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State Assistance Requested in Finding Unknown Animal

Written By: Inexplicata

Posted: 2/26/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 883   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Animal Mutilations
SOURCE: El Tribuno Digital (newspaper) 
DATE: February 25, 2003 
**Expedition organizers seek participation of environmental professionals** 
The Chief of the Rosario de la Frontera Volunteer Fire Brigade, José Exequiel Alvarez, requested the aid of the provincial Department of Environmental Resources to organize an expedition to track the strange bipedal animal--of large size and uncommon dimensions--prowling the vicinity of this urban center, located some 184 km south of the provincial seat, Salta. 
"It is necessary to have specialized professionals as part of the team heading for the wilderness. We do not wish to harm the beast nor produce any alterations to the environment," noted Alvarez. 
"The request for help must be made in writing, formally and providing the necessary background to face an undertaking of such magnitude," said biologist Sonia Chavarría, director of the agency in question, located in Metán. Roque Farías added that "we are compiling all the necessary background info to set the expedition in motion. We are collecting data from everyone who believes they have had an encounter with the strange animal, which to judge by the reports received, does not appear in catalogues on local fauna." 
The singular creature, described by many witnesses as a humanoid biped standing two meters tall, with upper extremities ending in long and sharp curved claws, is covered in hair and has large eyes and ears as well as "bald buttocks". It would be a fierce animal, according to the statements of those who claim having seen it. 
The first of these sightings occurred two years ago when Rogelio Martinez, a cattleman living in the vicinity of Cerro Termal, a forested area 7 km east of the city, told authorities he had been attacked by creature, which according to his more recent claims, has not stopped attacking his cattle since that time. 
Analogous accounts have emerged in the past two weeks: the one that triggered this second chapter in the beast’s history was reported to Sheriff’s Office # 31 by a 25 year old man known a "El Rafa". 
His story left the authorities perplexed: he said that while he was with his lover at Arroyo Salado (the traditional "lovers’ lane" in Rosario) some 6 km to the east, both were attacked by the biped, whose description proved identical to the one made by Martinez two years earlier. 
Then there was a follow-up: four youngsters retold having an experience the same place while two others claimed having seen [the beast] running along the riverbank and proferring deafening howls. These last two retold their story, but refused to give their names out of fear of ridicule. 
However, a few days ago, three residents of the Juan Domingo Perón neighborhood, giving their names and surnames (Demetrio Villalba, Eleuteria del Carmen Alvarez and Nelida del Valle Martearena, 43, 72 and 53 respectively) claimed having seen this creole "Bigfoot" wandering the streets in the early morning hours, and agreed that it vanished into the wilderness. 
Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christián Hernán Quintero, PLANETAUFO.