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Declaration of Enlightenment

Written By: Blue Apple

Posted: 11/11/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 728   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Religion
This is written from a sufficiently unenlightened perspective to warrant due humility on my part. I’ll always believe collective will accomplishes anything it wants, however impossible-sounding (short of the utterly ridiculous). Assuming clarity on such matters will come to us, the following is the rough draft of the Declaration of Enlightenment:  
The new, more morally-evolved United States of America is founded on these 11 precepts:  
1. Greed and money in general and, moreover, rule by fear/secrecy are at least effectively the roots of all evil and it’s the duty of every person of significant conscience to avoid evil.  
2. Telepathy and, ultimately, all police work must be entrusted at least primarily to the (presumed real) largely unseen, verifiably friendly-but-righteous intelligent nonhuman beings. Said beings would/will consist of as many souls or spirits of our departed humans (and hopefully exclusively so) as possible, but may include other qualified beings. Telepathy between or among humans/terrestrials, if any in the future, must be limited exclusively to consensual communication and never unauthorized thought-siphoning (and dream-siphoning?). The only exception is in absolutely necessary police work, if any.  
3. Ecological protection depends primarily on human population control, but will require other, more effective policies than are now implemented.  
4. Any incontrovertible truth is absolutely not responsible for any and all unnecessary reactions to said truth. What is and isn’t necessary is determined solely by a higher, more evolved power than any significantly unenlightened person. If, for example, the various phenomena now known as UFOs and close encounters and even all supernatural events attributed to religions were proven to be essentially unreal, it would still be an equally important truth, however unglamorous, as the reality-based hypothesis. If, as I strongly suspect, the phenomena are proven (essentially or totally) real, it is, again, the precise truth we’ve needed to know all along. Initiating any type of unconsensual violence is evil.  
5. Allowing drugs to be profitable is morally indefensible and mustn’t be allowed to continue. But equally true, a far greater education on the dangers of and truly effective enticements away from all drugs than now exists must be made available. The objective, besides the obvious preservation of people’s health/sanity, is to avoid the perpetuation of all types of organized crime. Marijuana is the only presently illegal drug that should be fully legal, always readily available to those who are 21 and over. Heroin and cocaine should be available to registered addicts only, but addict status is a completely private matter not to be shared with any business or government institution. (No drug testing)! All other Russian Roulette, if you will, synthetic drugs (such as LSD, ecstasy, crystal meth etc.) must remain banned, patently illegal. Other very potent organic substances such as hallucinogenic mushrooms, datura and opium should be decriminalized, but not fully legal. It MAY be true that black marketeering will never be COMPLETELY eliminated, but it can and must be at least very drastically reduced.  
6. Freewill only works when everyone is free. Granted, children, because of their dependence on their parent(s) or adult guardian(s) and need of education and discipline, automatically have less freewill than adults, but if there is any methodology in the universe/multiverse that would prevent such horrors as child abduction and murder (and much more), it’s the duty of moral people to pursue and implement it.  
7. A truly effective seperation of church and state primarily means no person representing any religion or sect thereof may infringe on those who are unconcerned with their beliefs. People of significant conscience shouldn’t be subjected to anything that even tacitly promotes or condones homophobia, misogyny or sexism, violence or any other morally-incompatible belief and any inauthenticated scripture in general. And no organized institution, religious or otherwise, should be exempt from taxation unless an entirely tax-free economy is created.  
8. Government will not infringe on anyone’s reasonably benign freedom of expression or enterprise. As today, even the most vile, truly offensive speech must be protected, but I highly doubt the most severe verbal manure will be anything resembling a significant factor in the new paradigm. The freedom to strongly criticize will always be tantamount.  
9. Capital punishment is not an activity for enlightened people. This is true regardless of whether or not the soul exists and what type of afterlife and/or reincarnation a particularly evil individual will receive, if any. (Perhaps not everyone has a soul).  
10. When or if the existence of the soul is proven and the point during pregnancy where the soul merges with the fetus and becomes a person is determined, abortion will only then be illegal in the least and impossible, if at all feasable. Abortion rights will be respected at any point during pregnancy before personhood, if applicable. Soulless biological machines, if any, will be destroyed in utero if proven that such beings could only, always "mature" into evildoers. And it’s perhaps usually better for a child to not be born at all than born to (a) very bad parent(s).  
11. Guns must be officially declared the public health hazard they are, made more difficult to obtain, and generally de-emphasized, devalued. The only legitimate uses for guns are (probably) most hunting, (safety-regulated) target shooting and, unless a new methodology could preclude it, law or military enforcement and licensed private security.  
Blue Apple 11/11/02