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Presidential Candidate Envisions Heaven on Earth

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Presidential Candidate Envisions Heaven on Earth 
Present course of country will lead to disaster if not halted. 
"Like an alcoholic, we can either continue in denial until we crash, or we can awaken to our awful situation and seek help before our nation comes to disaster." 
So says Presidential candidate, Sterling D. Allan (www.allan2004.com), in reference to what he refers to as America’s addiction to Socialism. He offers his candidacy as the Alcoholic’s Anonymous equivalent for the nation’s recovery. 
"Whether or not they call it that, socialism is what the people in general increasingly want, and that is what their elected leaders are giving them: more government programs, more hand-outs, more oversight into more areas of our lives. Like any other addiction, this leads to bondage and catastrophe." 
In it’s place, Allan proposes a return to individual responsibility and law by common sense principles. His vision is nothing short of heaven on earth, where people are good because they want to be, not because the government makes them. 
He hearkens from more than a decade of heavy involvement in conservative politics, mainly in promoting awareness, as illustrated by the network of nearly two dozen websites he has founded, from "Greater Things" (www.greaterthings.com) to "Patriot Saints for the Kingdom of God on Earth" (www.patriotsaints.com). 
One of the international organizations he initiated (www.rsicc.org) seeks to compose a U.S. Constitution type of document for proper governance of the entire world. "This is our answer to the United Nations, which tends to be strongly socialist," says Allan. 
The slogan of Allan’s campaign is "Restoring the Foundations of Freedom," which he describes as being "rooted in individual responsibility and goodness -- not in government paternalism." 
"A critical crisis point arrives when the size of government becomes larger than the productive sector of society can support financially, and the whole system topples on itself. A once great civilization is brought to ruin." 
Regarding this "addiction to socialism" that Allan says afflicts the country, he states that he "will be the Alcoholics Anonymous equivalent to say ’no’ when citizens cry for more government; and will begin turning the spigot off of existing government entitlement programs." 
"We don’t have to crash and lose everything before we come to our senses," says Allan. 
He even goes so far as to present what he considers to be evidence that his run for the Presidency was foretold in the Bible via what he calls an "Alphabetics code," which he discovered in 1996, based in the alphabetical sequence of words in the Bible and the numbers associated with them. He says that his run for presidency is foreordained to give the country yet another choice to either continue with the status quo which will bring certain destruction, or to undergo a radical transformation thereby turning away the destructions that would have come otherwise. 
Regarding the sentiment that voting for an independent party candidate is "throwing away a vote," Allan responds: "a vote for either the Republican or Democratic frontrunner candidates, both of whom are sure to be tightly under the thumb of the shadow establishment, will only be a vote for more of the same that we have been seeing in this country. Furthermore, government tends to get bigger during a Republican presidency than when a Democrat is at the helm, because the Republican watchdogs are at rest. What we need is a radical change in the direction we are headed, back toward individual responsibility. That is what I represent." 
Allan was born and raised in Boulder Colorado. His father, David W. Allan (www.allanstime.com), is the namesake of the Allan Variance which is at the root of today’s precision time-keeping that helps modern technology hum along as it does, including coordinating such things as the power grid, cell phones, GPS, in addition to the obvious applications of GPS and other precision navigation. His mother is an herbologist and extremely resourceful frugalist. 
Though he hearkens from a Christian background, Allan says "I appreciate truths as they are found in virtually every religion, and find the synthesis of the whole far more fulfilling than any particular denominational faction." 
Marrying late, not only would Allan be the youngest president this country has elected, but he would be raising a new family in the Whitehouse. He and his wife, who is in her early twenties, are expecting their third child any day. 
Allan does not think his lack of corporate business experience or his lack of previously being elected to public office disqualifies him from serious consideration for the highest elected office in the land. 
"Much of the presidency is composed of those who the President gathers around him," says Allan. "I know many eminently qualified individuals, and I’m sure there are as many more who I have not yet met, who could help in the task of correcting the course this nation is on and restore it to a stable foundation of freedom and individual responsibility." 
Considering how different he is from the typical mold of presidential candidate, Allan replies, "The only way I could be elected is if there was a massive awakening of the people to the dire situation we are in as a country because of the socialist establishment that they have allowed to govern us." 
"America needs a chaplain president for this recovery to take place," says Allan, who is not bashful in the least about referring to God and his power to change the hearts of man for good. 
Allan estimates that somewhere around 5-10% of U.S. citizens presently clearly recognize the predicament we are in. Allan is relying on that 10% to help convince enough others to support his candidacy so he can win. "The Revolutionary War began with even a smaller percentage than that supporting the Declaration of Independence," says Allan. 
Allan agrees with much of the Republican platform, but deferred from running for that party’s nomination because "they are so strongly controlled by the establishment, and they only give but lip service to their platform, while their actions bespeak more of a move toward a cradle-to-grave police state." 
He commenced his campaign under the Libertarian Party in large part because of his respect for Congressman Ron Paul, who previously ran as a Libertarian Party presidential candidate. However, in his departure he cites sufficient disagreement in the area of social issues and lack of recognition that a group of people willfully united takes on a life of its own and has rights. 
Though he would welcome a party endorsement, he is running as an independent and aims to establish a new political party based on de jure government founded in common law principles. This movement is international in scope, and has much more than just the U.S. presidency in mind. He seeks to help the formation of society among those who are seeking nothing less than the kingdom of heaven on earth -- the ideal government. 
Some of Allan’s portfolio might be of interest to the Green party, such as his strong belief regarding the need for mankind to be wise stewards of the environment, and his vegan diet -- strict vegetarian, with no dairy as well, as a statement of protest against the way animals are treated in today’s factory farms. 
To those who say "destruction is prophesied, so let it happen and let this country get what it deserves," Allan replies even more curtly, saying that it has been the silence of the moral voice of Christians that has allowed the country to get into the awful condition it is in today, and that they will have to answer for the destruction as much if not more so than those directly masterminding it. He calls for them to "get off their butts and stop giving in to the socialist addiction themselves, and to start being the light they were ordained to be." "Such laziness," asserts Allan, "is tantamount to a modern rejection of Jesus Christ by the Gentiles." 
To those who might balk at his home address being 666, he says, "There is an opposite for everything. The word ’Ephraim’ is on page 666 of the LDS Bible Dictionary. Think about that." 
Allan is relying heavily on a "patriot saint" segment he calls the "remnant" to support his campaign, as many of them already have made a choice to do their part to turn away destructions rather than sit back and just let it happen and try merely to survive the calamity that is coming. 
The platform for Allan’s campaign was composed by him in 2000, drawing from several party platforms, and then passing it by an international freedom organization he founded, Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress for final revisions and approval. 
Allan cites Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas as his preeminent hero in Congress; and actually instigated a campaign two years ago to draft Congressman Paul to the Presidency in 2004 (www.paul2004.com). According to online polls, Ron Paul, who once ran for President on the Libertarian ticket, was winning the most support among the various third party candidates, until recently when it became clear he will not seek that office in 2004. Allan’s first motivation in running was to provide a Ron Paul voice in the race for the presidency. 
Allan founded a business whose mission is to bring alternative, non-depleting power generation technology for home use, among other applications. He expects to be in the marketplace with such a device within eighteen months, and possibly before the November elections in 2004. The emergence of this and related alternate technologies, affectionately called, "free energy," could be comparable in man’s progress to the taming of fire. He anticipates that his role in bringing this forward could be one factor that helps propel him into the presidency, and could help free the people from their dependence on fossil fuels and the presently prevailing establishment that uses them in part to control the economies of the world. 
Allan has recently come forward with a charge that President Bush intentionally allowed the events of September 11, 2003 to proceed, rather than deploying the counter-measures at his disposal to thwart the remaining planes heading toward their targets, in order to have cause to push further restrictions on freedom and increase insider control of the Mideast, and that he is answerable to a charge of high treason. 
Allan’s middle name is David, and he is not afraid to take on Goliath. 
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