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Interview with William Gazecki, Director of Crop Circles: Quest for Truth

Written By: William Gazecki and Paranormal News

Posted: 4/26/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 959   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Crop Circles
The following is a transcript of the interview held with William Gazecki, director of the documentary ’Crop Circles: Quest For Truth’, which took place April 24th at 8PM EST.

Paranormalnews: First off, why a movie on crop circles? 
William Gazecki: Why a movie on crop circles? Well...There’s a lot of reasons. For one, they’re there! Crop Circles have been appearing for well over 20 years now, and CLEARLY there is a pattern of progression. Something is being communicated. Those who study the phenomenon are commonly shown, in small and personal ways, that whatever is behind the phenomenon is aware that they are there, too...studying. I got into this initially in a fairly small and insignificant way. My interest was not avid. Over time I monitored the situation, waiting for something to be revealed that would affirm it was all a sham, or that it was authentic. I have never witnessed any proof that it is a sham. Far from it. Very far from it. There is no doubt that this is an authentic phenomenon.  
Paranormalnews: And why do you think they appear most often in England? A spiritual center? 
William Gazecki: It’s becoming apparent that England is the beginning... the jumping off point for more and more appearances worldwide. I think that England, particularly Southern England, is home to something very ancient and very spiritual in a way that is deeply rooted with Earth-ish qualities. The Celtic traditions, the Druids, the various ancient spiritual traditions that tie in with Stonehenge and many, many other monuments and sacred areas there tell us that this area has some sort of spiritual focus going back some 8,000 years or so. It has been said that the birth of what has become Western civilization actually took place there. 
Paranormalnews: So then the crop circles are teaching us something? There’s so many theories...do you align yourself with any one of them? 
William Gazecki: I think to try and deduce the crop circles down to a single hypothesis is not the most beneficial way to enjoy or appreciate them. I do believe that learning is clearly an aspect of the phenomenon. I also think that it is not only we humans who are learning. I do tend to feel that the circlemakers are also learning something, too. It is a dance between us. And yes, I do find consistently that those who have contact with the phenomenon, both physically in the fields, and through drawings and films such as mine, do initiate and continue to learn. 
Paranormalnews: To search deeper? 
William Gazecki: When I have asked those who have a close relationship to the phenomenon, one consistent answer has been, "It is transformational." What I have found is that each person seems to be stimulated in some manner that is particular to themselves. In that sense there doesn’t seem to be a specific agenda the circlemakers are trying to get across to us. It seems more like we are being encouraged to realize our own potential, at our own choosing and at our own pace.  
Paranormalnews: How long have crop circles been around, and why do you feel so many of them form year after year, just in the past twenty years or so? What is it about NOW which is causing them to appear so quickly? 
William Gazecki: Well, to my sensibility the importance of the crop circles is their recent activity and history. Yes, it does seem that they have appeared from time to time in the past -- perhaps for quite some time -- but, as they are wont to do, they can be very subtle, and seem to not want to take too much limelight. I definitely believe that the activity of the crop circles in the past 25 years has been intentional, and relates to the current course of human history and to human development as a species. There is a communication going on. And we are supposed to be PAYING ATTENTION. 
Paranormalnews: In that sense, they’re almost living entities. Is there any clear distinction between whether the circles are alive themselves? I’ve heard cases of them growing while a researcher is standing within it. 
William Gazecki: Clearly there are many qualities of life associated with the crop circles. When you are around them, there is a palpable sense of exuberance, joy, wonder... many qualities associated with the aspects of life we cherish and appreciate.  
Paranormalnews: Are there any experts who you interviewed which were NOT included in the video?  
William Gazecki: Oh yes, there were a few I would have loved to have included. Freddy Silve for one. Although I will also say that I feel I have captured the essence -- the core of people -- who know and have been close to the phenomenon. In that sense I am really quite pleased that the film contains this particular assemblage of people. In my sense of things, these people, and anyone who has a closeness to crop circles, are on a very important pathway to understanding what they are. They are more than just what you see from an aerial photograph, which is part of what I have tried to show in my film. They are an experience, as well as a source of various kinds of information. 
Paranormalnews: Like a stepping stone on a spiritual journey... 
William Gazecki: Sort of like a steeping stone on a spiritual journey -- if spirit is your main focus. For some, science and math are their central motivators... and spirit comes along. It’s kind of like love, too. It happens when you least expect it.  
Paranormalnews: Have you ever seen them affect a researcher negatively? 
William Gazecki: Yes, I have seen "negative" effects. But mostly these negative effects are temporary, transitional into a more positive space (generally, if one can get through "their stuff"). It’s akin to the holistic healing process, wherein there is sometimes a need to expurgate something toxic, which can at times be uncomfortable. But I have never seen any harm caused by the crop circles directly. 
Paranormalnews: And if it is a positive experience to study them and see what they mean to you personally -- which I feel you’ve drawn out in your documentary -- why won’t the government speak up and say, hey! Something’s doing that! Something unexplained. Why promote the hypothesis in the mainstream media that they are fake? 
William Gazecki: First off, it is not known whether the circlemakers are extraterrestrial or not. But the government has a POLICY, a longstanding policy, that anything extraterrestrial is to essentially be quarantined from the public. There are manuals that have specific codes and procedures, and in general, the procedure is to quarantine. In the case of crop circles, it is easier to put them into an ET category than anything else, so there is effected this policy of quarantine, and a disinformation process to keep the public’s attention distracted and confused. Very similar technique and policy used in the UFO milieu. Clearly the government is interested in this situation. They just don’t want us to know that, and at the same time they’d rather most people ignored crop circles, mainly by saying they are man made, that they are some "land art" made by pranksters. I am most disturbed by the self-proclaimed "hoaxers", all of whom are British, and most of whom are deceitful and obnoxious tricksters who cannot be trusted in any manner. 
Paranormalnews: Have you heard of people witnessing government figures around these circles doing their own investigations? 
William Gazecki: Yes. Rarely, though. Government intel people don’t have a habit of billboarding themselves.  
Paranormalnews: If the circlemakers are not extraterrestrial, what other possibilities could there be? The circles are so complex...sometimes it’s hard to see what else could be creating them. Balls of light? 
William Gazecki: Well, such phenomenon have been seen and referred to for a long time in many countries. It is said that possibly these light phenomenon, while clearly appearing to exhibit some form of intelligent behavior, are in fact products of something earth-related. It is also possible that the BOL’s are manifested in association with some other agent or form of intelligence. I think it is important to keep a VERY open mind about these things. We tend to seek individual answers or sources and tend not to consider the more dynamic interaction of various sources. The actual shape of the crop circles may be a by-product of the human conceptual psyche, for example. The forces which make them may be a product of interactive dynamic cooperations of nature we are as yet unaware of. 
Paranormalnews: I think there are many people who look forward to the summer just to see what will happen in the fields, especially around the middle of August when those masterpieces appear. 
William Gazecki: Indeed. And now the place to start paying attention to is Germany. They are starting to appear there in numbers similar to England. Also in Canada and the US, to some degree. It is important that farmers know there is someone they can call if one appears on their land.  
Paranormalnews: What is the number one message you believe you have brought out with this documentary? 
William Gazecki: That crop circles have meaning and are worth paying attention to, that the experience of investigating the crop circles contains many delights. Crop Circles are fun! I have found over and over that people who get into the crop circles not only have a good time, but they grow in many wonderful and good ways. I have seen that over and over again. And there is no dogma, no doctrine, no gurus, and no leaders. In that sense there is a true freedom and fascination offered in one opportunity -- a very worthwhile opportunity. I had such a good time making this movie and spending time with some exceptional people. I have found that those who watch the film gain in their experience. And that is another great hope I have for it -- that it can transmit to the viewer some deeper aspect of this phenomenon. Through the visuals, the words and ideas, and especially the music. I continue to be IN LOVE with the music of the film. If I can in any way share more than just a the visual impact, and provide a sense of the totality of what this phenomenon represents, I shall be very happy.