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Mr. Bill for President of the United States

Written By: Bill Clark

Posted: 2/13/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1193   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: General
I am pleased to say that I have started a campaign as a "write in" 
candidate for President of the United States. One of my agenda items 
is the disclosure by the government of all it knows about UFO’s and 
related phenomena. I have pointed out about $3 trillion in 
"Unidentified Federal Outlays" and state that the government had 
BETTER have some extreme technology developed, or they will have to 
account where all that money has gone. This is stated in the 
"technology" section of my platform, with supporting evidence stated 
on most of the other pages from all angles of the cover up. 
Otherwise I have a very activist pro-environment and anti-big business 
platform roughed out on my website. The nice thing about everybody 
writing in "mr bill" for President is that even if I lose there will 
still be a mandate established that the American people support the 
ideas on my web site, especially the "UFO" disclosure part. 
I hope you have a chance to visit. 
Bill Clark 
Lago Vista, Texas 
- - - - - 
" Send me more men and fewer questions. " 
- Stonewall Jackson 
The Bill Clark 4 President Campaign