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Mars Face At Night

Written By: Electric Warrior

Posted: 11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2408   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Mars Anomalies
Image: Mars Face, Nighttime Infrared 
(The Electric Warrior) - Mars anomaly researchers 
who have been clamoring for a nighttime infrared 
image of Cydonia got their wish today, just in time 
for Halloween. 
So what does this thing look like at night and why 
is it important? In this image, the notorious Face 
on Mars is very difficult to distinguish from the 
surrounding terrain, unless you know where to look. 
Mars anomaly researchers hope that a nighttime 
infrared image will provide clues about whether 
or not the landform is artificial, indicating the 
presence of extraterrestrial intelligence beyond  
The Face is circled in the photo that accompanies 
this blog. 
The feature is much easier to see during the day 
in a photo shown side-by-side with this new THEMIS 
data. According to the Arizona State University 
team, "This knob can be seen in the daytime image 
because of the temperature differences between the 
sunlit (warm and bright) and shadowed (cold and dark) 
The online ASU article concludes that recent NASA 
missions like Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey 
have provided detailed views of the hill which show 
that it is a normal geologic feature. 
Mars Cydonia researchers have awaited this nighttime 
image to see if it reveals anything peculiar. 
Electric warriors await further analysis. 
The so-called ’Face on Mars’ at night 
(NASA/ASU) - This pair of THEMIS infrared images 
shows the so-called "face on Mars" landform viewed 
during both the day and night. The nighttime THEMIS 
IR image was acquired on Oct. 24, 2002; the daytime 
image was originally released on July 24, 2002... 
The 3-km long ’face’ knob was first imaged by the 
Viking spacecraft in the 1970’s... Since that time 
the Mars Orbiter Camera on the Mars Global Surveyor 
spacecraft and the THEMIS visible and infrared 
cameras on Mars Odyssey have provided detailed views 
of this hill that clearly show that it is a normal 
geologic feature. 
Tonnies: Nighttime Infrared Image of Face Released 
(The Cydonian Imperative) - A new nighttime image 
showing the Face on Mars in the infrared (IR) 
spectrum fails to provide evidence of underground 
structure, although the poor resolution leaves the 
question of subterranean architecture open. While 
not mentioned on the ASU site, the Fort and D&M 
Pyramid are also seen in the new nighttime image. 
The latter formation retains its "starfish" 
appearance, with relatively warm edges and cool 
planes, suggesting a layer of insulating material. 
This supposition is verified by high-resolution 
THEMIS visible-wavelength image of the D&M, which 
shows a veneer of (presumably) windblown material 
peeling away from the southern facet.