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Alien Advice: Hell and Suicide

Written By: Heidi Hollis

Posted: 10/23/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2321   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Religion
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Melissa Asks:  
I have a question. I think others may like to see this one posted because it has been an ongoing tradition since way back when. First, since that one incident with the shadow demon, I often have gotten 10 times more into spirituality.  
I read lots and lots.. You know, I just read one by; Mary Kay Baxter and she says that there are demons of different things. What I want to know is, for people who have died by their own hand.. was that caused by demons? If so, that would mean their shield so to speak wasn’t good enough.  
They lost, see what I mean?  
And if so, and even if they were saved by the ’blood of Christ" and so forth. Where are they now is what I’m curious to know?  
What I was saying as far as tradition goes, the church in the past would bury these people away from everyone else and they were looked down upon as (cursed). By the way, on the same note.. I was talking with my dad recently and asked him why Lucifer does what he does when he knows that inevitably he too will enter into the bottomless pit, losing the battle? He said, "Well, because he doesn’t care." "His intentions are none but to win souls."  
I’m planning on getting my library to call in your book just so I can check out some things. I’ve heard many things lately, I’ve heard that Hades and Gahanna are located at the center of the earth, which would be why Jesus referred to it as "the heart of the earth" those things terrify me, (sadden me). Sometimes I feel as though the ground will break and lots will fall through in the end, FEAR!!  
These shadowers come to me in my dreams and say that I am theirs and that I will never see God. I’ve even had periods of dreams which were ongoing in which I was standing at the sides of a pool of lava or blood (?), and there was a dragon moving through this pool. They’re doing this, I know they are, but what scares me is that sometimes I do question the things they say.  
Whew! Hope that isn’t asking to much, I’m naturally very curious on these things. "Obvious as to why!"  
Heidi Responds:
Hey There Melissa,  
As I understand it, and according to some true to life alien folks, there indeed are some demon-like creatures that can encourage someone to take their own life. To say their shield was down is an accurate description indeed.  
That successful suicide obviously was truly lost and saw nothing but darkness around them. To feel that hopeless and alone in a world full of people, there had to be something surrounding them not see any way out. For a lot of us it seems inconceivable to feel that down and out that you just want to end everything.  
But if we can just look at one of my wonderful (whacky) analogies for a second: Let’s look at people who have died of carbon monoxide poisoning for a moment: It’s hard to believe that there is no odor to carbon monoxide, that people just fall asleep and never wake up. It’s a silent, odorless killer that can only be detected with a device that’s looking for that culprit.  
If we aren’t looking for anything in regard to something tapping into us to take us down, how would we know it’s there?  
Very much like the person without the carbon monoxide detector, you look at your symptoms; all of the warning signs. If you don’t catch the hint and get out of your situation, you won’t be around much longer. Getting overly depressed, crying a lot, not getting out of the house, lack in appetite and socializing...these are some of the signs that something isn’t right. Sitting in any kind of poisoning, whether if its of the soul or physical, can only lead to a sad ending.  
Speaking of which, the likes of a place we tend to call Hell is what you might call a gathering place for lost souls. You don’t have be religious to wonder if there is a Hell and if it’s below our feet in the center of the earth either. Just look and listen to people and their stories of near-death experiences and what they report to see on the other side. It isn’t always peachy and fluffy; there’s some fire and brimstone in the mix as well.  
You can even look to the stories of alien abductees and how they report going to places underground with negative alien beings. Often times horrible things get done to the abductee; giving them a peek at what it might be like to be a resident in a Hell-like place.  
An alien being that I have conversed with has also spoken of the center of the earth being a holding place where horrid things happen. In a nutshell, this being mentioned how this is indeed the Hell-place spoken of in the Bible. It’s also a topic I wrote about in my book The Secret War, so if you do get a hold of my book at your library; you’ll be sure to see that in there.  
I hope this helped and thank you for taking the time to seek out my book, and when ya do, please be sure to write a review on www.Amazon.com and write to me as well. I love to get feedback!!!