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Carlotto Finds Possible Ruins On Mars

Written By: Electric Warrior

Posted: 10/9/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1599   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Mars Anomalies
Martian Rubble 
(The Electric Warrior) - Even if you’ve had your fill 
of the recent controversy involving infrared images 
captured by Arizona State University’s Mars Odyssey 
team, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at one more 
shot of Cydonia. 
Mark Carlotto, whose New Frontiers in Science Web 
site examines Martian enigmas like the Face on Mars, 
has published an analysis of the region based on a 
second multispectral image by THEMIS. As Carlotto 
tells it, not only should the existence of a second 
THEMIS image settle issues of authenticity raised by 
the Enterprise Mission, it also raises further questions 
about the possibility of extraterrestrial design on Mars. 
Carlotto used two different bands of imaging data 
that were just different enough to produce a stereo 
image of an area that includes the Mars Face as well 
as a rock-strewn area some 120 kilometers to the 
The broken features appear to lie in rectangular 
arrangements that suggest intelligent design. "On 
Earth, in the Middle East for example, it would 
certainly be seen as a possible archaeological site," 
writes Carlotto. "But it is on Mars." 
Building a case for artificiality on Mars that even NASA 
can’t dismiss takes time, and Carlotto would probably 
tell you he thinks he’s doing his part. He isn’t doing 
too bad. His new online article shows a side-by-side 
comparison of the new THEMIS data and the highly 
controversial data set released last July. 
The July data is said to contain indisputable evidence 
of a subterranean cityscape on Mars. The only problem 
with that conclusion is that it relies on a special 
version of the THEMIS data which Richard Hoagland 
says the Enterprise Mission acquired under mysterious 
TEM’s assertions also come with so much more. In a 
recent interview Hoagland went so far as to say that 
the mysteries of Cydonia point to an extraordinary 
ancient heritage for humans that somehow reaches 
all the way back to Mars. "In a way, I see the 
ultimate confirmation of our heritage on Mars as 
essential to ushering in a new day here on Earth," 
Hoagland told Dark Planet. 
Carlotto’s work has never carried that much baggage. 
To understand the context of Carlotto’s investigation 
it helps to recall statements by the SETI Institute’s 
Dr. Jill Tarter. "It’s possible that there could be, in 
fact, within our solar system, some evidence of ET 
technology," Tarter recently told Space.com. "They 
may be here." 
Tarter didn’t say exactly where we might find evidence 
of extraterrestrial activity in our own solar system, 
noting only that we haven’t gathered that much 
information. Carlotto and the Society for Planetary 
SETI Research say it’s worthwhile looking on Mars. 
That’s why Carlotto finds his apparent Martian rubble 
so interesting. "Will this new discovery be dismissed 
as another optical illusion, like the Face about 120 
kilometers to the north?" 
Carlotto closes his article by inviting planetary 
scientists at ASU, JPL and NASA to consider the 
possibility that the growing list of weird alignments 
and symmetries may not be coincidence after all. He 
also asks why Cydonia has been targeted so often so 
early in the mission if no one is taking it seriously: 
"Perhaps this recent interest in Cydonia is an 
indication that someone already has." 
ASU Releases Second THEMIS Multispectral Image over Cydonia 
(New Frontiers in Science) - Will this new discovery be 
dismissed as another optical illusion, like the Face about 
120 kilometers to the north? Or might some brave 
planetary scientist at ASU, JPL, or NASA finally consider 
the possibility that the growing list of ’coincidences’ of 
symmetries, alignments, and enigmatic features may not 
be a coincidence after all. Perhaps this recent interest 
in Cydonia is an indication that someone already has.  
October 10, 2002 
Silicon Valley, CA 
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