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"DOOR TO ATLANTIS" -- The Mars Atlantis Alliance

Written By: Dianne Goodman Larson

Posted: 1/8/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1107   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ancient Civilizations
"The Contingent" - The Ancient Scientist-Priests of Atlantis was a small ET group, approximately 22 in number, all of whom looked exactly alike, with physical features that were very much the image of Earth Humans. They were a highly intellectual group. Super intelligence would be a more appropriate description. Each one with superior knowledge. The Martians’ visual abilities allowed them to see right through the physical body to the energy meridians. They saw through to the atomic levels and subatomic levels of the human body. The Contingent functioned from a perspective of pure logic, science and technology....There was a massive symbol inscribed on a huge double door as you entered the "Creation Room" of their Genetic Experiment. The doors opened into a very clinical room as the sensors were activated by the vibrations of the individual approaching. Once inside the doors, a Scientist dressed in a white coat would be seen standing at the end of a very long and narrow, white, marble-top table that was approximately 20 feet long....The sight at the far end of the table was one that would be disturbing to view. (See chapter on Genetic Engineering for details.)  
THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE: We had finally arrived at the infamous vortex. Following the experiment by the Contingent from Atlantis, others had repeatedly worked on it. It is an area that could suddenly become very unfamiliar and become the past, present and future simultaneously. On leaving the Crystal Chamber -- a huge pyramid in the Atlantic Ocean, we travelled through what I would call underwater highways.... 
One of the many great features of Atlantis is the Great Wall. It is a wall very similar to the Great Wall of China. It runs for several miles dividing the island and is made of megaton granite blocks. It is approximately 45 feet high and was built next to the dome shaped complex containing the time translation device, the three dimensional Star of David. It separated the Atlantean Scientist Priests from another race of beings on its opposite side, I call these beings the "Little People". I have come to believe that they were the nature spirits. I believe that remnants of that wall are often photographed in underwater expeditions and has come to be known as the "Bimini Road".  
"Suddenly, I felt something strong permeate the quiet darkness of the room....(I was made to experience one of the ancient mysteries of the Sphinx.) Only a few seconds had gone by when the room started to do the same thing all over again; vibrations moving in waves through space. I felt a presence, and there, suspended in mid-air before me were two of the Ancients -- the Cosmic Elder Brothers. Without warning they had materialized with the most unusual request: "Are you ready to go back to Atlantis?" 
After accepting the invitation from the Cosmic Elder Brothers and the Sphinx, who materialized in my home that night, I proceeded to make preparations. I had a lot to think about and little time to work with.  
As we approached the island of Bimini beneath us, I saw something that I couldn’t believe, I saw trees, and grass that was so green and lush, the same color green that it was thousands of years ago. I saw spectacular light blue waters - a specific shade of blue that they call Bimini Blue. I knew where I was and it finally began to dawn on me that I was indeed returning to Atlantis, the very island where the Martians performed their technological experiment eons ago. We arrived at two bungalows by the edge of the docks and later left for a tour of Atlantis. I felt and saw Beloved El Morya appear over to my left shoulder and he repeatedly asked me to close my eyes. He was flying along beside the boat with his hands behind his back horizontal to the ocean. I finally agreed to close my eyes and then he asked me to "look through the bottom of the boat". I did and was startled to see that something on the ocean floor suddenly went by, and was sorry I hadn’t listened to him 10 minutes earlier. There were several small pyramids strewned along the ocean floor and further up ahead there were some medium sized pyramids interspersed among the smaller ones. They had a greyish color to them and appeared to be made of granite stone blocks. The next thing I saw was a huge rectangular building and a series of joined buildings of different sizes that were laid out like a tunnel along the ocean floor. One particular complex was built with a sharp turn to the right making the building look like the letter "L". There were a few dome shaped building complexes that were very large structures. Everything was made from solid granite, it seemed and was geometrically precise.  
One of the structures that I still can’t get out of my mind was a solid, stone, rectangular pyramid structure. An example of this can be found in Teotihuanaco, Mexico around the Pyramid of the Sun. These structures are multi-tiered, step-like structures in the "City of the Gods", as it is called by the Aztecs, and are also found in Atlantis on the ocean floor. There was a huge emanation of vibrations -- strong radiations of energy which came up through the water from this structure, and broke the surface of the ocean. The last time I looked at the Master of Light, El Morya, he was flying behind the boat in his blue robes and turban without a spaceship and without wings. One of the things that was amazing to see, was a massive crystal ball that appeared to about 6 feet in diameter. There were hand clasping it that were broken off at the elbows and it appeared to have fallen from a statue originally and was now resting on the floor.  
Approximately two hours into the trip, I could see a strange phenomenon in the distance. There were two guards standing under the water and standing on either side of a dimensional doorway at the entrance where the dimensions meet. They were guarding an area that we were fast approaching. The stargate itself shimmered like liquid glass. It was a full circular, reflective, entrance and had the colorless qualities of a mirror. It looked like a huge wall of vertical water in the shape of a circle. I couldn’t understand why the captain had aligned his boat with this vertical circle of ripling water and I figured he could see the same thing that I was seeing up ahead because he aligned the boat perfectly with the stargate and entered right through the center of the "Door To Atlantis" with the guards on either side. It was a different level.  
A few minutes into the tour another being of light showed me a giant Pyramid with a rectangular doorway or entrance. Beyond the door there was an area with moulton lava and no solid floor to walk on to get to the interior. I had to use a special crystal that they had told me to take with me the night they extended the invitation to me. I used it at the entrance of this pyramid to project beam and create a solid floor. Everything on this different level, what seemed like a fourth dimensional plane beyond and through the stargate, worked very differently from our plane.  
ENTER:- the "Door To Atlantis", a stargate, in the up-coming release which gives detailed accounts of the Ancient Martians of Atlantis, also referred to as "The Contingent". Go back in time through a series of time-travel events, beginning with the appearance of a mysterious Being --"an Ancient"-- who entered a room in New York City in the presence of 15 witnesses and transformed the meeting in progress by creating a doorway -- a rift in Time that opened directly into a granite, dome-shaped building in the Past in Atlantis.  
Time Travel -- Most Scientists and researchers doubt interstellar travel because the light barrier is difficult to break, according to M.Kaku. Scientists say that if interstellar space travel were common, then "the Earth would have been colonized by extraterrestrials a long time ago." The trick of course, is to be able to travel faster than the speed of 186,000 miles per second. There are thoughts about how this problem might be overcome that involve bending space-time in such a way that one could fly through the cosmos. They suggest one way is through "warp speed", implying that we can move faster than light through space-time by distorting space-time itself. Another way to distort space-time is by harnessing an enormous amount of energy like that of an entire star, to create a portal or wormhole, connecting two points that used to be separated. Wormholes are holes in the fabric of fourth dimensional space-time that are connected, but which originate at different points in space and at different times. They provide a quick path between two different points in space and time. This is the fourth dimensional equivalent of pinching two pieces of a folded paper together to make contact across the gap. This forms a wormhole through which something could instantaneously travel to a far away place and time. It is not necessary to take hundreds of years in a ship to get to the future. This is something which I used in Alton’s seminar to experience a place he called the "13th Universe" and I experienced as the "future" -- the Fourth Dimension--where things manifest at the "Speed of Thought".  
Portals, wormholes and closed time circuits appear to be the main ways that time travel into the past would be possible. Our universe is one of multiple universes. Likewise, each dimension is one of multiple dimensions and half-tones, or semitones or planes. Based on the number of lives you have lived and dimensions or planes you have lived these lives in, then you are likely to find a copy of yourself in each plane as I have. It is like the TV show sliders where a portal or wormhole links two parallel dimensions, and a time traveller can slide, jump, or simply move, if you will from one dimension, universe, or closed time circuit to another.  
In the "Primary Technological Experiment" the granite room is surrounded by a collection of advanced technologies. Get the startling description of an electromagnetic device -- two stories high, suspended by lines of invisible force which the contingent called the "Jitter" of Space/Time. Discover as you journey through the author’s experiences, the incidents leading up to the concentric shockwave --The Mother of All Shockwaves-- which expanded out at warp speed, with a blast area like none other seen before or since...  
Learn of the Contingent’s second experiment in "Designer Genes" the Genetic Experiment which left a legacy of little known expression in humans through time, from Atlantis to today.  
What is the Mars Atlantis Alliance? In a return to Atlantis, learn about the vertical wall of water which leads to the Bimini Triangle, the "Great Wall" of Atlantis, magnicent structures: pyramids, multi-tiered temples, and broken statues on the ocean floor. In the shocking conclusion, get the verbatim "WARNING" -- ANOTHER WARNING, GIVEN FOR OUR civilization by the Ancients in part, as follows: "If a civilization, a people were told it is time to get something up[.....]A civilization that was in danger of...." The details of this recent warning will make your knees quake.  
For further information visit her web site at http://www.doortoatlantis.com/ >BR> 

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