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Elderly Woman Found Dead And Mutilated In Cordoba

Written By: Infobae

Posted: 10/17/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1128   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Animal Mutilations
The victim was found beside two dead dogs in advanced stages of 
decomposition. The Police is trying to ascertain the cause of 
the woman’s death. 
An elderly woman was found dead and mutilated in her dwelling in 
Cordoba and the local police is trying to establish why two dead 
dogs were found beside the cadaver. According to sources, police 
personnel, accompanied by the deceased’s nephew, reported to the 
dwelling located at Amberes 8775 of the Arguello neighborhood to 
the west of the city of Cordoba, and found its owner, 72 year 
old Sara Margarita Priano, dead on the floor. 
Sources indicate that the body was missing part of the torso, 
hip and skull, and that two dead dogs lay beside it. 
The judicial police is working to establish the time and causes 
of death, as well as the reason behind the mutilations. 
Researchers--according to the directions of the prosecutor’s 
office-- are trying to ascertain what relationship, if any, 
exists between this case and the animal mutilations. 
Translation (C) 2002 Institute of Hispanic Ufology 
Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi