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The Logic of Reincarnation

Written By: Doug Yurchey

Posted: 3/3/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 4812   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Reincarnation
Why does History repeat? The answer could be reincarnation. The same souls keep coming back and basically doing the same things. The faces change; the vehicles change; the weapons change. But, people are pretty much the same.  
The universes oscillate; Alternating Energy is the nature of everything. Why not Life? Where is the logic that we do not return and live life after life? It is an illusion that we live our one life and that’s it.  

If point A is our birth and point B is our death, we have a Direct Current line that starts and stops. DC is not the presiding Force in the Universe. It is far more logical that Life alternates. That line between A and B is much, much longer than one mere lifetime. Our spirit is a cyclical wavelength. We return to the human condition because that’s life! (Electricity is Life: ask Dr. Frankenstein. Tesla regarded electricity as God).  
Another way of looking at reincarnation is in the respect of pure energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Life does not terminate at your death. Your body will die, but your soul will continue. (Haven’t you felt deja vu; that you’ve been here before?) Your spirit cannot be stopped. Energy can be changed, deflected and diverted...but not destroyed. There is always transition. There will be something else after this life is over. Life cycles.  
In the western world, we are not taught the reality of reincarnation. ’Lifecycles’ is not a concept that we study in school. We should. Reincarnation is not a religion. Education systems steer clear of complex, philosophic subjects. In many eastern countries, living multiple lives would be a part of our education.  
When a person dies, there is very...very...very slight loss of weight to the body. The spirit has mass and weight, believe it or not. A light beam has weight (quanta) and so does your soul. This, of course, is news to you readers who do not believe in a soul.  
Why do you fear the things you fear? Reincarnation could be the answer. If you were killed a particular way in a previous life...that would be what you fear in this life. Heights, water, fire, closed-in-places, airplanes, guns; whatever is your fear. It might have been the way you died or were killed in past lives. If you had a traumatic death inside a green room; you just might have a queasy feeling whenever you enter a green room. Reincarnation explains so many of our deep feelings where we do not have a rational reason. When people are hypnotized and regressed into a past life, they often recall their tragic deaths. There is a reason for everything even if we do not understand it at the time.  
Ever meet someone and, for some unknown reason, you hate that person? The big R could be why. That person may have killed you or was your enemy way back then. The unconscious remembers. Ever instantly fall in love? The idea of a soul-mate could be explained by reincarnation. You are meeting that special person one more time and you just know it. All the people who are close to you in your life were probably close to you in your past lives as well. We are all intertwined with our adversaries and lovers throughout our lifetimes.  
Child proteges; those genius children who display great skills in a particular field, should make you wonder: How did they acquire all this talent? It is sensible that the brilliant Mozart lived before. Certain young musicians, mathematicians, etc...probably have tapped into earlier incarnations to be so skilled. It is not strange to think that Tiger Woods and Andre Agassi played their sports in a previous lifetime.  
Was Hitler Napoleon in a past life? Are Jesse James and Charlie Manson connected? Did Lincoln reincarnate into John Kennedy? That would explain the many parallels between the two.  
Obsessions could also be explained. Why is someone obsessed with the Civil War or World War II or the Russian Revolution? Those experts were there! {Why am I fixated with Atlantis?}. Reincarnation explains why people are fanatics about a particular subject or time period. You have heard people say they would rather live in Roman times or the Old West. Also...career-oriented people like the clergy, scientists, doctors and politicians were probably those professions in earlier lifetimes.  
One of the more fascinating and controversial aspects of reincarnation has to do with homosexuality. Reincarnation determines behavior. Why is someone gay? If you have lived 20 lifetimes as a woman and you happen to be in one of your few incarnations as a man, you would naturally be an effeminate man. And, the reverse is true. If you ask a gay person: How long have you been gay? They will tell you that they have always felt that way. It is not a choice. Homosexuality is not a disease; it is not catchy. You either are or you are not. Being gay or not being gay is determined by what you were in past lives. Homosexuality could prove the existence of reincarnation.  
Why come back as the opposite sex? For that matter, why come back at all and live more than one life? The Life Experience is much more than we can possibly imagine. Life is not just one little life as one sex. We are to experience all facets of life. Life is not one link in a chain; it is the entire chain.  
We are the sum total of all our previous lives. It is why we are intimately connected with the full extent of human history. All that we have experienced before comes into play in the being that we are today. It is much more than just our youth that affects us. We also operate on the subconscious level. In the next life, you will be the sum total of all your previous lives plus the one that you are in now.  
Reincarnation is logical. There are many truths that fit in-between science and religion. Intelligent people tend to believe it because it is a higher/complex issue. Dummies tend to not believe it because they look at Life simply. Simple people say: When you die, you die. More sophisticated people know Life is more intricate than that. In fact, the more lives you have lived...the more intelligent you are. If you have not had many lifetimes...then you are not too swift.  
Try not to be influenced by illusion. A person may not be the age they appear. They could be much more mature, spiritually speaking, than their chronological age. You have heard the expression ’an old soul.’ A person may not even be the sex that they appear on the outside.  
Some people are turned-off to the idea of reincarnation because they think they come back as an animal. That is called ’trans-migration’ and it very rarely happens. Animals reincarnate as other animals, for the most part. Everything returns in its place. Your pet in this life quite possibly could have been your pet in a past life. We also are intertwined with our pets. This explains our bond with them. The soul grows, learns, expands and does not take quantum leaps backward.  
What happens at the end of your Earthly lives? Maybe, after we have learned and experienced all that we need to, we stop coming back to this planet. Maybe we move onto something else. Rather than being controlled and programmed, lifetime after lifetime, we then become a larger creature. Eventually, we become the programmer of our own afterlife. True or not; it is a nice thought; to be the one in control. There have been many questions raised in this chapter. Hopefully, answers have also been provided.  
We have been given the great gift of Life. Please, don’t take it for granted.  
{This writer would like to relate a personal story dealing with reincarnation: 
Back in 1975...myself, my psychic wife and very young child lived next to a small sheep farm and above an antique shop. Kathy was drawn to certain old items from the store. One was an antique judge’s gavel. The weird thing about the wooden gavel is it had an old bullet imbedded in it. The bullet was very thick; yellowish; almost ceramic and permanently stuck into the gavel. Obviously, some strange story had to go along with this oddity.  
We had two friends of ours named Tom and Gary. Kathy had the notion that Gary was connected to the gavel. She bought it and gave it to him. She also felt that Tom was involved. Kathy predicted that Tom would have an experience where something from the distant past would come to him. She was sure that something did happen to him; but Tom kept denying it. Finally, days later, Tom reluctantly confessed that something unbelievable did occur. He pulled out another ceramic-like bullet that was identical to the one stuck in gavel. Tom told us that it literally appeared in his pocket on his way home from our place. He was young and shook up about the spoon bending; psychic stuff Kathy was doing. But, the real reason he did not speak up was...he knew his part in all of this; he knew he was behind the bullets being fired IN A PAST LIFE. Kathy put the pieces together and the ’strange story’ was: Gary was once a Confederate judge with sympathies toward the North. He was found out and a few Confederate soldiers entered his courtroom and shot him dead. Tom was one of those soldiers who simply obeyed orders. Neither Tom nor Gary disbelieved the story. Each felt that it was true. There was no resentment between the two in this life. Do you have an attachment with an object from long ago? Maybe you owned it when it was new?}