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The Talking Crystal Skull

Written By: Keth,Jan and Dr. Light

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Note From the Editor. 
Hello to all our members and visitors. I don’t normally comment on articles written by others, however, this case is different. I have an avid interest in the Crystal Skulls and am delighted to get any an all information that pertains to them to share with all of you. I would like to say that though all information is always to be taken at your own discretion - one thought remains. In this case, what harm could heeding this message possibly do.....? After all, if it didn’t warrent concern, we wouldn’t be reading about it... 
The Talking Skull 
(Excerpted from Chapter 7, "The Talking Skull", of The Mystery of the 
Crystal Skulls, by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, published by 
Thorsons/HarperCollins Publishers, London, UK, 1997; reprinted by 
Re-typed from Nexus Magazine, December ’97, Queensland, Australia) 
The Crystal Skulls Messages for Mankind Just like the ancient legend, 
(Frank) Dorland’s theory suggested that the crystal skull may really be 
able to provide us with important information from the past. The Maya today apparently also believe this to be the case. Even the scientists at 
Hewlett-Packard recognized that natural quartz has information storage 
capacities and so were not entirely closed to the possibility that the 
crystal skull might have information programmed into it. But what sort of 
information might that be, and how might we be able to access it? 
When Chris and I were visiting Anna Mitchell-Hedges (in Canada), we had 
already met a woman (Carole Wilson) who said she knew how to access the 
information inside the skull. Like Frank Dorland, she claimed 
conventional scientists had failed because they were using the wrong approach. She said the secrets of the skull could only be uncovered using "the technology of the mind". We were somewhat skeptical, but curious nonetheless. If this were really possible, what might we find? Perhaps secret knowledge that had been 
in this crystal storehouse for thousands of years... 
When Carole arrived, she turned out to be a quiet, well-dressed woman in 
her fifties with a very professional manner. I was somewhat surprised to 
find that she was accompanied by the former head of the Toronto Police 
homicide department (John Gordon Wilson, her husband). 
It soon transpired that... the Police had used Carole’s services many a 
time and had managed successfully to solve a whole string of murder and 
missing person cases... Carole now works closely with police forces throughout the United States, Canada and Britain... 
The plan was that Carole was going to channel the ’entity’ of the crystal 
skull and we would be able to ask it questions. 
Carole requested that any questions we asked were very specific. She 
explained that the skull did behave a bit like a computer in that you had 
to be very clear about what you were asking, otherwise you might not get a 
helpful answer. For example, someone once before had asked the skull what 
a skull was and had received the answer that it was a "bony structure"! She also warned that sometimes the skull anticipated the questions in advance and told us not to be put off by this. 
Anna then placed the crystal skull on a small turntable so that Carole 
would be able to touch it from angles and manipulate it as she wished during 
the channeling session. Carole sat down and the crystal skull was placed 
directly in front of her, where it glimmered softly in the lamplight. 
Carole closed her eyes. She began altering her style of breathing and 
used a low hum to ease herself into the appropriate mental state. 
The whole room began to take on a somewhat eerie atmosphere of the kind 
you might expect during a seance, as Carole’s gestures and posture changed. 
Suddenly tense, she began to emit an incredibly high-pitched humming 
sound. Before I was even able to ask the first question she began speaking in a strange, somewhat staccato voice, with a very stilted use of the English 
language. I remember being struck by the fact that you could actually 
hear this new voice echoing strangely around the room. 
You seek to know the origins of this receptacle which you call "the crystal 
skull"... I tell you that it was made many, many thousands of years ago 
by beings from a higher intelligence... It was formed by a civilization before those you call "the Maya". Our level of civilization was, as you say, "at 
the time" far in advance of that which you now have by many factors... 
The speech was interrupted by high-pitched humming, and then continued: 
This receptacle contains the mind of many and the minds of one... It was 
not made using what you call the "physical". It was molded into its present form by thought. The thoughts and knowledge are crystallized into this receptacle...this receptacle is thought process crystallized...thus the information was crystallized into this receptacle... 
We have put thought form into pure language within that which you call 
"the crystal skull"... Much of the world that we created, we created with 
mind. Mind creates matter. You will understand this and crystal technology will be given to those who understand it in more detail...that crystal is a 
living substance and you can infuse mind with matter... 
* So it seemed that the crystal skull had been made by an advanced 
civilization using thought. But it was all a little confusing, to say the 
least. I was about to ask why the crystal had been shaped into the form 
of a skull when the voice continued, in the same manner: 
This receptacle is crystallized because you, within the third dimension, need to see, to hear and to touch... Its form makes it easier for mind to attach to mind, without what you call personality... But you respect the personality, the head, the enclosure of your brain...so this form of the receptacle has been guarded and guided for many an age... The Earth life of this receptacle is 17,000 years... It has been handed down from 
generation to generation, polished with sand and hair...and no harm will come to it. 
* So the reason the crystal skull had been made into the shape of a skull 
was so that it would be respected and cared for over the years. I was 
about to ask if there were any other crystal skulls, as the legend had said, 
but once more the voice spoke before I was even able to open my mouth: 
You are seeking information as to the other receptacles of mind... 
There will be other receptacles found...for there are many...for no one 
man and no one mind were given all knowledge... Each of the receptacles 
contains the information of where the others are... 
We would give you one where we left markings upon the Earth (* some have 
since suggested this may be the area of the Nazca lines of Peru, although 
there are obviously many other alternative possibilities) 
....and high in the mountains... There will be one of blue in the region 
you call "South America"... There will be another found when the lost 
civilization that you call "Atlantis" rises to you...and we would urge 
you to explore the ocean bed...we would urge you to explore the discoveries in the area you call "Bimini"... 
But we will direct you...we will show you that which you call a "temple"... 
This was an area of communication between the Earth and other systems... 
When all the receptacles are placed together, you will be keepers of 
wondrous knowledge... Light and sound will be the key; when the right 
vibration is produced you will have the information you require... 
But the time is not yet... There are still some that have not yet been 
given form...and others which remain safely under your ocean bed... But you 
shall not find them all, as you say "at this time"... It would be too dangerous for man to have this information...too early in his evolution...because mankind still seeks to better all the original destruction of our time. 
* I did not really understand all of this somewhat cryptic information, 
but I was curious as to why the crystal skulls had been made in the first place.

Yet again, the voice anticipated my question: 
The receptacle has been given this form to encourage the mind of oneness 
and to reduce your desire for separation... Your mind seeks separation... We sought to leave you with the concept of oneness, but your mind seeks only separation. As you say, "As you seek, so shall ye find." And already the process of separation has begun. 
You have already begun the separation, but there will be more. You have a 
desire to separate that will lead to your own destruction... 
Separation causes annihilation and death. We can already feel the 
influence of this separation as violence... There is much violence occurring within your planet. Violence against men, violence against nature...violence against the Earth. 
* Again, I didn’t really understand these rather cryptic remarks and I 
was more interested in whether the crystal skull could tell us anything about mankind’s history. The answer came: 
We understand that you come seeking in quest of the beginnings of man. We 
wish to tell you that your own origins were thought in form, and that you 
have cast your eyes up and not down. There will be many discoveries 
pointing to this acknowledgment within the next 5, 10, 15 years... And the 
beginnings of what you call your civilization are over 15,000 years before the acknowledgment of that which you call Atlantis. For there is also much evidence of our civilization still beneath your oceans. Already there are discoveries near Bimini. But there will be many more discoveries over the next 5, 10, 15 years which will point you towards the right direction...There will be more discoveries in South America, in Australia and in Egypt. 
In that which you call your "deserts" you will find much knowledge. But 
you will find traces of our civilization through most parts of your land masses and there is much beneath the oceans which you call "the Atlantic" and "the Indian", and that which you call "the Dead Sea". 
There, closest to your Earth’s surface, and soon to be discovered, are remnants of our civilization... These discoveries will confuse and cause much disharmony, but they will be needed to reduce the mind of 
separation. But many of these discoveries will not be permitted at this time. We can only permit that which will not cause too much havoc for your minds. We came to your Earth from a different world. From other dimensions we came into this dimension. We came to experience, needing to experience density. 
That which we first heralded had nothing of the density of what you call a "body" The life on this Earth plane was primitive in form, but we took upon ourselves the physical form which is recognizable to you. We sought only to experience material density and to bring knowledge and enlightenment. 
But we did not confine ourselves to any one, what you call, "geographical 
location". There were many, and many of our relics and of our teachings 
are still to be found scattered amidst your land masses and your sea masses. 
Subject: : CRYSTAL SKULL TALKS Part Two 
* I was keen to know exactly who these "we" were that the voice of the 
skull seemed to be talking about, when it continued: But there are still many 
among you who seek to find where in your universe we are to be found. But 
still you cling to the idea that we are of the third dimension and you 
still cannot grasp the idea that we are of the other dimensions, beyond your rudimentary space-time relativity. 
* The voice then proceeded to divulge some rather cryptic information 
about space and time: We would tell you that the essence of time is an 
illusion. Time has been created, in fact, by a higher intelligence as a form of control upon the brain and function of the body image. This is a 
safeguard against corruption of matter. Thought exists independently of the body and brain, but time is the creation of matter. 
Thought is without time. Time, as a mechanism, was introduced to material 
and current mind only, not to thought or spirit, to keep you bound within 
the third dimension and within the perimeters of the small planet you 
call Earth". 
We would urge you to explore with truth and understanding that which the 
mind is capable of understanding and not that which the brain is restricted 
Time is related to you as numbers. We offer to you that number and time 
have no depth. These are merely programmed into the current mind as 
safeguards, to keep you in time and space. They are a function not really 
of mind, but of brain. And they are really a dysfunction of brain, to keep 
you tied to the physical dimensions of the three-dimensional world. The 
relativities you call "number", "time" and "space" are a function of the 
brain related only to the third dimension. This current mind keeps you a prisoner in time and space, in the material, physical world you call 
reality". But the delusion of time must remain for a period. Do you 
* I was not sure at all that I did. Instead I was still trying to work 
out whose voice this really was and why the crystal skulls had been created 
in the first place. The voice went on: We have come to warn you, because the 
separation has already begun. The destruction is already beginning to 
take place. The mind of separation has taken hold and some serious things have 
already taken place. For you, with your primitive knowledge, have already 
started something which now cannot be reversed. It was started through 
your scientists playing with and bending sound and light waves and that which you call "particles" into your atmosphere. You will have noticed that there are many destructive waves now hitting your planet. There will be more destruction brought about by atmosphere intervention, unusual weather patterns and rapid climatic change, and there will be movement of your landmasses also. We wish to tell you that your civilization has grossly 
misunderstood the use of light and sound and matter. That is why you have 
only uncovered that which is closest to you. 
But even now, your scientists and your governments play with toys that 
they do not understand. They play with light and sound and that which you call 
particles" and "radiation", and they will rain havoc. But because the 
reaction is not immediate and not obviously near to yourselves, you 
continue until this very planet will erupt and destroy. 
As we have said, your current mind seeks only separation. You have a 
desire to separate that will lead only to your own destruction. For this is the same mind that caused the Great Flood and caused the previous destruction of many a landmass. But this destruction has begun to happen again already. And we can already feel the influence of this separation in our world. But,at present, you are unaware of this separation because it is of your own making But we tell you that your Earth will undertake great changes... 
Even the body of your planet will change, as with your weather, as with 
all to do with your Earth as you now know it. There will be changes upon this Earth in the form of the human, the animal and that form you know as 
vegetation", and that form which you know as "land mass", and that which 
you know as "atmosphere". 
There will be a disaster that is of great consequence. But, in essence, 
your "disaster", as you would term it, has already begun. 
You will find much death amongst your life upon the planet. You will find 
that which is grown in the ground will cause much change, and you will see 
that which feeds upon the ground will end up with much death. You will 
see much destruction due to what you call "radiation" and you will find much 
pestilence in that which now flies upon your planet. There will be 
eruptions and disruptions of weather patterns, and much separating of atmospheres. 
will have much wind...and your livestock will die in great numbers. Yourwaters will rise where they should not rise, and your land will sink 
underneath the waves. Landmasses will disappear, and seas and oceans will 
There will be a great splitting of the Earth...from within the Earth. The 
magnetic field will shift and is already shifting now. The Earth will be 
split asunder and the discharge will wander through the Earth and into 
the atmosphere. The atmosphere is already entering a state of negative 
pollution This is what you are doing with your negative energies on the Earth. 
And this is why we left these receptacles for you to find, in your time long ago" when we realized that so many had forgotten their original 
purpose of incarnation into this physical dimension. When we realized that the mind of separation would take hold and that there would be a great catastrophe on this Earth, we chose to return to our original dimension, but we left behind the legacy of our minds. We knew there would be those whose knowledge and seeking and spiritual progression would turn them toward this path. We knew that because of the disaster that would befall this planet, there would be those who would be needed to call upon their reincarnational memories to heal, to counsel and to love a world gone mad, a world without knowledge, a world without hope, where the fires of destruction would reign. 
But when the time comes it will be the duty of all those who seek 
spiritual knowledge to instruct others when the Earth moves from its axis. Within this receptacle, and the others we have left you, lies that which you will need. Our knowledge, here crystallized, will be imparted when the right time arrives. It was determined that through these receptacles the minds of one would be activated and would present themselves when your Earth was in need.

And this is now beginning to happen, as you say "at this time" and "in 
this place". We are here to tell you that here is...will be... and has already begun, a great change within your Mother Earth. We urge you to make known to mankind the things which we are to give you, in the hope that the 
holocaust can be reduced. For although what is given cannot now be changed, its effects can be much diffused. 
At this point the voice explained that it was going to leave us now because 
it could sense the physical body it was using, presumable meaning Carole, 
was getting very tired, and so it would have to go. A long humming sound 
began again, and as it faded away Carole slumped into her chair, 
completely exhausted and unable to speak for some minutes. It took a few glasses of water to get her to speak again, in a long drawl, like someone drunk. 
When she eventually came around she seemed completely unaware of the events 
that had just passed and was unable to answer any more questions. We were 
completely baffled as to what to make of the information Carole had 
channeled. We had originally been skeptical enough about the idea of 
psychic communication with spirit beings, let alone with beings from another planet or "dimension", whatever that meant, warning us about immanent disaster on a global scale. But our cynicism had already been tempered by what we had heard about Carole’s valuable police work and by the fact that Carole herself seemed genuine and honest. 
Everyone around us treated the information we heard with a great degree of seriousness and respect, and there was something about the predictions made that had an alarming but still undeniable ring of truth. Indeed, these became even more unnerving when John showed us transcripts of Carole’s channeling sessions with the skull from the 1980s. The channeled information 
always seemed to have been quite consistent. In a session recorded in 
1987 the voice had predicted, "Livestock will die in great numbers." This seemed to have particular relevance for us now, having just come from Britain 
where the BSE crisis had now led to the slaughter of tens of thousands of 
Around nine months later, the prediction about the Earth’s magnetic field shifting also took on a sobering degree of truth when we read an issue of New Scientist (30 Mar ’96) that it had just been discovered that the 
magnetic field is indeed beginning to shift. 
There are even some scientists who now predict that the whole axis of the 
Earth might be about to do a complete flip (Guardian, 21 Mar ’97). 
At the time, however, we didn’t know what to make of everything we had 
heard Was this really ’the voice of the skull’ speaking through Carole? We 
just couldn’t say. But the strange words remained in out minds as we resumed our more everyday approach to the mystery of where the crystal skulls had reallycome from. 
Many Blessings 
Jan & DrLight 
House of Grace 
SunCoast of Florida 
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