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New Mars Kid In Town: Mac Tonnies

Written By: Electric Warrior

Posted: 1/28/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1525   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Mars Anomalies
image: MacBot Portrait & Mars Grids 
(The Electric Warrior) - If you’re online and 
interested in Cydonia then you’ve probably read 
something by MacBot at the Cydonian Imperative. 
Mac Tonnies is a "next generation" Cydonia writer: 
his in interest transhumanism brings a new spin to 
popular alternative science topics like ET, UFOs and 
the Face on Mars. 
Tonnies’ approach is different from the Shout First 
and Ask Questions Later attitude that pervades the 
Internet. A recent edition of his Web log draws a 
line between Arctic stone circles on Earth and 
anomalous grid lines on Mars. Tonnies thinks the 
recent scientific discoveries might provide a natural 
explanation for what other researchers have 
called evidence for cities on Mars. 
"As of right now, it’s more suggestion than 
explanation, but maybe it will provoke some 
thoughtful debate," says Tonnies. In an email exchange 
he confided that the "grids" on Mars were incredibly 
exotic and beautiful, but probably avoided by 
mainstream science out of fear that people will say 
"Hey, that looks like a city!" His combination of 
honest skepticism and relentless blogging have paid 
off: Expect a new book about Mars Weirdness early 2004. 
Make no mistake about it, Tonnies believes that the 
Martian enigmas at Cydonia warrant careful scrutiny. 
Else, why write a book about it? To his credit, he’s 
willing to revisit the anomalies every time new data 
comes in, and willing to question the conclusions of 
other researchers as well as his own. It’s refreshing to 
read an opinion on the topic that doesn’t automatically 
translate every unknown into Smoking Gun evidence 
for ET on Mars. 
"For a complex terrain sculpted by unfamiliar 
processes, amateurs examining photographs at the 
very limit of resolution may be in trouble," wrote 
Carl Sagan for Parade Magazine in 1985. "Their hopes 
and fears, the excitement of possible discoveries 
of great import, may overwhelm the usual skeptical 
and cautious approach of science." The Parade article 
is notorious among Cydonia enthusiasts for its 
debunking of the Mars Face. But, Sagan was also known 
for his optimistic search for extraterrestrial 
Tonnies has a different view on the search for 
alien artifacts, one that encompasses a very human 
short-sightedness that perhaps we all share. He 
says it has turned out to be one of the main themes 
of his new book: "Looking for alien artifacts is 
new territory; we don’t know precisely what we’re 
looking for, so consequently we may already have 
it and not realize it." 
Like SETI scientists, Tonnies and Cydonia researchers 
think it’s worthwhile looking for ET. What makes 
them different from the guys with the radio 
telescopes is that they want to look in our own 
solar system. Electric Warriors agree with Mac: We 
have to continuously refresh our point of view. 

This photo essay progressively zooms in on the Mars 
"Mystery" Grids. (Bottom right: Crater, Left: Grid 
field, Top right: Grid detail) The images are from 
Malin Space Science Systems, the folks who built the 
Mars Orbital Camera. You’ll have to decide for 
yourself whether or not they show evidence of an 
extraterrestrial city on Mars. At 40 degrees south 
latitude, the area is far from the Martian pole, but 
since Mars is far colder than Earth then Mac Tonnies’ 
idea about alternate thawing and freezing offers a 
reasonable explanation. I suppose I should warn you 
that this is not the opinion of a planetary scientist 
and that if I introduce any more healthy skepticism I 
risk being accused of outright debunkery! It seems to 
me that the grids occur in a region that ramps steeply 
up toward the rim of a crater. Could somebody build 
on a slope like that? Sure, why not? They do it all 
the time in San Francisco. Plus, in the unlikely event 
that the crater fills up with standing water, the 
Martians would have a terrific view of the Bay. 
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You can download a 600x600 version of "MacBot 
Transhuman" for your computer desktop. 
Naturally Occurring Arctic Circles and Martian "Grids"  
TONNIES (The Cydonian Imperative) - Extensively 
geometric stone circles found in the Arctic have 
puzzled geologists for years. New research explains 
their formation and suggests that some of the 
peculiar city-like "grids" on Mars may also be 
naturally occurring phenomena. 
Slap in the Face 
QUETTA CARPENTER (Phoenix New Times) - The 
controversy over the alleged doctoring of an image 
of Mars by an Arizona State University research 
center is exploding like a supernova. The back- 
pedaling and finger-pointing among a once-unified 
group of researchers claiming the government 
conspired to cover evidence of life on the Red 
Planet is as interesting as the original 
conspiracy itself. 
January 25, 2003 
Silicon Valley, CA 
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