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13.5 Hours (13:30) Local Sidereal Time -- an idea more powerful than E=MC2?

Written By: Larry Grant

Posted: 1/27/2003 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 6468   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Space
There is a lengthy URL list and discussions farther down that contains resources for further study of most issues in this article. They were all checked.  
Remember that the basic premise of the 13.5 LST idea is that twenty years of mind research tests distilled to a very few articles in the above mentioned library demonstrate clearly that our minds are influenced or affected in some way by something external to our solar system. That something is located along a line very close to 13.5 hours Local Sidereal Time off into space.  
If you want to study the source articles for yourself they are at the following URL:  
You want to begin with "APPARENT ASSOCIATION BETWEEN EFFECT SIZE IN FREE RESPONSE ANOMALOUS COGNITION EXPERIMENTS AND LOCAL SIDEREAL TIME" Then on to the other sidereal articles, bandwidth limiting and Shannon Entropy.  
(You should pull in the article mentioned above, APPARENT ASSOCIATION etc., and study Figures 1 and 3. Put it up so you can study it as you read this.)  
This 13.5 figure does not hang alone in space. It is reinforced by the fact that Winter Solstice Sunrise alignments as used by the ancients in building structures like passage graves with Solstice Sunrise detectors; long shafts or tunnels that admit the sun only at Winter Solstice Sunrise, are all built so that using simple means the observer of the effect is standing right at 13.5 Hours LST within about 20 minutes.  
With enough computer power and enough data from ancient sites and their alignment directions you can apparently fuzzily resolve this toward a star like object not far from our solar system. In short we unknowingly are participants in a Binary star system with what amounts to a sphere of ’exotic’ stuff which probably can’t be called matter.  
The Spottiswoode articles mention that the 13.5 effect broadens towards the equator so our exotic object could be placed along a line that would allow our sun to eclipse it around fall equinox. Our sun might not completely eclipse it, some could show around. This eclipsing could be the cause of the ’spirit release’ associated with All Hallows.  
While we do not normally see this star, previous civilizations obviously could somehow because they’ve left pictures of it and symbols for it all through history, it’s been their fave rave. Perhaps that was a time of much greater energy output or much better matching of frequencies.  
One could evocatively suggest that it may be a condensed sphere of the ’missing mass’ now allowed even in acceptable astronomical discussion. Since 95% of the universe appears undetectable to our present technologies there is no reason to expect detecting this sphere to be much easier. It seems that whatever the qualities of missing mass might be this sphere would be a highly enhanced form of them.  
Exotic or not it affects our minds measurably, just look at those curves in figs. 1 and 3.  
I’ve noticed in Missing Mass discussions the effect is limited to the large and distant locking of whole galaxies against every whim of standard orbital mechanics. It’s quite clear that if it exists at all missing mass is going to be here all around and through us. If there are any sensible effects to having the majority part of our universe splashing around down here with us they are probably termed ’paranormal,’ and may seem very strange to us matter bound folks, maybe even spooky.  
When push comes to shove it’s going to be this exotic mass, the majority Universe, that has the power.  
If the exotic sphere is made of missing mass it probably would not show up as gravity driven changes in our own observable planetary orbits or in an obvious pull on our sun, one suspects the two are not orbiting each other as one component of the pair is following ’physical’ (non-mass based) laws which are possibly a bit unlike our physical laws. Rather it would follow the majority non-mass laws of the Universe, which ours may be a subset of and thus similar to.  
The long term (thousands of years) fixation of the ’Illuminaire’ effect, sunlight down long hallways at winter solstice sunrise for example at least hints at a stable location in the sphere/sun relationship.  
So we might consider that because we are in a binary system there is every chance that we have for the most part two days and nights each 24 hour day, with a complex timing of these two caused by the earth’s rotation around our sun. One ’day’ is going to drift across the other at a rate of about 4 minutes per day all year round. At times there would be two suns in our sky, one totally invisible.  
At spring equinox the day-night difference would likely be maximum, day on both sides at once and no complete night. Note all the peculiar day-night symbolism in history with symbols for weird suns, moons and stars, day during night and the reverse.  
There would also be potential seasons caused by the Earth’s polar axis tilt, and a possible very complex interaction over about 26,000 years due to precession of the equinoxes, the Earth’s gyroscopic spinning which slowly unfurls the constellations and generates the Zodiac. Check out ’Hamlet’s Mill.’ It’s no wonder the ancients were so very fond of astronomical precision. Precision is all that gets you through any kind of technology, mundane or exotic.  
While we may not be able to fully describe the qualities of exotic spheres it seems quite possible that instead of radiating incoherent light as old Sol does the exotic sphere may be radiating more coherent energy waves. That would be like the difference between a regular light bulb and something which radiates energy with the oscillatory purity of a laser or a radio transmitter. Our sun also oscillates vigorously so there is precedence for this.  
Exotic sphere oscillation could be indicated by the general smoothed shape in figure 3 which seems to stimulate experienced electronics people into thinking ’Frequency Locked Loop.’  
A frequency (or phase) locked loop is simply a situation in which two separately oscillating systems interact in a way that causes them both to adopt exactly the same frequency. So the exotic sphere and our own planet would be the two separate systems. Since the sphere is the 95% 600 pound gorilla we match frequency to it.  
The responsive exotic energy system on our planet that couples with the drive from the exotic sphere would be the sinuous ’Dragon Line’ system so beloved of dowsers and geomantic specialists. It seems possible now to prove from 13.5 that this system actually exists and methods of technological measurement possible.  
Best advice is to do your testing during 13.5 when everything’s jumping.  
To see how this might work let’s go through figure three from the standpoint of being just before the 13.5 curve starts steeply up.  
First, consider that you are on an object, the Earth, which is rapidly rotating. Think of an automobile tire and that point where the ’rubber greets the road.’ While the wheel might be spinning quite rapidly, considered from the view point of the rubber touching the road there is no speed at all. From the time any given point on the wheel touches the ground until the spinning wheel picks it up again there is no movement between that little sweet spot of rubber and the tarmac below. If there is much slippage you slide off the road, end of drive.  
If you imaginarily stand on the outside edge surface of the wheel where it’s headed down toward the road it is the same as if you are standing on the Earth’s surface at, say 10 hours LST.  
As your inescapable motion continues you ride the beginning ripples in the rubber where the round tire is trying to adjust to the sudden twist that allows it to join a flat surface. Let’s say that’s at 11 to 12:45 hours LST.  
Suddenly you are flat on the road and from the view point of that small rubber spot you have apparently stopped spinning as you are solidly fixed to the road. The world seems much clearer when you’re not spinning.  
Then at about 14:15 hours LST you reach the point at the backside of the still patch and the sense of spinning, of losing synchronization with the road begins again.  
Even as leaving the tarmac induces another strong ripple in the rubber the planetary wheel shows a dip at 18 hours, then the rubber flexes back to round and is hurled around the wheel to begin the process all over again, one wheel rotation per 24 hour day.  
There is a caution that a strong negative time exists right as the spinning begins again, a possible cause of the problem that some AC testing goes all wrong during some periods. Don’t push into that time, just after 15 hours LST, you may be draining away some of the good you’ve done at the peak.  
Stick like thick honey to the sweet spot and define it carefully: 12:45 LST to 14:15 LST.  
It seems that everyone from shamans to ancient astronomers wanted to cram every bit of the ritual they were doing physically and mentally into that still patch which centers at approximately 13.5 Hours LST.  
So do you I suppose.  
In more technical terms:  
Your local dragon line system is out of synch with the exotic sphere due to Doppler shift until you are traveling almost perfectly parallel to the surface of that sphere. Then the local line system is able to achieve frequency lock with the driving energy from the sphere.  
You can choose for yourself whether our system is really oscillating or whether it is more likely to be simply resonant due to the length of lines between nodes (crossing points for negative and positive lines) or junctions. I’m pulling for a phase locked loop system, the curve seems to fit that better.  
In any event for that one brief moment, perhaps only an hour long or less, maximum power transfer is taking place between the radiated exotic energy and our own system of the same energy. The graphic curves in 13.5 would be indicating an indirect affect, the lines go very active and that allows our mind’s external communication channels to activate. The various Spottiswoode articles show that this is a strong on-off effect with almost nothing possible outside this window.  
During this window a susceptibility to impact from both the earth’s geomagnetic field and the speed of the solar wind appears, see Spottiswoode. Outside the sweet spot we’re unmeasurably affected.  
There could be a mentally perceived sound to this and depending on the exact oscillatory characteristics of the sphere it could be almost musical, like wind on telephone wires, or possibly much deeper and throbbing like a huge pipe organ. There might be a slight twitch in the sound when it locks and unlocks from our own oscillation.  
The sound would rise as the earth spins you closer to the sphere, hold steady for an hour, then fall as you spin away and the system loses synchrony. Much like a passing train whistle or horn.  
Whatever the true effects of all this are as we experience them it is clear in the articles that our detection of this effect in the free response tests is being done with very crude, insensitive technology and terrible timing. In the articles the notion is expressed that what is happening in reality is much more intense and spectacular than what the rather quiet curves show.  
This seems almost a quintessential description of the mystery of the missing mass; at best it’s at the very bottom end of our detection capabilities.  
What are some implications of the above discussion?  
Dowsers and Earth energy researchers, Astrology, all you folks should be dancing in the streets! It seems possible from this point that if you just lean on the data in the Spottiswoode Library you could prove your realities do exist as you’ve insisted for so many years.  
I’ve described a promising new instrument which seems matched to discovery here, but it too is not very sensitive until a lot more programming goes into it. The instrument description and testing techniques, though crude, take up the bottom half of this article and start just below the URL list.  
Astronomers and Scientists, here’s a very real indication of some kind of exotic object which is now nailed down by real directions and is not far away in astronomical terms. Study the Spottiswoode reports if you have any question that this is all scientific pursuit and then find that object! It’s missing mass, though, so it could be very, very hard to pin down, even if you’re looking right through it. Finesse!  
Paranormal, PSI and Psychic researchers and devotees, now one of the major unknown variables in your research is numbered for entering into your calculations. Follow the Spottiswoode Library and raise your scores dramatically. Also don’t forget that the most common and powerful repetitive alignment is probably Winter Solstice Sunrise when the sun and our exotic sphere are close to right angles to each other.  
But you knew that already.  
Daily sunrise and sunset are apparently the most energetic times in crop circles, add a good dose of 13.5 to that idea and while winter is not a time for crop circles the local energy system is jumping anyway. Crop circles may be an indicator of some basic change taking place in this system, the beginning of mode hopping in the sphere’s oscillations possibly or the end of a hop.  
Many of the complex crop circle patterns seem to have some kind of orbitally descriptive nature to them. Those who like the geometrics of circles might try plugging a big ole’ exotic star into them. Maybe the basic ’Celtic Cross circle’ is just a picture of that star as perceived from Earth. Check the Celtic Cross pictures URL’d below and look up some of those circles on the ’Crop Circle Connector’ or it’s linked sites.  
UFO researchers, it seems those craft, both physical and other, are using the dragon lines energy for propulsion and support (it does apparently extend far into the sky), although they may not be directly traveling the dragon lines themselves.  
Now there are plenty of new details in these articles to give you quite a new perspective on your attempts to understand what is possibly a technological application of the energy and linkages discussed here. Don’t ask me who’s flying around with it though, I haven’t a clue. Somebody else?  
History and Ancient civilizations students rejoice, given the amount of stonework littering our globe you can now consider that there really was a reason beyond public works for building all that aligned stuff! The potential complexity of the system described here is enormous due to the constant yearly orbit and precessional effects which suggest the possibility of further windows discoverable through modern computer power.  
Planetary alignments may also play a part in discovery or function of this described system. Islands cause changes in the ocean waves reflecting off them that South Sea Islanders can navigate by. Objects hit by laser light give off wave interference patterns, same thing. This will be very complicated by everything moving all the time. Sound familiar?  
Locating an hour or so out of a twenty-four hour day with stone clocks is quite a feat. Yet that feat is popularized and predigested by the solstice and equinoctial landmarks such as passage graves.  
Just who did all that clever astronomical calculation? There has to have been one or more really advanced civilizations back there somewhere to have studied this all and left behind simple devices for the untalented or uneducated kiddies to use. With one cycle through your experiment iteration loop every 26,000 years it could take quite a few generations to get this all down by simple observation.  
Book, Internet, film and television fiction and documentary writers and producers; do you realize how many thousands of hours of fascinating reading or viewing this is able to produce? Study Spottiswoode and the Global Consciousness Project site to begin feeling this out, then take the discussed directions and parameters described above and begin plotting things out t hrough history, symbolism, iconography, ancient sites. Look for unexpected globes or disks which might easily have previously been mistaken for our regular ole’ Sol.  
In Egypt the Exotic Star comes through as a chubby version of our sun at sunset, large and very rounded, usually deep red to bright amber. The common mistake is to say that it IS Sol at sunset, which it isn’t. Their Jewelry also has a consistent revealing motif of this object and the effects it brings on visually.  
For a beginning preview of the creative possibilities look up any good ancient Irish Stone Celtic Cross. Exotic star above with disc, snakes/dragons below and vertical connection between. URL’s included below.  
Consider ancient Egypt, where a globe or disk is seen above practically every royal head one way or another. Also note that this tends to suggest as John West has that the little ’antennae’ on the sides of the headdresses in which the globes nestle may be just that: antennae. Miniature versions of the Anubis ears ’antenna’ (See Lord of the Rings discussion just below). But not for radio.  
Precise shape doesn’t matter much, the exact length is the key. Any electronics engineer can tell you the frequency of operation of an antenna by computing length against the speed of travel in a known vacuum or medium.  
Missing Mass may, however, have quite a different speed of transit than light and perhaps a lot better coupling between star source and us, although Sol does pretty well. It seems this is a perfectly matched pair of stars, the Exotic creates life, Sol feeds life.  
This does bring up ’Lord of the Rings’ though. Note the support gear for the ’Eye,’ which is identical to the Egyptian Anubis Ears. Under duress from a strong radio frequency energy source it is not too hard to produce electric arcing in a resonant antenna shaped like that. If a freespace resonant metal object of a precise size and shape is susceptible even to harmonic energy from our local exotic sphere I don’t think the image of the way of producing the eye is inaccurate by even one millimeter.  
Spot on, Peter!  
Understanding the applications of resonance was one of the key talents of Nikola Tesla. Resonance allowed him to produce the fierce lightning like arcs he so loved.  
Try imagining a Jackal head with huge gold or Rose Quartz granite Anubis ears mounted on the stump of a neck which was eventually carved into the face we presently see on the Sphinx. The head and precious ears could have been stolen or hidden, perhaps in a time when the oscillation frequency or power output of the exotic sphere had changed and the received power had fallen.  
Must have been quite a sight out there in the desert with the eye glowing brightly between the horns. Apparently in some realm the exotic star glows brilliantly, as does everything living. In that ’blacklight’ realm our Sol is quite dark.  
Tolkien really had ancient mythology; fact disguised as fiction, down pat. Note just how common and important the eye is in the orient even today, where it is painted as a good omen on boats and other important objects.  
Where did Sauron go wrong? Seance research suggests that it is quite possible to imprint our own deep desires onto this energy field. Thus there is every possibility that those ancient civilizations that ’went wrong,’ the ancient Aztecs for instance, with all their spilled blood, were not so much under direction of some fearsome monster eye, but rather victims of their own corrupt negativism, the eye turned into a mirror one might say.  
One could possibly find that Sauron is actually a conscious or unconscious projection by Saruman only with classier digs and a better real estate location on a hot spot with a view of the volcano. Few ages have lacked Sarumans.  
Even if you got rid of Saruman the inertia of the created system might cause it to continue for quite some time. Why two towers instead of one? Could anyone including Saruman get any sleep with all that craziness going on upstairs?  
Two towers could have the same function as two Anubis ears, just much larger to pick up lower frequencies. The earth would be the conductor between them, or some structure underground we are not seeing. The separation between the towers and the heights of the towers would be an attempt to pull full energy levels from the fundamental frequency of the exotic waves, much stronger than using harmonics as smaller objects would have to do.  
It is also possible that the towers are singly resonant and Sauron just likes living alone.  
Also note the dragon line statements from Tolkien, and of course many, many others, as shown in LOTR by the profusion of curved and symmetrically balanced sweeping lines with lots of crossing points, especially in the present movie ’The Two Towers’ in Rohan in the Theodens’ throne room. Where else? On most of the clothing, weapons, just watch for it. Swirls, curlicues, spirals, dragons heads.  
The statement being made by the decorations in the throne room is ’My land is rich with smoothly sweeping lines and many crossings.’ As opposed to jagged, sparse or sharply twisted lines and few crossings.  
Note that the Orc shields have the Romanesque version of the exotic star, a domed shape with radiating lines. So it’s a battle of exotic star (we shall conquer, dominate i.e. force oscillation synchrony) vs. Dragon Lines (we shall defend; maintain our own oscillation frequency), at least from the symbolism.  
The system seems to be saying that for perfect operation the two frequencies should be very close together naturally so little effort is needed to synchronize or phase lock them. That does not seem to be true at the moment. One wonders what life here would be like if our entire planet was synchronized to the exotic everywhere all the time. Enough output from the exotic could do that, or a close enough natural frequency match.  
Then there are those rings. It should be noted that a gold ring, any gold ring, is the most perfect resonant electric circuit producible for common use. The making of several of these ’matched’ rings is a perfect way to describe that they have been precision sized which is necessary to keep them all tuned to exactly one frequency.  
It is also possible that other shapes and sizes; broaches, necklaces, pendants, could have positive effects due to different tuning. Precision jewelry. All of it glowing brightly to those who can see.  
I always get the quivers looking at ancient metal artifacts, rings, collars like the ’Torc’ and Orc, any circular metal or stone shape either closed or with an opening between two ends. As abundantly demonstrated in LOTR its hard to tell whether these are decorations or devices of enslavement, ask Frodo. This could lend new insight into the idea that Gold is a ’Noble’ metal and very special in many ways.  
One last note: Oscillating circuits and objects are frequently very unstable. Lasers are prone to ’mode hopping’ under different conditions of power drive and temperature. Frequencies can suddenly shift dramatically, wave shapes can change from sine through complex to square, actual radiated power and harmonic energy content can change levels quite drastically and suddenly.  
Thus your Anubis ears (resonance) based civilization could work perfectly for a millennia and fail completely tomorrow. There seem to have been many of these civilizations, they litter our globe profusely and their downfalls, while seemingly varied, could have this one base. That their gods had deserted them would be the impression from their viewpoint. Apparently the Greeks started complaining of just that about 3,000 years ago.  
Then you have to rethink, re-experiment, rework and rebuild your whole resonant empire, massive buildings, statuary and all. Bummer!  
Economic collapse seems easier.  
Under ideal circumstances even a small resonant stick of stone could receive enough of the surrounding energy to produce the following paraphrase from Julian Jaynes: "The Origin of Consciousness In The Breakdown of the Bicameral mind":  
A South American jungle Shaman says to an inquisitive anthropologist:  
’When the voices of our idols speak to us in our minds then we flow from the jungles and build all those great civilizations you are so interested in. When, after a time our idols no longer speak to us we drift back into the jungles and our villages, hiding the idols deep until the next time they speak.’  
’Duh’ comment of the week: It’s quite obvious that New Zealand could become a major world economic power if it just made LOTR forever. They’ve got the story rights and experience with that most charming blend of real photography and maturing digital graphics. Just call the present product a synopsis or preview, back up through Bilbo’s adventures and start one page at a time. The dragon in it’s lair could be really wild. With the next step in digital graphics there would never be any need for the present cast to age unless appropriate to the plot.  
Since one can see from the titles that fully half of New Zealand’s population has been employed by making these three films the other half could now be hired and set to run one film out every ninety days, at solstices and equinoxes, without a sense of rushing. Then we’d all be very broke but happy. Sure would pack the theaters though.  
Hope this has been enlightening.  
Useful links (checked on 1/24/03) for subjects in the above discussion:  
Stars and exotic objects:  
13.5 LST suggests there may be a new class of exotic stars or objects if we can find the derned things. Since one could be in our solar backyard it can’t be impossible.  
Importance of star to Egypt:  
Note to Linda Moulton Howe, please leave this article up, it’s very important. It may retire to the Archives soon.  
Note to reader, picture is just above interview, stars rays to Pharaoh.  
Missing Mass article states we’re 10% of universe, second article says 5%  
Missing mass larger article but with banners, says were only 5% of total Universe:  
Frequency Locked Loops (also called Phase Locked Loop) basics:  
A Technical note about the observed 13.5 graph (figure 1 in ’APPARENT...) phase lock ’capture’ waveform 11:45 to 13:00 Hrs: This is not a critically damped loop, it rings pretty badly as it captures. That means it’s stretching a bit to match frequencies with the exotic driver. This is not an optimal situation. Ideally the loop would slide fairly smoothly into the match. As a result the effect during that time could be fairly ’squirrely,’ unstable. That settling time lessens the total time of perfect access. So the sweet spot narrows a bit. With experience and practice you might ride these ’waves’ near the front but the exact qualities of the experience are unknown.  
It is to be remembered that the number of samples in these graphs is hardly optimal as only one test was ever run only during the 13.5 period. All other tests overlapped the 13.5 time period but had large areas outside it. The details could be different and the curve narrowed a bit in reality. Eventually there will be enough test data to fill in the real curves accurately but they shouldn’t vary from these to a large degree.  
The low, slow ripples from 0:00 Hrs to 11:00 in Fig. 1 are likely a reflection in the local dragon lines of the capture area (13.5) approaching, much like one can hear a far off approaching freight train by listening to the rails. The ripples at 12:00 to 13:00 also look like something from a badly terminated digital transmission line, as found with high speed logic chips in interconnecting PCB traces, so it could also indicate a mismatch going on.  
Solar Oscillation Modes as visible example of mode hopping and power output problems from high frequency oscillations in a large active sphere, Sol.  
Solar energy output vs. oscillation modes, good technical article:  
Doppler Effect:  
Irish Celtic Crosses: Pictures, excellent:  
Also see Henry O’Brien, ’Round Towers of Atlantis,’ 1834, Chapter XXV, and elsewhere in his book for descriptions and comments. Adventures Unlimited Press:  
Dragon Lines described, good explanations, well organized site:  
Resonance in Antennas, close as you get to receiving power through them.  
It is absolutely true that without using the concept of resonance we would have no radio capability at all. In radio transmission and reception nothing works without some consideration of resonance. But we resonate and transmit Electromagnetic energy, not exotic energy which may work much the same but with some critical differences.  
Torc and other interesting metal shapes from prehistory, decorations and ornaments or tuned objects and missing mass resonant receivers. Check other ancient history related jewelry stores to see how widespread these interesting metal shapes are.  
You could also visit sites with historic decorative artifacts displayed.  
In the missing mass realm stone and quartz may also be good conductors, as is any biological entity including us.  
Roman Shield Symbols:  
The center chrome or reflective hemisphere is to indicate how the exotic shines, how bright it is.  
Note how the rays from the exotic are depicted as various waveforms, sine to square in one case, lightning in the other. One could probably expect that times of squarewaves would be the most active periods for small objects; rings, collars etc. Squarewaves have a rich array of energetic harmonics.  
To access energy from a sine wave one would have to resonate with the fundamental frequency, possibly having to build really huge stone objects or buildings, there would probably be little or no energy for small objects.  
Anubis, good views, don’t hit ’Buy’ by accident:  
Is this what the Sphinx originally looked like?  
A practical note about the Sphinxes’ possible Anubis ears: Solid gold would be just a bit heavy at that scale. Yet if exotic energy is anything like electricity the ears would have to be nothing more than a large precision wooden carving or frame with thick gold foil carefully applied. Given Tut’s funerary mask this precision gold foil application would have been within their means and skills.  
Might be a mess after each sandstorm though, ear coating turned to powder on one side and carried into the desert.  
Another interesting resonant object to consider is the gold winged figure pair on the Ark of the Covenant. Facing either way they’re still a great antenna for exotic energy. The eye would likely form just over the center of them. Still, what’s in the box? A bigger antenna? One question might be to ask just how many ’eye’s’ could be running at once? Tens? Thousands? The power source behind them is pretty big.  
Note that in the ’Sign and the Seal’ (by Graham Hancock) the Ark is identified by the miracles it creates.  
A note about Stones: If you start in the ’Cyclopean’ era, the time of really huge single stones (Baalbek and the Osirion) and move forward toward the present time (pyramid, castle wall stones) it is noteworthy that stone size seems to continuously shrink.  
This could easily indicate that since the Cyclopean era the frequency of the oscillating star has been rising. A matter of higher frequencies resonating with smaller objects. Just like the strings on a harp or piano get shorter and smaller the higher you go. Your blocks of stone can be smaller and more easily handled (?) but you’re probably losing impact too from less effective exotic output.  
Higher frequencies on the star surface could mean less effective radiated power to receive here on earth. Given the poor match indicated by the locked loop ringing if the frequency of the next hop turns up still higher we may lose lock capability altogether.  
Alternately if, like a stick shift engine winding toward the top of one gear the star could suddenly hop back down to the bottom of it’s range and sweep through again over time. Probably be pretty exciting. One wonders if this isn’t the cause of some of the really odd periods in prehistory, like the formation of the coal beds and the dinosaurs.  
Effective output could be pretty boggling at the time of lowest frequency oscillation. Check the solar oscillation URL’s below.  
Since any ancients who could demonstrate a sensitivity to the importance of precession would also likely have some history of the timings and patterns of frequency hopping and the effects on this planet it would not be prophecy to predict the future of the star, it would be mathematical logic. Therefore the Mayan Codices could easily be accurate and the predictions true.  
Another mystery of stone Masonry from those ancient times is why so much effort went into fitting all the stones so tightly together that a knife blade cannot be slipped between them. This is the ideal state for energetic coupling and is used in our own mass based world in various forms of magnetic coupling, the iron core E-pieces of transformers as an example. The tight, flat stone contact would tend to create one huge resonating block made of many smaller (only a few tons each) stones.  
Here’s the description of a very real computer/detector device which may be applicable toward sensing local Dragon line effects and other 13.5 LST related phenomena. It may also be good for other paranormal research but it is not very sensitive. It is based on Random Numbers research as described by Dean Radin, Ph.D, in ’The Conscious Universe.’  
The fundamental idea is to interpret lessening of randomness as a tendency toward the formation of partial waveforms within the surrounding noise. Those partial waveforms can be read by common acoustic analysis programs and presented in a ’waterfall’ display which I’ve found is particularly appropriate for this research at a basic non-statistical level. That could of course be advanced to full statistical analysis in which the acoustic analysis program is a form of preprocessing before statistics are applied.  
What results from this approach is a realtime Anomalous Cognition ’spectrum’ display which the fully statistical approach presently used might be missing. The spectrum approach shows short (tens of milliseconds) pulses in the low frequency (below 200 Hz) range during the first word spoken by Superbowl announcers after short pauses in speech. These pulses tend to come in groups of two to six pulses in a short train. The pulse trains may actually be a single pulse that is split up by the analysis program.  
This method has such a clear result that no statistics were necessary during the 2000 game to see the linkage between display and speech. During the much less exciting game of 2001 the effects were below the level of casual observation but still appeared from time to time.  
The setup for this display is described below.  
Using any common analog noise source such as the amplified input stage noise of an op-amp like the MAX410 from Maxim semiconductor, feed the output noise through a linear volume control and into the Analog to Digital, the ’sound’ input of a computer with 100 MHz. CPU clock or better running a sound analysis program such as ’Soundview’ with the acoustic analysis display set on ’waterfall.’  
That form of acoustic analysis allows the display of ongoing realtime spectrums with a short-term history of several seconds.  
Using an analog volume control in the input line allows precision adjustment of the display, critical to setting the display height to avoid confusion in reading the display.  
Set the volume level so that the display just begins to read the input. At this level and for a ways just above it the display resembles individual non-overlapping lines that I’ve found present the clearest interpretation of the noise spectrum for RNG variance. If the input is set too high the display becomes incomprehensible.  
Note that there are intermittent pulses below 200 Hz. normally. My observation is that during the intense parts of the game the frequency of these increases and the linkage to first words becomes clear.  
Additionally visible but not clearly linked to the game plays are fainter coherences which are seen as far up the frequency spectrum as the program allows analysis. My setup reaches about 8 kHz. These fainter coherences or excursions from randomness last from a few milliseconds to several seconds. They look like little mountain ridges sliding down your screen, lasting too long to be within expected noise from these sources.  
Just what they are is unclear but if one considers that non-randomness has a spectrum this is a way to study that spectrum as intermittent signals with a very poor s/n ratio. The power bandwidth of the noise source is also spread out this way so smaller disturbances in the low frequencies can be observed.  
With this method you can research pulse repetition over time using various time length ’windows’. Pulse amplitude is also visible as well as pulse fundamental frequency and harmonics which gives some sense of the ’purity’ of each pulse, it’s deviation from a pure sine wave.  
When no Superbowl is running the low end pulses are less frequent and generally smaller. The source of these is very difficult to discover but as a person with a lot of audio and radio experience I’m very familiar that a real time display is one of the best with which to develop possible shields for the detector or enhanced ways of applying the noise source itself toward understanding how to deal with something as difficult as researching the ’randomness field.’  
It is quite possible that this will work on any large game with great real excitement going on. Thus a high intensity Soccer game (National or local) would be a good possibility, especially a live broadcast where a lot of surrounding population is watching at the same time. Playoffs seem most appropriate as they might have the best audiences. If you can hear the neighbors yelling during the game you’re probably all set. That’s how I can tell a good game for testing from a weak one.  
2003 Superbowl: my neighbors were out back talking! Not much good for testing.  
Other events can work well too, especially ones with suspense and sudden revelation like the Academy Awards, the lusty dresses don’t hurt the effect either.  
The point is to have one single program almost everybody for many miles is watching or you’ll probably get artifacts, glitches from other programs and other audiences or even individuals that confuse the readings.  
My standard setup is to have a television set playing the Superbowl setting just above the computer monitor showing the waterfall display. That allows the video and audio to be observed at the same time as the computer display.  
My computer is a PowerMac 8100 with 100 MHz. CPU clock. Any computer with an equivalent or faster CPU should be able to manage this fairly unsophisticated number crunching in realtime.  
The linear volume control in the line between noise source and computer input is very important. The digital level controls on the program only have a couple of settings and do not allow the precision necessary to set the display properly for analysis, the signal is either too big or too little.  
You want to set the noise display so it is just beginning to show the noise on the display. A little practice will bring familiarity with the best settings. I tend to increase the level a bit and let the low frequency signals get a bit large when analyzing the higher frequency signals.  
The original Anomalous Cognition research which used nude shots from Playboy was right on the mark. The biggest pulse I observed, larger than any during the Superbowl, occurred right after the Superbowl when a ’survivor’ program began and shortly a side shot of one of the female contestants in a revealing T-shirt hit the screen. Sex has much more impact than football.  
The other time I saw a clear connection between the video (picture portion) of the Superbowl and the low frequency pulses was when an ad break presented a very short term burst of full red television screen, no real picture, just solid bright red.  
I’ve run this system during other shows such as Grammies and the Academy Awards but while the random field appears to be changed by these it is not so clear cut as the Superbowl indications and would need further statistical analysis to sort it out. I attribute the 2001 lack of clear cut indications during the Superbowl as due to the fact that the game was not very well matched and the winners were known almost from the start, removing a lot of the tension and emotional intensity from the game.  
This short article is meant only as a basis for your own interest and a suggestion of a route for further study if you have not tried anything like this yet.  
During the 2000 Superbowl I asked three other people to view the results as the game played and they all agreed the indications connected to first words were very clear and didn’t need further processing to be convincing, that should be a good start.  
Remember that op-amps used at high gain usually roll off high frequencies. The MAX410 is very good at avoiding this but it may be better to run the first stage at reduced gain and add another medium gain stage after it to bring the noise up to line level if that’s what your computer input requires.  
The MAX410 is a very low noise chip, you may enjoy trying others that are noisier or even using Zener diodes as I’ve noticed in someone else’s noise source design. The important thing is that the noise source for this purpose be analog rather than digitally based. Remember that you need to run a small current through diodes to get them working.  
In Spottiswoode you will find an article that describes how all parameters of a noise diode were changed and experiments re-run, there was no sense of any variable at all. The results were the same with any chemical and electrical modification. It looks like ANY reasonably stable (no hum for example) electronic noise source will work.  
I know that fact and this project are so counter-intuitive as to drive most techies straight up the walls. Keep plugging away at it and read Spottiswoode extensively and carefully so you don’t give up if things aren’t clear at first. If you are a programmer you can probably advance this faster with post spectrum statistics appled from separate program modules.  
Keep the speed up though.  
There may be a bias towards the low frequencies brought on by the fact that Op-amps generally are noisiest at low frequencies. This may be an advantage, however.  
As a long term professional analog/digital designer I took all the usual precautions to avoid hum pickup in the sensitive circuits and any kind of signal leakage from the television into the noise source. In any event this method of researching random noise indicates any steady odd signal sources such as stray hum directly on the display so you can observe and remove them.  
I must remark, also as a long term audio/radio engineer, that it is really an endless source of excitement that so much more is tucked down there in the ’random’ noise that I’ve heard so many times during my work with tubes, transistors and I.C’s. Anyone who has used amplifiers, such as music performers and audio engineers, has heard this hiss many times, perhaps to the point of distraction.  
I originally got the acoustic analysis program, ’Soundview’ as a freeware download from the following URL.  
That was about four or five years ago. I’ve just tried the URL and am not sure it still exists. When I did the Superbowl experiment in 2000 a friend of mine in New Mexico did the same experiment but used a professional acoustic analysis program also set for ’waterfall.’ He also observed the same rather obvious results.  
P.S. I may be referring to the game of 1999. I’m no sports fan and haven’t needed any real reason to keep track. I do know I’ve clearly seen the above effects and that the games since have been washouts. I missed last year’s game.  
Most any acoustic analysis program that will present a ’waterfall’ should do.  
Technical setup details for soundview:  
Number of waterfall lines: 120  
Display diagonal rather than vertical (display deltas set to 3 for X and Y axis).  
Fourier block size: 1024-2048  
Sample Freq. 44100 Hz. (44.1 kHz).  
Different computer CPU clock speeds may modify the results of the above settings, you may have to slide these settings around a bit before the display is clear.