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Splitting Realities?

Written By: Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Posted: 2/18/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1027   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: General
Editors Note: The following is PART of the original article. You will find it in it’s totality (as it is too long to put here) at this link:http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/signsupplement3.htm

This is the mode of approach to becoming a Warrior who is Free. This three step program consists of: 
1. Holding your own in facing petty tyrants. 
2. Facing the unknown with courage. 
3. Standing in the presence of the unknowable. 
Why are the things happening in our world the way they are? Why is humanity in the presence of a Petty Tyrant - George Bush and the Gang - who is trying to get us all killed? 
Why indeed?  
Because this lesson is going to keep coming until you learn to "hold your own." I also know that the "right use" of my energy at this point is to not only hold my own in facing the petty tyrant, but to share it with others. In this way, I can fully activate my choice of what kind of "seer" I wish to be. Remember, Don Juan said there are two kinds: those who are willing to exercise self-restraint and can channel their activities toward pragmatic goals, which would benefit other seers and man in general, or those who don’t care about self-restraint or about any pragmatic goals.  
At the same time that one exercises restraint, one must also draw the line and mean it. In dealing with petty tyrants and predators, one has to learn to not to act "nice," to forget about being "sweet," and to discover, capture and contain the predator. 
And so it is that the present strategy is that I am using my energy in a very pragmatic way, designed to rid myself of my own self-importance, and to share the process with other seers who are on the same path of Becoming Free. Don Juan tells us that utilizing this strategy is not only crucial for getting rid of self-importance, it also prepares us for the final realization of impeccability. And in the end, that is what counts. Impeccability is simply another term for respecting Free Will. 
As Don Juan suggested, these pages and my comments are also a "deadly maneuver." The Petty Tyrants are "like a mountain peak" and the attributes of the warrior - control, discipline, forbearance, timing, - are the climbers who meet at the summit. 
Finally, I’m having a lot of fun writing these pages! When Don Juan wrote about his own experience with the petty tyrant, and how the maneuver was "directed" by his "benefactor," he made some rather amazing remarks: 
"I’m sure that I could have done it myself, although I have always doubted that I would have carried it off with flair and joyfulness. My benefactor was simply enjoying the encounter by directing it. The idea of using a petty tyrant is not only for perfecting the warrior’s spirit, but also for enjoyment and happiness." 
"How could anyone enjoy the monster you described?"  
"He was nothing in comparison to the real monsters that the new seers faced during the Conquest. By all indications those seers enjoyed themselves blue dealing with them. They proved that even the worst tyrants can bring delight, provided, of course, that one is a warrior." 
And I have to tell the readers that I am having a ball! I am not even offended when folks like Carl and Jenifer just don’t "get it." Because, of course, most people worry all the time about not saying this or not doing that because it might "hurt their feelings," or it "isn’t nice," or that isn’t "love and light," or it doesn’t look compassionate! All such concerns are actually based on our worries about how someone else will perceive us!  
We worry about someone else’s hurt feelings because if we hurt their feelings, they will think we are bad. We worry about just simply speaking honestly from the greatest truth we know, because they might think we are not "nice" or "sweet" or "Christian" or "compassionate." And all of that is related to self-importance!  
We are controlled by our fear of admitting that we have made stupid mistakes, that we allowed ourselves to be used and manipulated - whether at a human level or from a hyperdimensional level - that we are in the process of learning. We are ashamed to discuss these things publicly. We are exhausted by trying to "keep it quiet" or "shove it under the rug" or trying to find a way to rationalize it, to think that we deserve it, that we are not free to simply change our mind, and learn a new strategy for dealing with such things. We are programmed to be so concerned about our self-aggrandizing feelings, and the self-aggrandizing feelings of others that we commit the "fatal flaw": we take ourselves too seriously! We think that our emotional reactions to the cruelties of others is evidence of our "spiritual nature." We think that our concern for the feelings of others who are hurting us is evidence of our superior spirituality. We think that saying something like "well, consider the source and ignore it," or "one should not get the messenger and the message mixed up" is some sort of pronouncement of great spiritual wisdom. 
We are so terrified by our fear of "taking the bull by the horns," that we exhaust ourselves trying to think of ways NOT to do it.  
And it is really quite simple: just DO it. And the most important thing of all is to feel joy throughout the exercise. 
We may be having the strongest instinctive reaction of our lives that just screams that someone is a predator, but we shove it under the rug because it’s "not nice." And then, when they are poking a stick directly into our eye, we are constrained to say: "please, I’d like to bring it to your attention, if it is not too much trouble, that you have a stick in your hand, and somehow, (and I am sure it is not intentional), the stick has managed to find its way into my eye. It is causing me considerable difficulty - even pain - but I have tried to restrain myself from pointing it out because I am sure that you are just being yourself and have every right to be yourself, and if in the course of being yourself, you have accidentally poked a stick in my eye, perhaps it is MY fault for having my eye annoyingly in your way. Having said all of that, the fact remains that the stick is in my eye, and if it wouldn’t be TOO much trouble, would you kindly see if it would be possible to withdraw it - assuming that it doesn’t violate your right to be yourself, that is - because I am, naturally, very compassionate toward others, and being yourself is okay by me… but still… the stick... my eye..." 
Acting from natural instinct, the instant the stick begins to approach our eye, we would slap it away and be damned to the niceties. And so it should be in matters of the soul. 
Don Juan explained that the mistake average men make in confronting petty tyrants is that they do not understand that reality is an interpretation we make, and that interpretation is based on knowledge and awareness. The plain fact is: Petty Tyrants take themselves with deadly seriousness while warriors do not. Warriors interpret reality according to the Theological Dynamic, and utilize the Psychological substrate as the instrument of implementation of the four attributes: control, discipline, forbearance, timing. 
What always exhausts a Petty Tyrant is the wear and tear on his self-importance. He is so full of it, and false pride, that he is internally ripped apart by being made fun of or not taken seriously, which he only feels because of his self-importance and his need to feed and sustain it. It is self-importance that will drive a man to falsify his credentials, to claim knowledge and experience he doesn’t have; to steal an election, to lie in an attempt to take over the world; and it is self-importance that will drive such a man to fight to his last gasp to preserve that false self. 
And this last is the clincher. The Petty Tyrant is so concerned about what "other people think" that they will spend endless energy trying to maintain a false image, to continue to "act the role," to attack that which threatens their self-importance either violently or with subtle viciousness. 
And this is George Bush’s weak point: his lies. Fighting George Bush by saying "no war" is actually not the best use of energy here. A better use would be to go to the streets to demand an investigation into 9-11 and to demand that questions be answered about Bush’s fitness to be president. All of those are issues that put pressure on his self-importance, his lies, his facade.  
The object of the Warrior is, of course, to utilize whatever is necessary to stand against the Petty Tyrant, to draw the line and hold it, and - if necessary - to strategically systematically harass the Petty Tyrant until they are drained of energy, and with their last, desperate burst, they do something so stupid, so destructive, that finally, due to the forebearance of the warrior who knows the nature of the Predator, the Petty Tyrants receive their "due" - generally at their own hands. And thus the dynamic ends. 
Now, notice very carefully the following remark: predictions for the future have the form: IF this, THEN this; IF NOT, then that. If the situation, as it is, is not known, no one will take any action and the predictions for the "future" will be "set." However, if there is a change, perhaps even so small a change as just what we are doing here in sharing this information, it can change everything in a nonlinear way. And it is this that the Cassiopaeans have endeavored to teach us. Yes, they will answer our questions objectively and clinically as to the state of the universe in which we live at the moment the question is asked. And then they will tell us that we have Free Will if we have Knowledge. And then, when we ask them what we ought to do, if anything, they say: "you will do what you will do." 
You will do what you will do. 
So, let’s get on with it! 
Editors Note: This article is PART of the original article. You will find it in it’s totality (as it is too long to put here) at this link:http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/signsupplement3.htm