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UK Man Opens Floodgates on Religious Controversy

Written By: Philip Gardiner

Posted: 12/10/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 884   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Religion
Its time to decide - Does God Exist or Not?  
The controversial author, Philip Gardiner, of this years historically profound book The Shining Ones, has done it again. This time with his new book, Proof, which investigates all the evidence surrounding the existence of God.  
Gardiner is a Midlands based Marketing Director, and utilising this expertise he emerges with controversial books like The Shining Ones. Now all the skills of his trade are having to come to the fore as he continues his tour of the nations radio stations. It’s also a great start for this bright new publishing company which only started in February 2002 and is already in strong profit.  
The author and his books have already been banned from one Muslim nation and with The Shining Ones released this year actually had death threats from certain fundamentalist groups. Now with this new in-depth analysis of the worlds religions is set to repeat the process. Gardiner is set for a major tv documentary next year and lots of radio and tv this year. Rights to both books are currently under offer from an American agency, pending international translation rights and the author has been asked to participate in a major American television documentary which will propel him into international fame.  
Nobody and no faith is left out of this deeply historical and intriguing book and with the nationwide press and media release he is expecting a lot of backlash from the religious establishment. Already he has been accosted on Radio when launching The Shining Ones and now with hundreds of radio interviews already booked he is bracing himself for the onslaught. That said, there is a huge cult following for this authors work growing by the day with letters of congratulations flooding in from across the world.  
"I have always felt the need for truth. That we should base our beliefs of what can be proven, understanding that faith is belief in something which is un-proven.", said the author. "There are many religions, many cults, however what they do not understand, and are indeed not told, is that they all emerged from the same group of people with the same goal - power."  
It is the authors belief that religion is a propaganda tool, utilised by ancient religious belief systems and as a top midlands marketing expert he should know.  
However in this new book he has taken a fresh look at what Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and all other faiths claim as proof for their God and come out with some startling results, which even shocked him. There is evidence of massive cover ups in the science of evolution, there is evidence of historically changing proportions which cannot be denied, there is evidence of lies, threats and deceit on all sides. Anybody who reads the book, whether Christian or atheist will be shocked and will need to re-question their own stand point.  
"Life is like marketing, it is all about perception. If I gave you the elixir of life, which would make you or anybody live forever, would you give it to Saddam Hussein. He would not give it to you. This is a perception crisis, but many of our perceptions pass us by without us realising that there are other opinions and perceptions. This new book is an attempt to see all these perceptions and the startling result is that they should never have been split apart in the first place. It could, if taken with a balanced viewpoint, bring together the faiths of the world, if they bother to perceive the information from a new perspective."  
The book is available from www.radikalbooks.com, www.amazon.co.uk and all other usual book outlets, Priced at £6.99 it is a handy and easy to understand book which is targeted at those searching for truth.