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Haunted America #353

Written By: Troy Taylor

Posted: 12/12/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 456   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ghosts
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See the details on these events below and then take a look at the confirmed speakers for the 2003 Conference, as well as other chilling news!  
Happy Haunted Holidays! -Troy & Amy Taylor  
DEAD OF WINTER EVENT! Here’s how you can get signed up early for the annual "Dead of Winter" event! Call us toll-free at 1-888-446-7859 to register for the daytime event and the "Haunted Dinner" or register online by using the special, private link at ---- https://www.prairieghosts.com/winter2.html  
DEAD OF WINTER - Saturday, February 22, 2003: 12-5 PM History & Hauntings Book Co. - 515 East Third Street - Alton, Illinois - 62002  
Join us on Saturday, February 22 for our Annual "Dead of Winter" Ghost Event! Battle the wintertime Blues with an afternoon of ghosts, hauntings, the strange, the bizarre and the mysterious! The History & Hauntings Book Co. in Alton, Illinois will play host to a day that you won’t soon forget... and one that will have you looking over your shoulder as you make your journey home after dark! Speakers & Topics Include:  
PHANTOM ATTACKERS Join author Troy Taylor as he delves into the chilling legends and lore of America’s "phantom attackers", from the dangerous dealings of the Bell Witch to harmful ghosts and seductive spirits! Take a look at phantom attackers throughout history from mysterious beings that bedeviled the American colonists to the "demons" of Dudleytown, the strange Mad Gasser of Mattoon and much more!  
HAUNTED POLICE STATIONS, PRISONS & JAILS Travel to places where even death offers no escape! Join author and police officer David Goodwin (Ghosts of Jefferson Barracks) as he takes you behind the scenes to some of the most haunted prisons, jails and police stations in America! Hear tales that only other police officers have ever heard before and find out why places of confinement offer some of history’s most haunted spots!  
SPIRITS OF DIXIE Thrill to the most haunted places in the American South with author Alan Brown (Haunted Places of the American South, Face in the Window) as he explores the myriad of ghostly dwellings, historic places and spooky spots in our southern states. Take a closer look at chilling spots like the Myrtles Plantation, the Crescent Hotel, Magnolia Hall and many others!  
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2003 NATIONAL CONFERENCE Coming soon --- we’ll be putting the site together for this year’s event, including hotels, after hour events, tours, workshops, the haunted place investigation, schedules and more! Be on the lookout for that but here is the line-up for this year’s event:  
Speakers will include:  
Loyd Auerbach - author of "ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists", Auerbach is a nationally known authority on hauntings and strange phenomena. He has a monthly column in FATE magazine and has appeared on dozens of television and radio programs about ghosts.  
David Hatchers Childress - author of "Hitchhikers Guide to Armageddon" (and others) and the editor of "World Explorer" Magazine. Childress has traveled all over the world in search of anomalies and strange happenings and will speak about strange supernatural experiences in the world’s most remote places.  
Dale Kaczmarek - author of "Field Guide to Spirit Photography" and the "Windy City Ghosts" series. Kaczmarek is a well known author and speaker on the paranormal and the president of the Ghost Research Society. He will be presenting this year on the mystery of spook lights and hosting a workshop on the details of investigations, including interviewing witnesses, reports and more.  
Rene Kruse - longtime American Ghost Society representative. Kruse is a university professor with many years of experience with investigating the paranormal. She will be speaking this year about her investigations, including her exposure of an alleged poltergeist case and some amazing footage that experts were unable to debunk.  
John Brill - traveler and story teller with decades of experiences with the unknown. Brill is a returning favorite to the conference and will be again hosting the Friday night "Strange Stuff" portion of the conference, featuring his own experiences, combined with those of the attendees. Bring your own stories, slides and video!  
Troy Taylor - Conference host and American Ghost Society president. Taylor is the author of more than two dozen books on ghosts and hauntings and in addition to hosting ghost tours during this year’s event, he will also be presenting on "Gateways to Hell?", the mysteries of dimensional doorways and the truth behind portal hauntings - fact or fiction?  
After Hours Events for this Year’s Conference will Include:  
- 3 History & Hauntings Tours Conducted by Troy Taylor, including the much sought-after Saturday Night Dinner Tour!  
- A workshop on Ghost Investigation Details with Dale Kaczmarek  
- An investigation of the haunted Miner’s Theater in nearby Collinsville, Illinois  
We hope to see you at this year’s event. Mark you calendar for June 19 -22, 2003!  
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One of the most startling accounts of ghosts in New Orleans came from the old Carrollton Jail. During the years of 1898 and 1899, there were so many stories told of a haunting in the place that there remains little doubt that something very strange occurred in the building. To make matters even more credible, the majority of the witnesses who experienced these bizarre events were hard-boiled and credible officers of the law. Their realistic testimonies to the events in question make them all the more chilling.  
This old structure, built around 1850, was officially known as the Jefferson Parish Prison, but more commonly, was simply called the "Carrollton Jail". Carrollton itself had come into existence around 1833 when a man named Charles Zimple laid out a town about five miles from the boundary of New Orleans. Zimple dubbed the new city "Carrollton" after General William Carroll, a hero of the Battle of New Orleans. He had been encamped on the site of the future town with an army of Tennessee volunteers while awaiting orders from Andrew Jackson.  
Two years after, the New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad was constructed to connect the city and the small town. The railroad is still used today as the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar line. It is the oldest, continually operating line of public transportation in America. The town was soon growing rapidly and by 1841, it was officially incorporated. Later, in 1852, it was named the county seat of Jefferson Parish and a handsome city hall and courthouse were built. They remain standing to this day, even though New Orleans eventually annexed the city in 1874.  
Another part of the administrative collection of buildings was the parish prison. It stood on the corner of Hampson and Short Streets and after being built around 1852, it served as a jail until it was demolished in 1937. The brick building stood two stories tall and boasted large doorways and heavily barred windows. Most called it a "bleak and hideous place" and it was said that many of the prisoners met their ends here. Suicides were apparently quite frequent and disease and the lack of medical care added to the deaths. Violence, as with any prison, was also common. Still more of the prisoners had their fates decided on the gallows that were located in the square central courtyard. Many convicted thieves, rapists and murderers met justice at the end of the rope after being imprisoned in the narrow, stone cells of the jail. One lynching even took place in the courtyard after outraged citizens captured two men who had raped and butchered a little girl in the area.  
These deaths and terrible events were said to have created a haunting at the Carrollton Jail.... a haunting that became a matter of public and official record. More than 50 years after the building was erected, the ghostly happenings at the jail became so persistent that they gained the attention of the newspapers of the day. On October 9, 1899, the first detailed reports about the supernatural in the parish prison appeared in print.  
At that time, the prison was under the authority of Sergeant William Clifton, the Police Commander of the District. He had served with distinction for many years with the New Orleans Police Department and had taken over command of the jail in 1898. He was well respected and admired by those who served under him, including his clerk, a deputy, two doormen and eight patrolmen.  
One summer evening, two men and a woman stopped by the jail to chat with Clifton. They came in through the great front entrance to the prison, which opened into a wide hallway. On the left side of the entryway was a door that opened into Clifton’s office, a sparsely furnished room with a desk, a washstand, a sofa and a number of chairs. Behind Clifton’s office, with a narrow passage between them, was the clerk’s office. In this room were more desks and chairs and a wooden railing that divided the office.  
As the woman that accompanied the men leaned against a wall in the office, she was immediately shoved out of the room as though someone had struck her violently. She spun into the hallway and was sent sprawling onto the floor. "Something pushed me!", she cried, her eyes wide with shock. "It pushed my shoulder away from the wall!"  
Clifton and the men laughed and one of them joked about her getting old. A little angry about the fact that they didn’t believe her, she leaned against the wall again. In seconds, she was sent reeling into the center of the room. Her body was flung into the cluster of men who were standing there and she was forced to take hold of them to keep from falling. This time, her face was pale with fear! "Something’s in that wall!", she shouted at them. "I don’t care what you say, somebody is there."  
The men then took turns leaning against the wall and to their surprise, each was shoved away from it and toward the middle of the office. They carefully examined both sides of the wall but could find nothing to explain the strange event. What could have caused it?  
Sergeant Clifton pondered the puzzle for a few moments and then his mind drifted back to an incident that he had heard about a few years before, prior to when he had come to work at the prison. A murderer, who had been arrested for boiling his wife in lye and making soap from her corpse, was arrested and brought to the jail. The story went that a number of angry police officers beat the man to death in the hallway outside of Clifton’s office. His blood had been spattered all over the corridor. The story went that the killer swore he would be back to haunt the place. But had he?  
Nonsense, Clifton told himself, there had to be a logical explanation for the wall. Or so he thought at that time. The events that followed would cause him to think differently! A day or so later, Clifton was in his office with Corporal Perez, one of the patrolmen for the district. Their conversation turned to the portrait of General Beauregard that Clifton had hanging on his wall. He had always expressed an admiration for the general and in the course of his discussion, he turned to the portrait and gave it a quick salute. Immediately, with a great crash, the picture fell to the floor! At the same time, the washstand, with its bowl and pitcher, jumped forward and turned over. Strangely, nothing was broken. Even stranger, the heavy cord by which the portrait was hung was found to be in perfect condition. The nail in the wall was solid as well and even slanted upward. The two men, after close examination, could find no reason for the portrait to have fallen.  
The following night, Clifton and Perez were telling some of the other officers about the strange happening. As he demonstrated what had occurred, he saluted the portrait once again. As soon as he did, the mirror that hung just below the general’s picture flew from the wall. It also smashed into the wooden washstand, knocking everything to the floor. This time, the wash basin shattered into dozens of pieces but everything else remained intact. Clifton examined the mirror hanger and found that it was as strong as the one holding the portrait.  
"It seemed as though invisible ears had been listening," Sergeant Clifton later reported, "and that unseen hands pushed the things from the wall.... I know that the portrait and the mirror could not have fallen unaided."  
Several nights later, Clifton was sitting at his desk when he was suddenly held by the shoulders and his chair was spun completely around. At first he thought it was one of his men playing a joke, but when he turned to confront them, he found no one there! The room was fully lit and he could no one in the room or in the hallway. He questioned the doorman, but he replied that no one had come in the door.  
And the spectral antics in the office didn’t stop there!  
The sofa in Clifton’s office was frequently used by the patrolmen as a place to catch up on much-needed sleep during long shifts. One night, Officer Dell, who drove the patrol wagon, came in for a short nap. He had no sooner stretched himself out on the sofa before it lurched forward and out away from the wall. The bulky piece of furniture slid out about three feet and then suddenly reversed directions and thudded against the wall again. This was the same wall where the man had been beaten to death and the same one that was said to have flung the woman away and onto the floor.  
Not long after that, another officer tried to rest on the couch. This time it not only slid out into the room, but it also tilted sharply and bounced the officer off in such a way that he collided with the corner of Clifton’s desk and gashed his head open. Hearing his cry, Clifton rushed to his assistance and arrived just in time to see the couch sliding back against the wall again. The next night, another policeman, who boasted that he did not believe in ghosts, lay down on the couch in the presence of a number of other officers. Suddenly, the couch tipped up and the patrolman fell onto the floor! After that, the men began to stay far away from the couch until someone moved it to another part of the room. While the couch was again considered "safe", the patrolmen avoided that particular wall of the office for some time.  
In October of that same year, a mounted officer named Jules Aucoin stepped into Sergeant Clifton’s office to make a report. Clifton had stepped out for a few moments and Aucoin stood waiting for him near the desk. Just then, he saw a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked up quickly at a large, lithograph portrait of Admiral Dewey (a hero of the time period) that had been pasted on the wall.... the same wall that had been the center of much of the strange activity in the office. Before his eyes, Aucoin saw the portrait begin to spin like a wheel. It was as though someone had placed a nail through the center of the picture and then started rotating it! Keep in mind that such an act was virtually impossible as the portrait had been plastered onto the wall with strong glue.  
Aucoin was stunned for a moment and then he ran out into the corridor and began shouting for his fellow officers. Those who were nearby came on the run, including Sergeant Clifton. As the men hurried into the office, they saw that the portrait had stopped moving and was in fact, affixed to the wall just as it had been. Aucoin explained what he had seen and the other men, having already witnessed other events for themselves, had no reason to doubt him.  
Apparently though, the spirit of the wife-killer was not the only ghost who haunted the prison. Over time, all of the men who were stationed there reported strange and unexplainable noises, furniture and small objects moving about by themselves and falling without assistance, lights that turned on and off and much more. It’s not surprising that these bizarre happenings tended to keep everyone on edge. Requests for transfers to other precincts were sent in frequently by officers who were stationed at the Carrollton Jail.  
One night in autumn 1899, Corporal Harry Hyatt heard heavy footsteps in a nearby hallway. He stepped to the door of the Sergeant’s office and looked around. Although he could still hear the sound of someone walking, he looked both ways down the corridor and found no one was about. The footfalls continued to sound and Hyatt noticed there was something odd about them. It seemed that each solid step was accompanied by another step that dragged, as though taken by a man who was lame. Hyatt also noticed that the corridor seemed to be filled with the faint smell of cigar smoke.  
Finally, he left the doorway and walked out front. He asked the doorman, Officer Foster, if he had seen anyone come in. He shook his head until Hyatt described the sound that he heard in the hall. A faint memory stirred in Foster’s mind and he grinned at Hyatt. "Maybe it was Harvey come back," he joked with his friend.  
"Harvey" had been a gambler and a gigantic man, who walked with a severe limp. This didn’t stop him from killing two racecourse jockeys by breaking their necks with his bare hands though. He also cut the tongues out of their horses. Apparently, he had wagered a small fortune on both of them and he was angry when they lost the races they were entered in. Harvey had been brought to the jail and had last been seen standing in the corridor in handcuffs with the cold stump of a cigar clenched between his teeth. Somehow, the man had vanished and had not been seen since. His escape from the jail left two dead guards, and a mystery, behind.  
Hyatt shook his head. "Nope, he won’t come back to see the inside of this jail," he laughed. That evening, Hyatt picked up an evening newspaper and found a story about a gigantic man named Robert Brewer who had been found dead in a Pennsylvania town. He had been blind and lame but made a small living selling newspapers. After his death, they found a packet of papers among his effects that showed he was actually Harvey. The news story stated that he was wanted in New Orleans for four murders and elsewhere for other crimes.  
Hyatt realized that Harvey had come back to the old prison after all!  
The following night, at the same time, Hyatt again heard the shambling footsteps in the hallway. They plodded back and forth, back and forth. Hyatt went to the doorway, but there was still no one to be seen. "Okay, Harvey," he muttered to the empty space, "you can stop your pacing and smoke your cigar now".  
The footsteps suddenly stopped. From out of thin air, a great cloud of tobacco smoke appeared about three feet from where Hyatt stood. It swirled and then slowly lifted off towards the ceiling and disappeared.  
On another occasion, iron paperweights were raised from desks and flung at officers. Icy cold chills appeared without explanation and always, there were the ghostly footsteps that sounded throughout the building. They paced the corridors and went up and down the stairs. One of the places especially affected by the sounds was the courtroom that was located on the second floor.  
The room had been refurbished from the row of dark "condemned" cells that had once been located there. In these cages were kept the men who would soon die on the gallows. One night, very late, the footsteps became unusually strong and several officers followed them upstairs and into the courtroom. The room was eerie and silent, save for the tapping of the phantom boots. They circled the room as the police officers stood back and listened. Then, the footsteps stopped abruptly and the docket book, which was thick and weighed many pounds, flew from the judge’s desk and crashed to the floor with such force that Sergeant Clifton heard it downstairs.  
The footsteps were heard no more that night but Clifton had another encounter of his own that must have left him questioning the wisdom of remaining in command of the prison. In the early morning hours, he was seated at his desk when there suddenly came the grip of strong hands around his throat. He could feel the air being crushed out of him and he threw his arms up to ward off the attacker. His hands struck nothing but the attack immediately ceased. Clifton whirled around in his chair.... but there was no one behind him! No living person had entered his office, yet the marks of the hands could clearly be seen on his neck. In fact, mottled bruises remained there for some days after.  
One afternoon, two quadroon girls appeared outside of the Sergeant’s office and were spotted by Officer Foster. As the Sergeant was not in, he went over to speak to them. As he got close, they vanished before the man’s eyes! It was believed that they were the ghosts of two young women who had been imprisoned there for carving out the liver of their mutual lover.  
On another occasion, Foster also reported seeing a former prison officer named Sergeant Shoemaker standing alone in Clifton’s office. The man stood near the desk for a moment and then bowed his head and walked slowly away. He got to within a foot of the sofa and then he too vanished! This was almost as surprising to Foster as the fact that he saw Shoemaker at all.... the man had been dead for over a year at this time!  
Stories and reports would also bear out the fact that the officers were not the only ones to be bothered by the ghosts in the jail. In fact, one cell, Number Three, was infamous for the events that took place in it.  
One night, a prisoner named Charles Marquez was brought in. All of the other cells were full, so he was placed in Number Three. The next morning, the guards found him lying on the floor of his cell, unable to stand and scarcely able to speak. His face was a mass of cuts and bruises and he looked as though he had been badly beaten. Clifton first assumed that one of the officers had beaten the poor man, but Marquez, once his wounds were treated, quickly convinced him otherwise. He claimed that he had been beaten by unseen hands... ghosts, he said, and that he had had been punched, kicked and pushed against the wall. Not once did he see his assailants and records did show that none of the prison personnel had been near the man’s cell during the night.  
Other prisoners soon got their own taste of Cell Number Three. Every criminal that was put into it told the same tale the next day and all of them had bruises and cuts to show that their claims were true. No one outside of the cell ever heard a thing, yet the occupant was always in sorry shape the next morning... and usually babbling about ghosts and monsters.  
It was later learned that many years before, on a night when the prison was very crowded, three murderers were placed in Cell Number Three together. According to the story, they had fought all night, each man for himself, punching, biting and kicking the others. In the morning, two of them were dead and the third died before a priest could be called for him.  
In 1937, the Carrollton Jail was finally torn down. Through its long life, the prison had been the scene of many ghostly tales and stories. Legend even had it that when the workmen demolished the structure, human shapes writhed in the clouds of dust, as though the creatures that had haunted the place now reveled in its destruction.  
For years afterward, people in the area also claimed to hear the spectral sound of the gallows trap as it opened and sent another condemned man to his death. It is said that some older residents of the area claim the sounds of the gallows can still be heard today.  
© Copyright 2000 by Troy Taylor. All Rights Reserved.  
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