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Written By: M Dianne Goodman Larson

Posted: 2/9/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1117   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Space
- M Dianne Goodman Larson - Author of The Mars Atlantis Alliance - Door To  
It is Extraordinary! Very exciting what is unfolding that inevitably will lead to the revelation that Intelligent life existed on Mars which I have detail below -- symbols everywhere! Following the arrival of the Beagle which landed on Mars, the British began sending out pictures from its counterpart which is orbiting the planet and the pictures of the terrain below is spectacular! The American Spirit rover, and Opportunity have begun sending back pictures from the surrounding craters and landscape showing red sands, rocks and speculation about metal fragments as emotions run high. What is VERY STRIKING and evident about the structures on the Martian desert  
floor that I see in photos from the orbiters is that it reflects a  
civilization and culture where art predominated almost everything.  
Scattered everywhere on the desert floor are "faces and figures" which correspond to places like Nasca Peru, South America, Mexico and Atlantis. The blue skies which sometimes look like reds skies have generated a flurry of speculation and controversy bringing back discussion of an old video called Alternative 3. This tape showed somehow that European researchers found footage of what looks like life -- an animal moving beneath the rocks of the red planet and breaking the surface in 1962. 
As of January 2004 there have been pictures from the Spirit showing   little evidence life, but showing only rich, red sandy soil, and a multiplicity of rocks and other images which look like lakes, algae, ice or frozen water and channels which will be analyzed. Some of what are being called canals may very well be fossilized, giant worm-like lifeforms similar to the giant dinosaurs we use to have on Earth. The tubular looking holes may have once been responsible for a type of being which changed the  elements and minerals to a fine powder, like Gold, for example, because of the electrical nature of the giant worm-like beings that lived deep in subterranean levels of Mars. They may also have created sand dunes as seen in Dune. From my perspective at first glance I see on the expanse of the Martian desert floor, objects of art carved into the rock; perhaps sculptures carved out of the rock. What appears to be one object as seen in one frame looks to me, as I see it emerging, as multiple dimensional art, like four gigantic figures: the Ancient Martian scull/head, or Egyptian scull/head, an elephant head and other sculptures. These animal figures are similar to those giant art sculptures seen in Nasca, Peru. As we await new pictures, further information from previous missions reflects a wider expanse of the Divine in the structures on the surface of Mars. 
In particular, we find that the constellations are reflected in the   layout of some of the pyramid structures on Mars. Just like the flow of light from the magnetic fields forming a pyramid shape is seen in the night sky when we look at Mars in conjunction with its moons, likewise other symbols and geometries are seen in examining the layout of the pyramids on the Surface of that planet. In one photograph, the Pleiades constellation is seen as a set of pyramids. In examining the light from the various stars that make up the Pleiades, we find a variety of Sacred Geometry forms, which the Martian Race chose to mirror in the building of and layout of their pyramids on Mars. In the area of Cydonia can be found at least four other symbols patterned in one set of pyramids. The Egyptian civilization has a strong connection to the Pleiades, and my memory of the Temple or School of Luxor following the Atlantean civilization, described in my return to Atlantis, a group of people who looked like Egyptians working with the Martian Scientist Priests in Atlantis. To the eyes of the Scientist Priest or artist, a look at the Pleiades may reveal Sacred Geometry forms emanated by the magnetic fields, or the light from the celestial bodies, and from this they may be inspired to model and create their complexes in harmony with the heavenly order of things or the Divine as the Ancient Martians and other builders were and mirror these below on the surface. For example:

(1) There is the ancient symbol of the Ankh which is said to have originated in Egypt yet it is seen in the Pleiades and reflected on the surface with the Martian structures.
(2) A partially veiled Cabalistic Cross is also traceable by the emanation of the magnetic fields or light from the Stars of the Pleiades and mirrored on Mars.
(3) Then there is the Lion in the Pleiades constellation which is seen on the armor of knights, on military   Flags and Coats of Arms; it is worn by royal Families in various countries,   and seen on churches here on Earth. This especially is reflected on Mars as a lion standing on two legs and in the Face on Mars sculpture.
(4) The other symbol is a veiled Ankh, crossed by two diagonal lines to form an X; or perhaps two crossed swords, the Enneagram

(5) The last symbol can be interpreted to be a snake or Dragon, shown in the light of the Pleiadian celestial bodies and mirrored on the surface of Mars. These Symbols which are of great importance to institutions here on Earth are worn by kings and queens, priests and bishops Different orders, schools of magic have various versions of these as tools of ritual magic, and religion. The Ankh, is a symbol of life which was worn by deities and is still used by priests and orders as a sacred symbol, a cross. It represents Eternal life as used in the Egyptian culture. The veiled Cabalistic Cross shaped out by the pyramids on Mars as reflected from the constellations above can be found in our Cathedrals, Logos, ancient Seals of Royal families and Religious scrolls. The sword symbol which looks like a key, the Enneagram, is used in Mystery Schools, Churches, particularly the Anglican and Catholic churches and represents, in some orders, the flow of the Breath of life. What it also shows is a veiled flow of the Kundalini Energy something familiar to the Martian Priests. All of these are traced out with the pyramids on the Martian surface and reflected from the constellations above. In my knowledge as an Ancient Martian Scientist Priest, it is very evident that sacred geometry was utilized by the Martian builders in their structures because of various constellations in the cosmos and the gigantic size of the sculptures there connects Mars to Nazca Peru, Mars to Egypt, Mars to Atlantis and Mars to the Pleiades and other constellations. 
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