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Cross Cultural Abductions

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 10/26/1999 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1574   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Aliens

I know there are many people who disbelieve in the subject of UFOs. To tell you the truth, I don't blame them. The proof--what there is of it--is elusive, the stories seem farfetched, and half the time, you can't tell if you are watching an episode of Star Trek, listening to the rantings of madmen, or if there is really some substance to what people claim.

Even in the UFO community itself there are rampant disagreements between what is true and what isn't, if the military has covered something up, if NASA is covering something up, which UFOs are actually UFOs, and who among the abductee bunch made up their story, or how much of it was falsified.

I've heard stories of government conspiracies involving high class officials of all countries. The Alternative Three. The Trilateral Commission. The Bildeberg group of which Clinton has been an active member. I've heard banking conspiracies involving the Federal Trade Commission and Alan Greenspan. I've heard religious conspiracies, political conspiracies, military conspiracies, and on and on.

Scientists, such as those I have been in contact with, who are interested in Anomalistic Observational Phenomena, have discussed their disapproval of SETI with me, but are adamant in saying that there is no conspiracy since the government is too stupid to know how to cover something up. In their words, "Conspiracy theories are for weak minded people." This was, of course, in response to something I had previously written about NASA. I took the words to heart, but still, whether I am weak minded or not does not prove or disprove whether a conspiracy is taking place.

The mainstream media has chased their tails for many years and seemed to have given up on making a bit of sense out of what is reported to them. Is there a bigfoot? Are there UFOs? Did Roswell happen? Does the government keep alien bodies at Wright Patterson? Are there government recovered UFOs at Area 51? They don't know. I saw one story recently from the 50s where a man claimed to have run over an alien with his truck. He posed with an image of the thing he had run over, and underneath the picture, the paper quoted a local University professor, stating that it was 'just a skinned monkey.' Oh, thank God. We can all go back to sleep now.

What is the general population to make of all this information that is floating around? Can the exit be found in this gigantic hall of mirrors?

John E Mack, a psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize winning author from Harvard University, has himself decided to take a new approach, to find his way out of this immense maze. He has spent the last ten years discussing the abduction syndrome that seems to have affected a large number of individuals from all walks of life. He has found that their stories are not merely flights of fancy, because even if the beings weren't physical entities, there are cultural connections in the descriptions that span the ages. He has spoken with African tribesman, North American Indians, and a number of different cultural groups to try and determine if, in fact, there is a common element. And time and time again, there is.

Many Brazilian cultures have believed for centuries that they have come from the 'star people.' A shaman by the name of Bernardo Peixoto who works at the Smithsonian Institute has spoken often of the long-term South American tribal belief in flying vehicles and the occupants that drive them—the atojars—which is a word that means "entities that come from the sky." He spoke of an encounter he had with these entities in the jungle, and when he had returned, he mentioned what he saw to the tribal elders in his community. The elders then took him to a cave and showed him ancient drawings of what the West now know as The Greys, beings that these elders said watched over their tribe and many others for thousands of years.

Vasumazulu Credo Mutwa, an African medicine man, spoke of his encounter with what he calls the mantindane. He was taken on board a ship, forced to have intercourse with a strange being, humiliated, and then dropped off only to discover that he had been missing for three days.

In all cases, the picturesque language returns to describe beings with pinkish gray skin, thin limbs, and large wrap around eyes--eyes with no pupils, eyes that seem to pierce the very soul of the person being abducted.

In our religious institutions as well, we hear stories of meetings with angels. Beings with white robes, blue eyes, long blond hair, who are there to protect over humanity and intercede on behalf of men. We hear stories of the Incubus and Succubus, demons that take men and women from their homes and force them to have intercourse.

And when all is said and done, what are we left with? Stories, and people who say that after the incident, they had their entire belief system shattered, a belief system that they had been raised with. A belief system which suddenly seemed so small in comparison with the reality that they are now facing.

And what do they have to take its place? Ridicule. Ridicule from people who know no better, who have not even looked in to the millions of connections strung across time and cultures. One experiencer who lost his military career over an abduction recently shared his story with other people in the UFO community. Here is one of the responses he obtained:

"With some creative writing classes and a whole lot of practice, you may make it as a fictional writer. You've definitely got the imagination that it takes to make a science fiction writer. If you're trying to pass this story off as being NON FICTION... then I hope that the other recipients of this B.S. aren't as gullible as you expect them to be."

Fortunately, I'm one of the gullible. Because you know what? I believed him. And according to the AOP scientists I have spoken to, I am also one of the weak minded individuals who believe in conspiracies. But you know what? I bet you're pretty weak minded too. And one day when you're all alone, and something absolutely absurd and unexplainable happens to you, we'll all think you're making it up too. But you won't be. And that's the really disturbing part, isn't it? You will not be making it up. Capital N-O-N-F-I-C-T-I-O-N.

And thank you for reading.

Jeff Behnke [email protected]