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Written By: Lonny J. Brown, Ph.D.

Posted: 2/26/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1082   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: General
~ What does spirituality mean to you? Compassion? Selflessness? Inspiration? Bliss? Transcendence? Courage? Communion? Our traditional spiritual influences have been religion, parents, gurus and the everlasting school of life itself. Hopefully, sometime between childhood and old age, we come to some conscious sense of the universal indwelling life- power called spirit. This realization is highly personal, and difficult to describe, but undeniable when experienced or observed. Happily, more people than ever are experiencing this enlightening shift from the material to the conscientious. Such progress is a function of human evolution, but also of human communications. Truth is afoot, no longer confined to individuals, books, churches, or even humans alone. Ideally, when the light of knowledge becomes globally omnipresent, it engenders wisdom and realization on a world scale. EOL asks whether the Net too embodies the universal spiritual impulse that informs our collective being. In theistic terms, if God is immanent, is God online? As we extend our awareness out through the WWW, does cyberspace come to have a mind of its own, greater than the sum of it’s billions of human parts? If so, it is as sacred as we make it. ~ Increasing spiritual awareness naturally moves us from observers to participants and change agents. It feels incumbent upon people of conscience to do the right thing and make a positive contribution to the salvation of the planet. While the urgency is great, so are the opportunities. ~ Every four years, American voter apathy insures that a minority of the population picks the President and the Congress, making a mockery of our democratic ideal of majority rule. With self-aggrandizing ideologues gripping power, and obscenely wealthy corporate moguls controlling the mass media, millions do not believe that voting might help improve their lives, much less the world. But more and more disenfranchised citizens are now finding political voice online. In real- time networked global communications, lies are exposed much easier and faster than the old days of political insider privilege. Dissenters organize quickly and cheaply. New ideas proliferate according to their merit, not their origin. Today, the strongest hope for positive change is with the young who take for granted sophisticated digital access, and can easily see the enlightened possibilities for connecting. Every day we plug into a global collective awareness- realm that massively leverages our knowledge base, and exponentially multiplies our communications potential. Beyond the popular growing consensus of what our world looks like, lies the potential for informed agreement on what to do about it, be it to conserve energy, wage peace, share wealth, serve the needy, enfranchise more voters, or disseminate music and art. The next time you surf - be it for information, wisdom or pleasure - remember that a million minds are right there with you.. sensing, seeing, and in a real sense, being together. Sounds pretty spiritual to me! - LJB

From "ENLIGHTENMENT ONLINE - The Newsletter for Spiritual Cyberspace, Lonny J. Brown, Editor.
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