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Confessing Contact

Written By: Sue Mertes

Posted: 6/16/1999 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1032   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Aliens

Like most of my fellow humans, I've been somewhat interested in the UFO phenomenon for most of my life. I never got particularly involved in the research because on a deeper level I've always sensed that the human race is not the only intelligent creation in our Universe, and that was good enough for me--until I had my own unexpected personal encounter.

This is not a fictional story for entertainment purposes. I am a professional, perfectly normal 37-year-old female, well aware that I stand alone with my observations in a vast field of controversy. Exposing my experiences to public scrutiny could well mean social suicide. I can accept that. The truth has to be spoken, I sense the urgency to temper the fear and misconceptions associated with "Aliens", those often misrepresented "little gray men with almond shaped eyes", the rude intruders of our personal space, the kidnappers and traumatizers.

No doubt, there is some validity to accounts of abduction, to the "missing time" phenomenon and surgical implants. I have no intention of arguing those who have suffered physical pain and emotional distress at the hands of creatures they had no idea existed. However, the world needs to know that a visit with our non-human friends can be enjoyable, enlightening, and possibly even live saving in our uncertain future.

In April of 1992 a lady whom I respected as a friend and mentor approached me with what appeared to be a rather outlandish suggestion. Building on the foregoing discussion about the existence of UFO's, she explained to me that later that very evening therewould take place an intergalactic council meeting of all cosmic races. Certain parts of these meetings, she explained, were open to public attendance and she suggested that we go.

Believe me, I was just as puzzled and doubting as you may be while reading this. Intergalactic council? And if there even was such a thing, why would it be open to just anyone? And how would we get "there", wherever that might be? I had a million questions, but agreed to let her lead me to what would turn out to be the most incredible experience I've had so far.

I can not scientifically explain the mode of travel we employed to reach the craft. All I remember is a feeling of weightlessness while I found myself surrounded by a purple light. I seemed to be "floating" towards a spiral which provided a kind of tunnel upwards, leading directly to the entrance hutch at the underside of a large space craft. I remember my incredulity as I felt myself being elevated through this spiral to the ship.

Upon entering the lower level of the craft, I found myself in the company of several other beings who had gathered here in anticipation of attending the meeting. One individual who looked to be an average human being, a young male with beautiful blonde hair, approached to greet me joyfully. I felt a kinship and sense of knowing, feeling very familiar and comfortable with this person.

Yet, in our every-day life I would not be able to consciously identify this young man.

In his company, I entered a kind of "elevator" which transported us to the upper level of the craft, admitting us to a huge circular space in which hundreds of beings awaited the beginning of the meeting. In awe, I observed different races interacting on a telepathic level. I realized that each tribe or race had their own language, but telepathy was employed as a means of commonly understandable communication.

I had no prior training or researched knowledge to prepare me for the multitude of appearances and origins of these beings. One attendee, for instance, stands out most clearly in my memory, simply due to the unique physical details. I termed the tribal association of this being as the "bird tribe" because of a very prominent beak like feature and colorful physique. I have always thought of myself as an imaginative and creative person, but what I saw in this room surpassed any artistic conception I would have ever been capable of. =For the sake of clarity and in order not to exceed the boundaries of this article format, I will abstain from recounting every detail of this council meeting. However, I would like to pass on some of the truths that I have learned, certain principles or insights which I hope will help my fellow humans in their quest for answers.

Much like the United Nations Organization on planet Earth, there is a "cosmic government" which unites the interests of different planets and their civilizations. The ruling council is largely comprised of Nordics (see description of the tribe at the end of this article), since they are a peaceful and highly developed civilization within the sphere of influence of the cosmic government. A large part of the peace meetings are open to the "public", to delegates of each race. Planet Earth and its population represents one of the lowest developmental stages of the cosmic community and often emerges as the "problem child". The members of the human race have not yet learned to live in Unison even among themselves. Human nature dictates war on everyone different from the familiar tribal unit, which is one of the reasons that extraterrestrials have not yet attempted direct communication with the average earthling. Out of the two options of interaction, war and peace, humans are operating mainly in the war mode.

With this activity, we are greatly upsetting our planet's balance. I was told to imagine the earth as the yolk in the egg, floating in the egg white, the magnetic field surrounding the planet. Every time we shake the yolk, the white is disturbed and carries the motion towards the outer shell. It is in this manner that those planets surrounding us find themselves disturbed by negative activity on planet Earth. Our experimentation with atomic bombs, our waste products, our irresponsible lifestyle, affect the protective layers around the planet in a destructive manner, and the vibrations caused by the upset carry far out into the cosmic neighborhood. We have managed to drive our own planet to a point of such instability that neighboring civilizations have begun to worry about the effects we cause on their living environments.

A word of explanation on other races. The much feared "Grays": The Grays, on a lower hierarchical level than the Nordics, function as research scientists. Their experimentation with earth life forms will increase the understanding of the earth's living environment and behavioral patterns of humans and animals, which will some day actually be an advantage for us. As humans, we perceive their actions to be intrusive, unauthorized, and threatening. But are they really? As far as I know, the Grays do not operate on a human emotional pattern. When they come into our environment, they do not act out of vicious intent, ruthlessly discarding human rights of privacy and personal dignity. To them, emotions are one of the things they find so fascinating about us. Yes, I will admit that the effect of what they are doing is traumatic for those humans unfortunate enough to be involved, however, the Grays are simply following their scientific method of analysis. There are no emotions or feelings of right and wrong involved. These are man-made concepts, alien to them.

I believe that the Grays are trying to figure out if the human race is compatible with outer space life forms. The implants as tracking devices let them learn about our habits and geographical movement. Some human females have been impregnated with alien seed to bring about a combined life form. Is this really rape in the face of cosmic science? Humans tend to perceive their surroundings strictly according to their own, human bred, sense of right and wrong. What we feel is unethical is only so in the frame of the human environment. I do not believe that our societal rules have anything to do with the events taking place in other galaxies. The experimentation taking place in the labs and space crafts of the Grays may serve to help them understand our "rules" and "feelings", and who is to say that they will not adhere willingly to our standards during their visits, once they understand what these standards are? To understand, they have to learn and analyze, figure out why we do the things we do. Motherly love, for instance, is a totally alien concept to them. The Grays multiply to maintain the race, and the young ones are tended to by everyone in their environment. There is no need for personal bonding between mother and child or between mates. The attachment a human mother feels for her child is a necessary emotion only in the human environment on planet Earth. Our societal structure, hierarchical and tribe oriented, dictates family behavior and has developed the protective instincts parents display towards their offspring.

The standards by which the Grays operate are in no way comparable to the standards established by humans on planet Earth. Therefore, the assumption that the Grays are hostile or out go "get us", is unreasonable. =Another tribe, previously mentioned, is the tribe of the Nordics. This race is a highly evolved civilization, much ahead of our development. These beings are taller than the average human, between six and seven feet, fair skinned and of whitish blonde hair color. The members of this race all look very similar to one another within the genders and are, according to human perception, very beautiful. While the Grays do not display gender specific attributes, and we do not really know if they aren't hermaphrodites, the Nordics definitely have male and female gender. In fact, their family life is more comparable to that of humans. The Nordics mate for life and are very affectionate towards their fellow beings, particularly their mates and offspring. The typical Nordic family has two children, never more, as an accepted means of population maintenance. Their cosmic home is said to be the pleaidian constellation. This tribe, along with others, actively participates in keeping planet Earth and its life forms balanced.

These are only two examples of the many different intelligences that actually do exist in the Universe. Based on what I have learned and experienced, extraterrestrials are not some mysterious threat from outer space. After all, we are not living in a sci-fi movie! We have the choice of living peacefully with our neighbors, on Earth as well as in the Cosmos.