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Puerto Rico: Mutilations are Everywhere

Written By: Ovni.net and inexplicata

Posted: 2/27/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1474   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Animal Mutilations
On Friday, February 21st, a Channel 4 broadcast reported on the slaying of animals in Barrio La Cuchilla de Candelero Debajo in the municipality of Humacao (on Puerto Rico’s eastern shore). The television report states that an unknown animal killed all of the pigs in their pens and ripped apart nine male rabbits, leaving one female alive. It was also noted that a duck survived the assault. Eyewitnesses were only able to see a shadowy form that ran away. At the scene of the incident it was possible to recover a plaster cast of a feline paw-print. This print is under the custody of the Department of Natural Resources. The video documentary also shows scratches on the pens’ wooden posts which were apparently made by the animnal in question. 
The Channel 4 report did not indicate the exact location or date of the mutilations, but it mentions that officials have spent over a week looking for the assailant. The reader must be aware that there are no predatory feline species native to Puerto Rico. This fact makes the incident so much more important: if a feline is involved, it must be a species that escaped from some unknown institution, or which escaped or was set free by its owner. The journalist covering the story for Channel 4 was Efrén Arroyo along with photojournalist Humberto Mercado Nazario. Emergency Manager Jose Baez handled this case personally. 
Ovni.net reported to the scene and was able to obtain the following video images filmed by residents of Barrio La Cuchilla:

In the same sector, on the evening of February 22, 2003, a dog was slain by the beast that prowls the Candelero Abajo Sector. The dog presented wounds in its hind and front legs. This latest assault prompted a massive search by armed policemen on horseback in one of the farms where the predator was allegedly seen. The folloiwng images show the wounds inflicted upon the canine:

Other recent incidents, perhaps even more intriguing , took place in the early hours of February 17 in a neighborhood of the city of Añasco (on Puerto Rico’s western coast) where mutilations were reported. In this event, 26 rabbits were mutilated, presenting different injuries; some of them were torn apart. An elderly woman reported hearing shrill squeals and the sensation that a humanoid form was leaping over the rooftops. Another witness reported not hearing any sounds , but that his dogs were nervous and frightened to such an extent that they hid under the bed.. A research group at the scene reports that the fencing on the cages was torn and that an injury on one of the animals drew their attention: it was described as an area on the animal’s skin that appeared to have been shaved and showing an incision similar to that of a scalpel.

Translation (C) 2003. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Lucy Guzmán and Orlando Pla, www.ovni.net