, save for God, has the right to judge another for anything. Some belief systems say we Judge our self at the time of death and live yet again to correct the negative Karma we created for negative actions previously. As for whether or not being Gay is right or wrong? Well , put it this way, if it doesn’t directly effect you or take away what you have, then what is your concern? Is it because you feel if you let it happen that you will be equally as bad as you believe gays are in the eyes of your God?

Let me ease your mind, you can’t read Gods mind, you cannot know what is truth and what is not anymore, but I can tell you this. Love, unification, support and being a productive part of society cannot be negative. It harms no one. There are evil people in every aspect of life not in just any one segment or culture, including those with religious belief systems. I don’t believe Gays are asking to CHANGE Marriage as it has been known. I believe they just want to have the same legal rights and have their Union recognized.

Something a bit more complex is this though. If Gays are given the same rights as any other man and woman in marriage and legal law, then everyone must be prepared to let EVERYONE have that right. We must remember, there are those that come here from other countries that believe in Polygamy to name only one difference in our cultures. That is their belief, and if we accept them here as US Citizens, they would automatically receive the same equal rights as any other HUMAN BEING. Do you see this?

Once again Washington straddles the fence here whereby the Statue of Liberty says to bring us your poor etc... and then they are now talking about keeping immigrants out of the US because they are compramising our eco system!!! Hypocrisy at its best my friends.
And another thing, if everyone spent time LEARNING about other cultures, lifestyles and beliefs instead of smugly sitting back and simply judging them on your own ignorance and lack of knowledge, you would most definitely find that more often than not, their ideas of a family unit, responsibility, love, providing for the family and work ethics FAR SURPASS our own. Much of what we do would be appalling to other countries. You see, it all boils down to this. Understanding breeds patience. What we do not understand we fear and what we fear we pounce on before we have researched anything.

I don’t know about you , but I wouldn’t want to be on trial with a jury of 12 that knew nothing and simply based their decision on their own OPINION., would you ? Especially if you could get life and or death row.

It does not matter WHAT YOU BELIEVE, what your religion, you are not God and cannot control anything but yourself. Everyone is so busy pointing fingers that they seldome have or take the time to take a closer look at their own imperfections and bias prejudices along with a multitude of other questionable behaviors. The sooner everyone realizes this, the sooner we can all get down to the business of Living and working together.

Ask yourselves, does morality exist because of Religion alone? There have been good, just and moral people that never had a religion of Christianity or any other. Yes there are Jews that are good, just and moral that don’t believe Christ was their one savior, yet they know he was a good man that did good works. Every man and woman know that they have the freedom of choice, free will and that they alone bear the burden of any negative actions IF in fact there is judgement. Even if there is, it is up to the person to accept or deny it, to act correctly or not and it is THEIR karma alone. It is not for another MAN OR HU-MAN to decide how anyone should act or be. Everyone bears the brunt of their own actions or inaction. Since when did the Creator assign a mere mortal to pass judgement?????????

There may be those of you who get tired of my rhetoric on the subject of morals and rights and yet I will wager yet again that not one of you wants anything less than a life of peace and harmony. Now do you think that is just going to be handed to you on a silver platter? Or do you think it is going to take some self improvement?
For every finger you point at someone else, rest assured there are 3 pointing back at you.
And for those of you worried about judgement day - what do you suppose your God would think of you for not forgiving? For not loving your neighbor, brother or sister as self? What do you think your God would think of you attempting to be and think for him/her?

Oh, I have no doubt this will get much bigger before anything is resolved. It is not the chaos nor the friction that irritates me so. It is the mass ignorance and lack of Love and patience and understanding and most of all? The mass inability to think for ones self with or without RELIGION!

By: Lisa Marie Storm