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Stalking ET Encounters In Puerto Rico

Written By: Inexplicata

Posted: 10/21/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 677   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Cryptozoology
SOURCE: Primera Hora 
DATE: Saturday, October 18, 2003 
by Mariela Fullana 
Are humans truly alone in the universe, or do we have company? 
This question--the source of so much controversy and debate, shall be the subject of the Puerto RIcan science-fiction film "Encuentros" (Encounters), which shall be shown on October 28 at 8:00 pm through Telemundo. 
Flying saucers cross the skies, scintillating lights illuminate the island and space aliens are ornly some of the special effect that will appear in this movie, created by engineer Carlos Vallellanes under the direction of David Aponte, who is also the creator of this script. Carlos Fontane, Alexandra Malagón and William Piedra are the protagonists. 
"It’s rather differente from what has been done in Puerto RIco as far as special effects are concerned. I’m not a fan of the subject, but I do believe than in a Universe so vast we cannot be the only ones," said the script writer, who based himself on true accounts of people who claim having had some sort of ET contact, blending their stories with his own imagtination. 
The movie’s stars coincided with the director in their appreciation of life on other planets. 
"When I was young I visited El Yunque regularly, because my dad had a house there, and I saw things I could never explain," said Carlos Fontane, who acted and formed part of the production staff under New Dreams Entertainment. 
Alexandra Malagón stated that "we cannot be alone in such a wide Universe. People close to me have told me that they’ve seen inexplicable things, and I myself have seen strange lights. I’ve always believed." 
"Encuentros" tells the story of Steven Rodriguez (Carlos Fontane) an incredulous reporter who covers a series of extraterrestrial stories afteter the rumor of the existence of UFOs becomes known. 
"We’re not promising the best or the worst. Only a different production. We didn’t want this to look like a soap opera, but rather like a movie," said the actor, who lost 25 pounds and grew a beard for the role. 
Regarding "Jessica", the role portrayed by Alexandra Malagón, the actress noted that "it’s the first time I’ve played a character so much like myself. She’s a good friend and wise and daring journalist, which took me back to the five years I worked as a reporter on Univision("Despierta América" and "Noticiario Univisión").  
William Piedra, who acts the role of "Larry", praised the hostess of the "Atrevete" show for her work and for sticking with the production to the very end.  
"She fell down, she scraped her knees, she lost a fingernail and still didn’t stop shooting. Now, when she asked for a hair dryer and was told there wasn’t one, she did stop the production," said comedian amid much laughter. He too forms part of this film, which was recorded on digital stock.  
Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Dr. José I. Gómez.