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Posted: 12/22/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1129   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Science
Semi-Disclosure of UFO/Star Visitor Reality in 2004? 
Friends, this morning I received a phone call which I wish to share  
with you. It was from Craig Copetas, who has worked as a staff reporter  
for the Wall Street Journal, is the former editor of Esquire Magazine,  
and now works with the Bloomberg News Paris Office. Mr. Copetas has been assigned to cover the World Economic Forum’ Annual Meeting,  
January 21-25, in Davos, Switzerland. The World Economic Forum is an  
international organization which meets so that the world’s leaders can  
address global issues. When I commented that it is the economic  
equivalent of the Bilderberg Group, Mr. Copetas concurred with that  
Copetas called me because he has been informed that one of the items to  
be discussed by these world economic leaders in a month is about the  
issue of extraterrestrial technology having gotten to major  
corporations. This issue does not appear to be on the agenda of the Open Forums at WTF, Davos-2004. The closest I could find is the  
following discussion topic entitled: "True Today, False Tomorrow?", scheduled to be discussed January 22nd. The teaser reads: "We live our  
lives encased within certain expectations and self-evident beliefs.  
Sometimes, though, today’s verities fall prey to tomorrow’s discoveries. 1) What happens when well-recognized paradigms are proven  
false? 2) Is it necessary for our expectations to fit a specific model  
of the world? " 
Mr. Copetas and I went on to discuss various reliable sources for the  
information that certain major corporations have profited from their monopoly on extraterrestrial technology, which they have then back- engineered into human copies. I told him these sources would have to 
include: Colonel Philip Corso, US Army, Dr. Michael Wolf, NSC’s Special  
Studies Group, Dr. Jack Shulman of American Computer Company, and  
Colonel Steve Wilson, US Air Force’s Project Pounce. The question in my  
mind which now arises is: Is next month in Davos, Switzerland going to  
be when disclosure of the seeding of top Fortune 500 companies with  
Star Visitor technology will occur? Those corporations would have to  
include: International Business Machines (IBM), Lockheed-Martin (Skunk  
Works @ Palmdale, CA, next to Air Force Plant 42), the Boeing Phantom  
Works-Airbus Industrie consortium, Northrop-Grumman (northwest of  
Lancaster, CA, in the Tehachapi Mts.), McDonell-Douglas Aerospace  
(northwest of Llano, CA at the "abandoned" Grey Butte Army Air Field),  
Science Applications Internation Corporation (SAIC), Rockwell, Ford  
Aerospace, Aerojet Electro Systems, Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical, Inc. of  
San Diego, CA, Hughes Aircraft, Bell Labs, (and Dow Corning, but almost  
nobody is aware of their ET-tech basis), American Telephone & Telegraph  
(AT&T)/Bell Labs/Lucent Technology, the DuPont Corporation, Monsanto,  
Dow Chemicals, and the Sandia Corporation, among others. 
Mr. Copetas promised to call me back after Davos is over to let me know  
what got said there. I will be looking forward to that call. 
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