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Gods’ Faces Oriented to Equators

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Gods’ Faces Oriented to the equaquators  
Mars looped tightly in it’s orbit for some 40 days and nights 
at Leo’s crown to signal Noah’s Flood (21,460 spring equinox) 
- an event vividly preserved in Sumerian prose. Some 1,100 years  
and extensive Earth restoration later, sacred sites were being 
matched to starry patterns. These included Giza, Lake 
Titicaca and Yonaguni. Giza’s sunrise Sphinx and legendary 
sunset sphinx lions were built to commemorate the Great Flood. 
Mars was an important way station of ancient engineers - the gods. Their likenesses are reflected in the face monuments they left oriented to Earth’s and Mars’ equators. 
Mars Face 
The Face of Mars takes form with the proper angle of sunlight and shadow. A colossus in an iron red sea, it’s  
precisely oriented to the massive D&M Pyramid and equator,both based on Mars’ equator calibration of it’s rotation period (Martian nautical miles); pdf: http://www.mysteriesunsealed.com/articles/tourdeforce.pdf 
The Mars Face has lion and headress features. "Prior to the  
last pole shift on Mars, the Face was located on the Martian  
Equator and oriented upright." (Scientific American Dec. 1985) 
In "The Lost Book of Enki", Zecharia Sitchin translated Sumerian  
text of a god himself. Enki (Poseidon) related how the Face was a memorial  to the first Nibiruan god to come to Earth. This deposed king was called Alulu and had come to find gold essential to maintaining the planet Nibiru’s deteriorating atmosphere. Alulu’s image was carved on the rock that was his tomb. Keith Laney has found the Face has an unexplained high reflective value: http://www.enterprisemission.com/paper_1/paper_1.php?page=paper1   
Giza Face 
A distinct Giza face has been enhanced from satellite imaging: 
It has a woman’s features and an elaborate headress. It lies just  
southeast of Giza’s 3 pyramids. One of the dualities of these  
pyramids is Orion’s 3 belt stars - the most famous starry 
string that can be seen from all ’civilized’ parts of the  
globe. An extension of the Earth’s equator, known as the 
celestial equator, runs just below Orion’s belt.  
The Giza face is molded from a hill to the southeast of  
the Sphinx. The Sphinx Stela says that Sekhmet presides 
over the mountain. "In Egypt the lioness was  
the manifestation of the goddess of war Sekhmet; the  
male lion, with the solar disk on his head, was that of the  
[Sun] god Re". Sekhmet almost destroyed the Earth with fire. 
She might be linked to the fiery Leonid meteors whose 
radiant is at the constellation lion’s throat. The Leonid 
shower peak of recent years was fueled by Comet 55P / 
Temple-Tuttle debris 666 years earlier. (Sky & Telescope 
Aug. 1999)  
In astrology the Sun rules Leo. The Sphinx was once  
painted red as was the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, 
Mexico. In alchemy a red lion was a symbol of the finished 
philosophers stone. The Giza face is overlooked by a cliff  
just to the south. The Lake Titicaca creation was at the  
Lion Cliff on Sun Island. 
The Sphinx is no pharaoh with his 32 degree angled  
forehead. Nor is the face. The difference in latitude 
between the Sphinx and the Mars Face is an expression 
of some 689 Martian nautical miles. Mars’ closest  
approach to the Sun is a 689 light seconds span. 
Yonaguni Face 
The Yonaguni monument is shallowly submerged in the  
Sea of Japan. It lies at a latitude that reflects the maximum 
tilt of the Earth to the Sun. This latitude is inscribed by the  
imaginary Tropic of Cancer circle. This sandstone  
monument is mostly a complex of sharp edged geometry. 
In contrast, a large vertical humanoid face has been  
carved into it’s side: 
Lion mane-like lines sweep back on the ’headress’ of this face. 
Aswan, Egypt’s latitude is a little south of Yonaguni’s. It  
was recognized as a place of celestial alignment - where 
the laws of heaven are reflected on the Earth. The  
hieroglyph for Aswan is a plumb bob suspended from the 
apex of a pyramid form. The plumb bob is based on the 
human heart hieroglyph "which like a swinging pendulum, 
divides the flow of time with a constant pulse". 
(Jesus Christ Sun of God, p 253) 
David Millo 
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