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Mars’ Meteorite Messengers

Written By: David Milo

Posted: 6/15/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1757   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Mars Anomalies
Mars’ Meteorite Messengers 
MarsLife.com appears to have the only Martian meteorite encapsulating 
advanced life - a menagerie of little creatures and plants akin to Earth’s.  
One of this meteorite’s eerie residents is of a fibrous, crystalline nature.
Just add water and it grows - and seems to feed. 
Another Mars meteorite of the former’s volcanic nature has been analyzed 
and found to have been formed in a water-rich pressure cooker. About  
2.8% of meteorites are hydrated. Some 1,000 pounds of Mars strikes the 
Earth each year. Yet of some 22,000 meteorites, only 28 are Martian. 
A good case has already been made for bacteria microfossils in a Martian 
meteorite. "In addition to the lack of chemical impurities, about 25% of 
the magnetite in ALH84001 shares at least 5 other distinct characteristics 
with magnetite made by the bacterial strain MV-1 here on earth." 
(Scientific American, April 2003). Complex carbonates from Lake Van, 
Turkey were seen to be made up of microbodies of a similar size  
and texture to ALH84001. 
MarsLife’s biological advantage is in it’s companion Martian sediments  
content. All that frozen water the Mars Global Surveyer has been  
detecting is subject to volcanic hot spots. These would explain frequent  
terrain scarring by theorized hot springs that rapidly evaporate into Mars’  
thin atmosphere. Water is the universal elixir of life. 
Exobiologists and NASA are ’targeting’ the lava tubes (caves) of dormant  
Martian volcanoes. Cave crayfish on Earth tend to live 20 times or more  
longer than the ’sunlight’ species. Volcanic driven oases may yet harbor  
advanced Martian life. And these might be the recipients of a sunlight  
booster. Earth’s caves and deep ocean hydrothermal vents sustain rain  
forest-like biodiversity without the benefit of sunlight. Hydrothermal vents  
have been photographed emitting infrared light of their own. Not so long  
ago, life was thought to only be possible in plant and animal forms. 
Now science has sanctified a third branch that thrive in the most unlikely 
of environments - archae.  
Some aquatic creatures can generate their own light from chemicals or 
sound (sonoluminescence). The energy factor increase required to  
convert sound to light, 10^12, mirrors the negative exponential value of 
quantum gravity. Electrophonic sounds by large meteors, though rarely,  
are heard before their light is seen - in deafening defiance of known  
physics. Visible light (electromagnetism) is a quantum energy ’window’  
(says the author’s compelling math). It’s defined by a mathematical  
constant called Planck energy (6.6260) which is known to be the precise  
microenergy units calibration of the universe. Thus in a scientific sense,  
life’s parameters, and all reality, are subject to visual perception - that is,  
"in the eye of the beholder". Poetically, the electron has been found to  
have a energy spiral akin to DNA’s helix structure.  
Panspermia (cosmic biological transfer) has undergone a ’punctuated  
equilibrium’ (quantum leap forward) in academia. [The term punctuated  
equilibrium substitutes for very long transition periods absent in the  
evolutionary record.] But scientists are no less subject to political  
protocol in a hierarchical (Greek for "steward of sacred rites") survival  
of the fittest. 
In an eerie echo of Marslife’s lively fibrous stowaway, the god of war’s  
stronghold appears to have crystalline brush lands and forests - 
Other red planet landscapes exhibit the varying color phases of flora 
symbiotic with the changing seasons and receding ice packs. These are in  
turn driven by the god of war’s elliptical orbit and Earth-like tilt to the Sun.  
Bible and song - 
To everything turn, turn 
There is a season turn, turn And a purpose to everything under heaven.... 
Deinococcus radiodurans is thought to possibly have originated on Mars  
because of it’s resistance to radiation -"it can survive several thousand times  
the lethal dose for humans". Imagine what might have evolved in Mars’ god  
forsaken outpost in the eons since it’s celestial assault. The Martians would  
surely have evolved equal tolerance to these potential biological weapons 
of mass destruction. 
... And before we judge of them too harshly, we must remember what  
ruthless and utter destruction our own species has wrought not only upon 
animals such as the vanished bison and the dodo, but upon it’s own inferior 
races... Are we such apostles of mercy as to complain if the Martians  
warred in the same spirit ? 
H G Wells 
David Millo