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Crop Circles: Frequently Asked Questions

Written By: William Gazecki and David Jacobs

Posted: 4/23/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1360   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Crop Circles

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There has been intense debate over the origins of Crop Circles. Some believe they are communications from Extra-Terrestrials, pointing to the many sightings and videos of aerial phenomena seen in connection with formations. Others feel the appearance of lights associated with Crop Circles may be generated by unknown natural energies which produce complex ground patterns. Experiments with the power of the mind have suggested it is possible to influence the creation of certain shapes, leading some to believe psychic forces are involved. 
Beyond this, most other popular explanations for Crop Circles have revolved around human action, either involving satellite technology or the simple actions of pranksters and landscape artists. However, in demonstrations, human teams have struggled, without success, to reproduce designs as geometrically complex as those seen in fields. Certain formations have appeared within one night; the short amounts of time, the geometric calculations and construction involved are beyond human ability. 
Work by laboratories on circle-affected crops has shown biological changes taking place at a cellular level, suggesting the involvement of microwave energy. Other physical tests have shown anomalies not yet replicated by man-made experiments. These, together with the lights, eye-witness accounts, reports of malfunctioning electronic equipment and health effects on people visiting circles, suggest that the phenomenon involves unexplained forces. 
Whether crop formations are navigational points, encoded ancient or future technologies, warnings or simply messages of greeting, their stunning beauty and mysterious manifestation continues to spark worldwide controversy.  
· Eye-witnesses: There are at least two dozen eye-witness accounts of Crop Circles forming. All described similar events; an invisible force coming out of nowhere in otherwise calm conditions and spinning the crops down within seconds, usually with surprising violence - yet little damage is found in the laid crop. Tornado-like funnels, light phenomena and high-pitched whistling sounds have also been reported. 
· Quick on the draw: In July 1996, a 915 ft spiral of 151 circles appeared in full view of the busy A303 road, opposite England’s ancient monument Stonehenge, within a 45 minute period one Sunday afternoon. A pilot, gamekeeper and security guard confirmed it had not been there before 5.30pm yet shortly after 6.00pm, the massive formation was spotted. Much smaller man-made designs have taken several hours to complete.  
· How many appear: Approximately 250 crop designs around the world appear each year. Several thousand have been documented. 
· Where they appear: They appear in the summer months on almost every continent and in over 70 countries worldwide -- including England, the U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, India, Germany, and South Africa. There seems to be a correlation between the location of Crop Circles and ancient sites.  
· What crops they appear in: Any crop can be a potential target for the phenomenon: wheat, barley and oilseed rape (canola). They have also been reported in rye, oats, flax, peas, potatoes, sweet corn, maize and several other media, including sand, snow and rice paddy fields in Japan. 
· Physical changes in the plants or soil: Not only does the physical appearance of crops seem to change, but there are changes at the molecular level. Research and laboratory testing has been conducted over a ten-year period by the biophysicist Dr. Levengood, Nancy Talbott, and John Burks, of BLT Research Institute.  
· Geophysical features: Many of the crop formations occur over underground aquifers and above chalk beds. Water is a good conductor of electricity and could be channeling electromagnetic currents of the Earth. This observation may be a key to how some Crop Circles are formed. 
· Crop patterns: Many formations have complex woven patterns of swirled crops. Not only do the plants in formations swirl clockwise or counter-clockwise, but sometimes certain sections will swirl in one direction and layers on top are going another. They sometimes have multiple layers swirled in different directions.  
· Sacred geometry: There are mathematical ratios, (i.e., Pi) sometimes referred to as “sacred geometry,” which govern the growth process of all organic matter. Researchers have discovered interleaved layers of information within Crop Circles that not only incorporate a sophisticated degree of mathematical complexity, but mirror the specific ratios that are the blueprint of life. The Intelligence embedded in Crop Circles demonstrates that the formations are not random events. 
· Longest crop formation: At Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, in 1996, a chain of circles and pathways approximately 4100 ft long crossed from one end of a field to another. 
· Most circles in one formation: The record is currently held by a motif at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, in 1999 -- 288 small circles made up a cross design held within a standing square. 
· Most-visited formation: Stonehenge, 1996 -- it is estimated around 10,000 people entered this formation which was very visible next to this major landmark.