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Interview with Jon Hurst

Written By: Paranormal News and Jon Hurst

Posted: 6/14/1999 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 720   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Aliens

Every so often, we meet certain people who have had something extraordinarily bizzare happen to them which, on the surface, seem not only unbelievable but downright impossible. Whether that be a run in with Bigfoot, a near death experience, a meeting with the Loch Ness, or a relationship with God, it always strikes us and causes us to either question our own reality or question THEIR sanity. The easy way out is, of course, to say that they are nuts and the world actually has no more substance than the latest Coke product or Microsoft Operating System.

But what if there IS something else out there? What if the unknown and mysterious remain under a shroud of suspicion merely because humanity cannot accept the fact that they are not at the top of the food chain? After thinking about it, can over three million eyewitnesses truly be seeing nothing more than swamp gas, dust particles, and satellites?

Recently, Paranormal News had a chance to interview Jon Hurst from the United Kingdom who, in more ways than one, causes one to take a step back and reasess the way we think the universe works. Put simply, both he and his girlfriend have been abducted by an alien race called the Greys, and are to this day in psychic communication with them.

Their internet site, located at http://www.rualda.freeserve.co.uk is filled with transcripts from numerous encounters. "What frustrates me most is we can't prove any of it," says Jon. And after roaming through page after page of descriptions of the encounters, it's quite easy to see how frustrating that may be...


Jon: So what do you think of our site?

PNC: You probably get criticized over some of the content. What kind of responses do you get?

Jon: Well, the response has been quite good. No negativity actually. As far as we are concerned, the information is as accurate as we can get it. We only put it there for those who want to know, and we aren't trying to force our beliefs on everyone. Some of the responses have been quite mysterious... people claiming to be walk-ins, contactees, but they never keep in touch.

PNC: Have you done a lot of research to find parallels with other people who have been in communication with alien races as well?

JON: Sure, I like to do the research and keep Jan out of it. I am always amazed at the parallels that exist with other experiencers. One thing that frustrates me personally, is that there is a lot of information purported to come from the Greys that people don't know about. This comes from contactees all over the world, not necessarily aware of each other. And being aware of several sources, I do see a consistency in the majority of the information.

PNC: Have you been in contact with any races claiming to be one of the Elders, or the Nephalim? The tall, blond haired, blue eyed beings that many say are in control of the Greys? <

JON: Yeah, Jan has contact with various beings of the Nordic type. We have asked the Greys, our benign contacts, about this idea that they are controlled by another race. They refute this idea and claim to work alongside others as part of the Federation.... apparently, they use certain human-looking types to help them in understanding our personalities--like empaths. Regarding the Elders, though, they do claim we have a genetic connection with them. The term Nordics seems to apply to countless races all of a common descent. Our Grey friends kept stressing that they are from various time periods, planets, etc.

PNC: Various time periods?

JON: Yes, They claim that time is nonlinear.... I can't quite grasp it myself. I have frequent precognitive dreams which has convinced me that time is vertical and horizontal. Apparently, every possible event is happening at the same time on an infinite number of parallel realities. When we are visited by time travellers, they are not always from the same timeline. They seem to say that our higher consciousness -- which is part of the Cosmic Being--is in 'all' time - but our egoic mind has to be focused on the present. Some of the beings we have spoken to are able to bilocate, however, and operate on planes above this one. They have often complained on how dense we are.

PNC: Some say that the Nordic type aliens made the pyramids.

JON: We have spoken with them about this. Apparently several groups were involved, and our Grey friends have also claimed a partial involvement. They have hinted that the pyramids were to do with time travel.

PNC: And the sphinx?

JON: We have not really talked about it, but again they claim to have helped build and design it. At that time, they claim to have had regular contact with the humans, including bases on earth. Apparently, people were okay with them - Atlanteans, etc.

PNC: Have any of the races ever taken you or Jan aboard?

JON: Yes, and they used to possess Jan's body quite a lot as well, where she would astrally project to another place or inhabit their body for awhile. They claim we can all be telepathic....just that a lot of us are blocked psychically. There was one mothership that Jan visited regularly which was about 50 miles in diameter, triangular, with many different races living on board with lots of plants and countryside. Just like Star Trek, they can create holographic environments.

PNC: Is there a difference between cigar-shaped ships and triangular ships?

JON: As far as we know, the cigar ships tend to be carriers for the smaller ships. Not so much for living purposes... But then again, we are talking about many races.

PNC: Are they all benevolent?

JON: From what we have found, the great majority of them seem to be benevolent and highly spiritual. They do admit that we are being visited by less evolved beings, beings that are being monitored by the Galactic Council.

PNC: Is the earth a part of this council?

JON: Of course. Apparently we have to reach a certain level before open contact is deemed safe and acceptable. They do say that we are in some kind of quarantine, but the time is near - in our lifetimes - when open contact will be a reality. They feel that we cannot depend on them for the salvation of this planet and can only guide us, because this is the only way we can learn.

PNC: Changing the subject for the moment, and I'm sure you've been asked this before...what caused them to crash at Roswell?

JON: Right, we have asked them about Roswell. Actually, I asked them via remote telepathy and Jan asked on another occasion. I was amazed that we were both given the same answer. They claim the crash involved two saucers - one benign and the other negative and self-serving. Apparently, the rogue meant to crash so that we would 'invite' them to contact us. This way, apparently, the Federation could not intervene in our free will. The other craft was sent to prevent this from happening, but the two collided. I once met a person who claimed to know a man who photographed the crash site of the other ship (San Agustin) - but I've lost contact with that person. Apparently, the benign ones were orange-brown in colour.

PNC: What is the Federation?

JON: The Federation is quite well known to a lot of contactees. It seems that their main goal is evolution and are real serious about this 'non-interference' protocol. We have been told that the Galactic Federation is part of the Intergalactic one with HQ in the Andromeda Galaxy. It seems to be infinite, yet a voluntary organization... although the member planets have to be at a certain level and meet certain standards. Apparently, our planet was once a part of the Federation, and they hope we shall rejoin soon. They often say we are asleep, but they are pleased at how quickly we are advancing now.

PNC: Technologically? or spiritually? <

JON: Both. They seem to worry that our self-awareness is out of synch with our technology -- on a mass scale, that is. Apparently, once critical mass has been reached, they hope to be more open with us.