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The Passion of The Christ

Written By: Lisa Marie Storm - Editor

Posted: 3/9/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1432   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Religion
The Passion of the Christ

The Passion Of The Christ 
I realize this type of material may not be something EVERYONE wishes to read about, but please remember there are others that do.

There are passionate debates and discussion going on about the new movie directed and paid for by Mel Gibson. Nearly every news source available has covered this story in some fashion.  
There are a plethora of things that will be addressed as a result of the movie and the current controversies surrounding it as well as all that it represents. The original meaning of the word Passion in the context in which it is used means “suffering”. It seems that the “passion” within Mel Gibson caused him to identify in a very personal way with the suffering of Jesus Christ. 
I follow no organized Religion though I am what I consider to be a spiritual individual in the sense that awareness of self and others is a constant necessity for growth. Oddly enough there are no rules really other than never to intentionally harm anyone, never to judge and to "allow" others to be who, what , and how they are, realizing that everything happens for a reason. Organized Chaos, if you will. Yes, this movie is about Jesus of Nazareth and the crucifixion, yet the stir that arises from it as a result will have many far reaching effects on the "behavior" and "awareness" of many, and most to a beneficial degree. I am not so sure it will ONLY reinforce religion - quite the contrary. I believe it shows us just how UGLY we can be as a people when we are Judgemental, when we operate out of ego, and politics and control. Religion sees these as "sins", I see them as atrocities committed against our fellow human beings, as things we wouldn’t do to our own children so why would we allow ugliness to exist in ANY form from one people to another? Its not about Religion, I will say it again, it is not about Religion. Look Deeper.  
Have I seen a pre –screening? No, I have not. Have I seen the televised advertisement for the movie? Yes, I have. Based upon how I felt during those few brief intense moments of viewing the televised ad, I have no doubt what others will feel when they sit through 2 hours of film. I know it will promote ultra intense emotions, soul searching thought, and discussion among the masses. As I watched the advertisement or preview, I found my chest was tight with emotions, my gut was tense, I was not breathing as I was mesmerized with what I saw on screen. Virtually every sensory ability I have was focused intensely on that television.  

Mel focuses on the last 12 hours of Christ in the film, the story of the Crucifixion. He does so because he wants everyone to be able to successfully identify with the suffering and the horror of that day in a very personal way. I agree with Mel, the time has come. Everyone knows of the crucifixion of Christ in accordance with Religious Doctrines – but not everyone identifies with what it must have felt like. I believe this movie will stir you to the depths of your souls, even if you are not religious.  
If you are not religious, you will identify, most likely, with the political history of the Jews and the political figures that have been associated with the atrocities they committed against the Jewish people. If you are religious but with some confusion about your own religion, this film will most likely cause you to look into the Biblical History of the event, and that will most likely lead you to other areas that you had never previously thought to ask about , let alone research. Others may question their own beliefs. The point is that this film will cause people to actually talk about their beliefs, why they believe and why they do not. This film will promote a higher state of consciousness simply by shifting the long held perceptions and jealousies of masses of people.  
For example. There is much talk of this film being anti-Semitic. Jewish scholars have viewed this film and by in large claim it is not. I can see how someone that already has a problem with the Jewish people might be fueled by this film simply because a lot of people have a problem loving a race of people that they believe responsible for the ultimate Crucifixion of their messiah thereby leaving the human race seemingly lost for centuries. I can see how this is the way some people may feel for a moment , that one moment of intense sorrow and loss that they will view on screen like none they have seen before. I can see all of that, but I don’t buy nor condone it. 
Here’s why. First, those living “at the time” of the crucifixion of Christ were responsible for the death of Christ. Both Roman and Jew alike. Yet upon the death of Christ, the doctrine says all mankind was forgiven of their sins, this would include the Jewish and the Romans alike. More than that though, the Jewish generations of today did not participate in the crucifixion of Christ anymore than the German generations of today participated in Hitler’s regime and the holocaust. Though some are still living from the holocaust period, not ALL of the younger generation can be held accountable , not anymore than all WHITE men can be held accountable for the land taken from the Native Americans and the dismantling of their ways of life. In addition, just as another example, just because one might criticize the Itallian Mafia does not mean they are agains all Italians! The same logic applies, or should apply, in this case.

If anything, this film may be the shot in the arm THE WORLD needs in order to realize – we are all human. According to Religious doctrine, Christ died for ALL races and all mankind. It is a definite that we were all created from the same FIRST DNA and therefore we are all from the same seed, we are all brothers and sisters. The only thing that keeps us all separated are the teachings handed down from history that teach prejudice and hatred by the mere mention of it time and time again. These teachings or Religion spawned separation and prejudice as well somehow....and my guess would be because man tampered with what was written , included or excluded from the bible and historical texts. It is not the man that is the problem ,(other than his choice to accept those teachings) it is what he learns and what he is taught that determines the foundation he bases everything on from that point forward.  
NO infant is evil upon birth – it is what he is shown that shapes his/her view of the world. 
Then it is the world he/she sees and participates in that further shapes feelings and perceptions and either hatred or love. Once again WE ARE ALL responsible for what the world looks like, how it feels and where it is going from the moment we are old enough to make up our own minds. THAT is what we are all responsible for. CHANGE 
Or lack of it now and in the future as long as we are alive. 
The reason for prejudice is PRIDE. The reason for hatred is PRIDE. The reason for destruction and hatred of a particular race or creed is GREED and PRIDE. Think about that. The only reason these catastrophic events have occurred in history was because of one of three things or all three. FEAR, GREED, PRIDE. Fear of not having enough? Fear of not appearing brave enough? Pride because they didn’t want to appear to be different than the mindset at the time? Sigh……, I don’t know. It does logically seem that if our teacher had not been crucified but rather allowed to remain to teach, we would be much farther along in our spiritual evolution than we are. Whether you believe he was the true Messiah or not, the messages were to love etc.. Fear – Pride – and Greed were not attributes of the Christ’s persona. Why is it part of ours? We harbor these undesirable attributes and think that if we feel bad for Christ, if we cry a little that this will absolve us of any responsibility to CHANGE our self to be more Christ like. Yeah? – THINK AGAIN. 
Its not even about religion people – its’ about being loving and wise. Loving your brother and your sister as your self. Sounds so easy doesn’t it? WHY can’t it be done? For the life of me, I do not understand this. But then that is something to discuss another day.  
I believe this movie will promote change. I believe it is the SECOND cog in the wheel of a massive planetary change of consciousness. I hope it is Love and COM-PASSION though we all know the calm is always AFTER the storm. I hope it will be evident that the original part of history that has seemingly served to separate one culture from another, one country from another, will be the catalyst that unifies all of mankind. It won’t happen overnight, it may not always cause warm fuzzy feelings or things to happen as a result, yet somehow I know it will bring about a higher awareness and point out that IT IS NOT THE SEMANTICS GOING ON THAT MATTER, nor is it the apparent historical mishaps that may be in or missing from the film. I hope it will be the bigger picture that everyone sees. 
Someone died for you....or it is claimed that someone died for you so that you may have everlasting life – someone that was the example of all that we are capable of being. Whether the reason is true or not - wow, what an unselfish act, or better yet, what a man it took to stand for what he knew to be right and jest in spite of what he KNEW the consequences could be. THAT IS INTEGRITY. To honor that death of this man, Messiah, Christ, shouldn’t we be attempting to be more like him and what he stood for, his character in order to honor his reason for being ? and I am not talking about following religious doctrines, I am talking about BEING a spiritual person, with or without religion! 
What is “Christ Like” ? Well, you see? I told you that you would be led down other paths in your search to understand what this climactic moment in the future and then the now, which will soon be history, the past, means. 

Did Christ die FOR our sins? If he didn’t, then he died BECAUSE of them. Actually, again, lets not get caught up in semantics here. IT DOESNT MATTER! what is past is past, are we going to continue to act out the ugliness that we witness in this film? Are we going to continut not being the example that Jesus came to set for us? THAT IS THE POINT PEOPLE. NOT whether or not he did die for that reason.  
I wish you all the love and support you may need to fully understand what the impact of this movie means. There have been many. But none before this one have ever portrayed the blood, or showed the “passion” (suffering) quite like this . When we watch it on the screen, we should be looking at how ugly we can be and what can happen as a result, or even what another can "feel" like as a result of our ugly behavior or lack of compassion or concern.

The actor that portrays Christ was struck by lightning once and another strike was was on the cross itself but didn’t harm anyone. These occured on two separate occasions during filmings. He was also mistakenly struck twice by a whip that split open his back.., the actor doing the whipping missed the board on his back. It was cold and he was without clothing to keep warm during the crucifixion, The actor playing Jesus,(James Cavaziel) with initals J.C. and age 33 (the same age Christ was when crucified) said that because of these things, he was able to go where he had never gone before when acting....., deep inside. It is likely that the suffering at times was very real and personal.
I wonder, were the initials and the age of James simply a coincidence or was that also planned by Mel?
This begs the question, Was God angry at the person playing the Christ? Or –was God merely calling attention the this film by creating that question in our mind? OR was this necessary in order to truly show suffering through the actor so that it would liken the suffering of the true Christ? I can’t even begin to answer that. But I will say this. What if it was because or for all of the above? We all know God sees every angle of everything at anytime.

One thing is for sure. This is for a reason. Much bigger than any one man will know, the lesson is spread among the masses. PAY ATTENTION or you’ll miss it. 

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