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Mysterious Disappearances in Pampa Unión

Written By: Inexplicata

Posted: 7/11/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1657   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Aliens
SOURCE: La Estrella del Loa (newspaper) 
DATE: July 10, 2003 
CHILE: Mysterious Disappearances in Pampa Unión 
Human beings appear to be left "out in the cold" whenever reason cannot explain events that are not self-explanatory. This is the effect that Pampa Unión has had on many visitors and even those who having been to the site, perhaps prefer to forget about it. The events and enigmas contained in this ancient campsite are legion, as can be attested from the numerous phone calls to our newsroom. 
One of the most chilling and still-unsolved ones was experienced by Nora Suarez when she spent a day in this settlement in the company of her sister Mireya and their relatives. In the blink of an eye, Mireya walked away from the family group, causing concern among them and prompting them to search for her. Despite their best efforts, Mireya was never seen again among the ruined walls of Pampa Unión. Her mysterious disapperance is an unsolved mystery that has many incredible details. The case reached the law courts, before which any and all who might have something to say about the matter were summoned to appear. However, all those called by the court to testify in the girl’s disappearance died under unexplained circumstances without ever telling their stories. 
The family has made heroic efforts to unravel the bizarre situation that has remained unsolved for so many years. Nora Suarez has even appealed to Carabineros (state police) and television broadcasters in the search for her missing sister. 
There exists the theory that she may have vanished in Bolivia, but not even this hypothesis has aided the efforts to find the whereabouts of that girl--today a woman--who vanished forever in Pampa Unión. 
The Story of Pampa Unión 
Pampa Unión was a camp that provided support to the various nitrate companies located between Calama and Antofagasta, reaching its heyday in the first half of last century. It was a site which rose and dwindled along with the fortunes of the nitrate workers. Old residents of Sierra Gorda, a town some kilometers away from Pampa Unión, say that it was a settlement "without God or law." This fact led to many deaths and events which in the light of history and paranormal research, left each corner of the town "charged". 
It is for this reason that many of the accounts that have reached our newsroom concern strange apparitions, wagons bearing ghostly characters who carry out their daily affairs as though time had stopped in another dimension. The happy days of Pampa Unión are long gone, but among its ruins the wind seems to emulate the whispers of a vital and important town, an oasis in the desert. 
One of the accounts received by our newsroom was that of Gustavo Rojas. He said that he had undergone a chilling experience some time ago as he drove through Pampa Unión, keeping it to himself until now. He says the time was roughly 1 a.m. as he drove through the ruins. He saw a man dressed in black, wearing a top hat and wielding a walking stick, very much in the style fo the early years of the last century. He seemed to be waiting for someone to pick him up. Concerned, Rojas slowed down to help him, but when looking through his rear-view mirror, he noticed the man was gone. The driver returned to Calama bathed in a cold sweat and gripped by fear, a typical reaction among those who have had experiences of this nature. 
Translation (C) 2003, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.