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Aaron C. Donahue

Written By: Cassandra Frost

Posted: 9/25/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 4329   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Remote Viewing
He is a cross between Eminem and Stephan King, with a sprinkling of Ozzy Osborne.  
He’s the spawn of the world’s most famous remote viewer, Ed ’Dr. Doom’ Dames.  
And he can remote view numbers.  
Everyone in the RV world is talking about Aaron Donahue, whether they want to or not. 
A year ago, last June, the night before I flew out to the 2002 International Remote Viewing Association conference, I had him and another member of Ed Dames’ Matrix Security Agency, visit our home for the night. They had been verifying ground truth in the search for missing children. Instead of processing their digital photos and writing a report, I convinced them, during dinner at a local Indian restaurant, to head out into the mountains so we could explore Beaver habitat under the stars along southern Oregon’s Rogue River.  
After a 30 minute drive, I led them along some wooded trails till we stood on the banks of the wildly flowing, moonlit Rogue. After listening to and feeling the river’s raw power and energy, we then wandered back through the woods to an overlook. There, we shared the experience of silently standing as Aaron’s excellent night vision allowed him to watch, while we could only listen to, a beaver as it noisily gnawed Alder bark about ten feet in front of us. 
Visiting Beaver during the full moon is a regular part of my spirituality, but an experience that I thought they might treasure. After Beaver heard something, slapped his tail and swam away, we headed back to my place. We stayed up till about 3 or 4am as they explained their remote viewing processes, backed up by the digitally photographed feedback of that which Aaron had previously remotely viewed.  
It was pretty amazing. They showed me picture after picture of that which Aaron had specifically sketched in his highly accurate remote viewing sessions. Even back then, I felt like I was looking at the work of the world’s most accurate remote viewer.  
We talked for hours, sharing stories about ourselves and our earth based spiritualities.  
Since then, I’ve questioned the negative things that have been written about Aaron Donahue. So, here is a different point of view, written by someone who has actually met and spent time communicating with him the past year. 
During a recent interview, my ears perked up when he mentioned a common identifier of those who contact him for more information; those who make up the majority of the three million cyber surfers who either intuitively or intentionally hit his website each month.  
This is Generation ’G’ or those Donahue refers to Gamers.  
A gamer, well, is me, my family and most of our friends around the world. Gamers are familiar with video as well as fantasy or role playing games (RPGs).  
When I was about 11 or 12, I read J.R.R. Tolkien’s ’The Hobbit’ and follow-up trilogy. I grew up with a head full of hobbits, wizards, dragons, orcs, elves and magic. This world was recently portrayed in the ’Fellowship of the Ring’ and ’Two Towers’ motion picture series, with the third and final movie, ’Return of the King’, expected out this winter. Similar sci-fi or fantasy movies include ’The Matrix’, the Star Wars series or the magical world of Harry Potter.  
When Keith, my husband of 20 years, and I first met, we’d go to bars and play video games like Galactia, Zaxon and Frogger. As parents, we got the first Nintendo 8 bit video game systems for us, instead of our kids. We then all played video games together, as a family activity. We even introduced video games to Keith’s parents, who still play today.  
When Keith was in the Navy in the mid 80’s, he had a friend named Rick Barron who taught him how to play Dungeon and Dragons (D&D) as a way to fill time as they were shipboard for up to 6 months at a time. Barron was such an expert, he was helping write a source book called Ardwyn’s Grimoire, which is a guide for a D&D type of fantasy RPG. 
We later discovered video RPGs like Dragon Warrior, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. One of the RPGs we played was called ’Secret of Mana’, a Gaia based game world which dealt quests to save the earth. Most RPG’s are full of similar quests that are full of magic, demons, orcs and that offer the chance to be part of either side in the battle between good and evil. RPGs can now be played online, like Microsoft’s ’Everquest,’ where one can assume an identity such as mage, fighter, rogue, thief, paladin or ranger and play with people from all over the world.  
Today, many gamers have grown up to be computer geeks who have online lives.  
Gamers don’t particularly fit in with the world around them, either socially or now, more importantly, spiritually. Companionship, solace and acceptance are found in cyber worlds with others of the global online community, much like cyber tribes, who meet to play interactive games or just visit with each other during free time and/or from work.  
So, this illustrates the mind of what Aaron Donahue describes as a ’gamer’, those who are the spawn of the Woodstock generation.  
It might have started back in 1969, at Woodstock, where people gathered together in a million member tribe in a gathering that celebrated peace and love. Carlos Santana performed at the rock festival and thirty years later, in 1999, he came out with his phenomenal comeback album ’Supernatural’. Santana voices an opinion about religion that is shared by many gamers.  
’Religion is a corrupt business. Spirituality is something else. Religion is like Coca-Cola, Pepsi cola, wine. That’s not going to help in the desert. Religion is a corrupt institution and we don’t trust those. Spirituality is you bringing one to one with la virgin and God. It’s all one. No, I don’t want to be religious because a lot of people have been killed in the name of religion because they get a superiority complex. Spirituality is all like water.... All the colors are there, but its still water. I know the difference between spirituality and religious and I don’t want to be religious.’ - Carlos Santana, Interview with New York Rock  
Many of us have raised our kids and their friends with this basic philosophy as well as the idea that Peace and Love aren’t such weird concepts. These kids are resonating with a tribally based cultures that can be found in such left coast locations as Ashland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. They are pierced to the nines, tattooed and sprout dreadlocks. Many are gay. These children of the counter culture embrace aspects of tribal living such as partying at Raves, which are big parties in the middle of the mountains where they can dance around fires and play their music as loud as they want. Weekend Woodstocks.  
These kids’ motto is ’PLUR,’ which stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.  
It is from this unique cultural context that we can begin discussing Donahue’s own unique brand of remote viewing and how he is evolving this psychic spying technology to the next level and his agenda.  
Save the earth.  
When Aaron Donahue describes gathering Luciferians who are dedicated to saving the earth, which includes Goetic Demons named Astaroth and Balal, these millions of gamers who hit his site will simply nod their head and go ’OK’, since they might have just finished a quest involving these same named entities in their cyber worlds.  
Donahue, a self proclaimed ’nobody’ who is nothing special, has done something no other remote viewer has been able to do with consistency or accuracy. Remote view or psychically perceive numbers.  
’I’m a nobody, an average guy,’ he insists. ’Everyone in the world has the potential to do what I can.’  
And what is that?  
’I’m the best remote viewer in the world,’ he answers. And it is this statement that has the RV world into an uproar. Comparing this statement to the likes of Tiger Woods stating ’I expect to win every tournament I enter,’ there is no difference between these two young lions that are breaking records and doing the impossible.  
Donahue has broken the mold. Unlike the secretive, arrogant, self-absorbed dispositions that distinguish some of the today’s viewers, Donahue is begging everyone to join him. 
’Our planet is dying,’ he emphasizes. ’We need to work for a solution using the right hemisphere of our brains to marry wisdom with technology to find the answers to our survival.’ Donahue believes it’s crucial for us to learn how to blend the bicameral or left and right sides of our brains, like those of our ’Indigo’ children who are telepathic, psycho kinetic and otherwise use their psychic gifts as most others experience the five senses. 
’Kids have evolved more of the bicameral breakdown than anyone else,’ he explained. ’We can all do this. We can all learn to use our brain to be more psychic. I want to teach as many as I can what I know so they can be better than I am.’  
Donahue has RVed the technology that will replace what is commonly called ’remote viewing.’  
’’The acquisition and practical application of non-historical data’ will replace remote viewing,’ he revealed.  
In spite of having a taste of Hollywood by portraying a younger Sir Ben Kingsley in the upcoming Tom Cruise/Paula Wagoner movie ’Suspect Zero’, Donahue remains unaffected by the prospects of fame and/or fortune. His agenda remains consistent which is to teach others to remote view numbers in order to save the world.  
’Viewing numbers gives us access to the universal consciousness,’ he said. ’We can access a universal language to help us learn where to find out who we are and why we’re here.’  
’We need to look for the solutions to our survival and evolution inside ourselves,’ he continued. ’We are all Kings and Queens and we all can do this. One of the problems I have with the other RVers is that they are too ego centric to join together to fight human extinction. If we don’t start, if we don’t join together, we’re going to just go away.’  
It is for this reason that Donahue’s doors are open to all RVers. ’My door is wide open for these people to learn what I know to save the planet.’  
Donahue took it as a personal challenge when he was told about 7 years ago ’You can’t RV numbers.’  
It is Donahue’s ability to remote view numbers, among other things, that sets him apart from everyone else.  
He’s since discovered and had confirmed his suspicions that ’numbers are infinite, important angelic systems of information, the language of the spiritual, that tie us all into other systems of the seen and unseen worlds.’  
In regard to the world of remote viewing, many have heard rumors about his much publicized split with mentor, Ed Dames. 
’I have the utmost respect for Ed Dames,’ Donahue stated. ’He taught me well. We did part ways over disagreements about our core values and beliefs. I told him I was a Luciferian, not a Christian, and as such believe that a daemonic energy system is at work to help save humanity from self destruction.’  
What type of structure is Donahue looking to lead his efforts to save the Earth?  
’I will put together a group of women who will be in charge,’ he revealed. ’A matriarchal system, if you will.’ Donahue’s commitment to matriarchy is based on his experiences and studies of the Hopi culture and their ’fifth world’ end times prophecies, which he believes are coming true.  
Another ’M’ word that is part of his core beliefs is ’materialism’. Or, rather, lack thereof. ’I am not a materialist,’ he identified. ’It’s important that people who want to work with me be anti-materialistic. There are more important things to worry about other than going shoe shopping at the mall or what type of car you drive.’  
Articles that link materialism to depression can be found at:  
He admits that he had an unusual childhood, marked by incidents such as being greeted by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard with ’Hello, I’m glad I finally got to meet you.’  
One of the other things that sets Donahue apart from others is his ability to hear colors or ’synetheshethe’. He also claims to have an unusual form of intelligence.  
When his father was changing a light bulb, he couldn’t get it to work and was getting frustrated. Four year old Aaron reached out, pointed to the fuse in the light’s plug, and said, ’Inside here.’ His Dad unscrewed the plug, found a fuse between the prongs and, after examining it with a magnifying glass, discovered that it was blown.  
One of Aaron’s most profound occult influences was his Great Grandmother. Both were in a Sears store and a young Aaron told a man standing in line with them that he had pulmonary edema and other heart related problems. ’I told him what he needed to do to heal,’ Donahue said. ’I told him what he needed to do and how to recover. The sick man answered me ’How dare you try to heal me? I’m just going to leave my suffering to the hands of the Lord, Jesus Christ.’  
’Religions like Christianity train their followers to exalt and worship suffering,’ Donahue pointed out. ’I chose to live with joy and today, I couldn’t be happier, but I am also deeply saddened.’  
This brings us back to Donahue’s agenda. ’I believe this planet is a sentient being,’ he went on. ’My mind is on our Earth. We must tend to our garden.’ 
’We are programmed to fear. Our DNA, as primates, was manipulated until we assumed our more homosapien form,’ he explained. ’This manipulation was done by creator gods, the ones described in the cuneiform tablets written by the ancient Sumerians.’  
Part of this primitive behavior is territorial, warring and primitive and, according to Donahue, consciously changeable through what he calls ’morphic resonance’ or the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon.  
’People call me crazy, but I think that the way we can change the earth and, by association, ourselves, is to access the universal mind in focused, unified thought and go into the acquisition and practical application of non-historical data in order to do things like solve the equations of Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics and co-founder of string field theory,’ Donahue revealed. ’According to Dr. Kaku, we need to evolve in the next 300 years into more psychic beings who live according to the blended laws of spirituality and technology, or we will self destruct.’  
’I don’t think we have 300 years and I need everyone in the RV community to join me so I can teach them how to RV numbers so we can save the earth,’ he concluded.  
Donahue’s site is at: http://www.ummo.cc/ 
Photo of Aaron Donahue courtesy of Aaron Donahue.