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SETI Announces Hardware & Software Upgrade

Written By: The Electric Warrior

Posted: 10/3/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 784   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Space
The Electric Warrior : October 3, 2002 
extraterrestrial intelligence 
image: New SETI Dish 
(The Electric Warrior) - SETI’s upcoming hardware 
and software upgrade should improve the odds for 
acquiring what many people assume we already have: 
proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. 
SETI’s new radio telescope at Parkes Observatory, 
Australia will be operational early next year. The 
new SETI dish has two advantages over the exiting 
Aricebo dish in Puerto Rico. 
Not only does Australia’s dish cover more of the 
sky, it is also located in the Southern Hemisphere, 
where most of the Milky Way galaxy can be observed. 
[email protected] project director David Anderson told 
Space.com the chances of finding ET outside the 
Milky Way is "pretty small." 
The world’s most popular ET screensaver was the 
first application to harness the Internet’s 
aggregate of unused CPU cycles. [email protected] gangs 
together over 600,000 volunteer computers in a 
distributed processing scheme called "grid 
The [email protected] model was so successful, and its 
sheer computing power so coveted by other 
scientists, that Anderson got a grant from the 
National Science Foundation to develop a ready 
to use distributed computing package called BOINC 
(Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing). 
BOINC will be an important part of the new version 
of the popular [email protected] screensaver, which will 
be distributed at the same time the Parkes dish goes 
online. Not only will BOINC allow you to pick and 
choose what scientific problems you want to tackle, 
it will also seamlessly upgrade your software 
installation without interrupting the screensaver. 
No wonder the folks at Berkeley say they rule the 
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home 
Upgrades to Boost [email protected] Alien Search 
(Space.com) - The world’s most popular ET-hunting 
program for home users is about to get upgrades of 
both its software and the telescope that feeds data 
into it... Starting early next year, the Arecibo 
recorder will be shut off and a new but similar 
recorder will be turned on at the Parkes Observatory 
in Australia, which can observe 70 degrees of the sky 
-- and a more advantageous part of the sky, too.  
[email protected] Brings Internet Distributed Computing 
to Other Fields 

(The Planetary Society) - Computer time - is 
there ever enough of it? The problem is as old 
as digital computing itself... For some tasks, 
it seemed, no computing capacity was enough. 
These tasks involved so much data, or calculations 
so complex, that running them on a computer, even 
a supercomputer, was not practical... Enter 
Internet Distributed Computing, a radical and 
innovative answer to this nagging problem. 
Resolution in Support of Space Preservation Act 
(Institute for Cooperation in Space) - The council 
of the City of Berkeley hereby declares that the 
space 60 kilometers and above the City of Berkeley 
is a space-based weapons free zone. 
October 3, 2002 
Silicon Valley, CA