Mars has been tampered with." /> Mars has been tampered with." />
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The Dirty Secret Rotation Experiment

Written By: The Electric Warrior

Posted: 9/27/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1452   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Mars Anomalies
The Electric Warrior : Weblog September 27, 2002 
martian enigmas 
image: "Dirty Secret" NASA Image Rotation 
(The Electric Warrior) - Independent researchers 
find that image data described as "smoking gun" 
evidence for a full-scale subterranean cityscape on 
Mars has been tampered with. 
The controversial image involves a claim by The 
Enterprise Mission that data confirming 
extraterrestrial life was leaked to them under 
mysterious circumstances. The Electric Warrior has 
learned that the suspicious data file was in all 
likelihood already altered when acquired by one of 
Team Enterprise’s lead investigators, known to the 
Mars anomaly community as Bullitt. 
Here’s an easy experiment for you imaging 
specialists to try at home. Import the official 
NASA/ASU pre-release image 20020724A into your 
favorite image editor. This is the image file which 
TEM asserts is a hoax. Apply a 0.1% rotation to the 
left, and check the perimeter of your newly rotated 
image. You should see a blank space top left, and 
another one like it bottom right. 
The blank space seen across the top of the image 
that accompanies this article shows the result of 
rotating NASA’s data. This image is a zoom from the 
top of the leftmost image in a set of images that 
contains IR data collected by the Odyssey spacecraft 
THEMIS instrument. 
image: TEM Image Enhancement Reveals Rotation 
The second image prepared for this article shows 
that the image which TEM touts as "real" or authentic 
NASA data bears a strong resemblance to The Electric 
Warrior’s "Dirty Secret" rotation experiment. 
According to online Q&A between Bullitt and 
independent Mars anomalists, TEM’s "real" TIFF data 
was already rotated when acquired. Bullitt passed 
along a JPEG version of what is now described as the 
"original" or unprocessed TEM source data to Anomalous 
Images (AI). A new online article published by AI 
describes the image as rotated.  
Bullitt provided untouched copies of what he 
acquired to key investigators. And if Bullitt didn’t 
rotate the image, it was rotated when he got it. 
EW’s version of the TEM data is not the same as that 
acquired by Anomalous Images. Rather, it is an 
enhanced version of TEM’s alleged "real" TIFF data, 
widely disseminated following a talk radio broadcast 
in which principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland 
announced his latest bombastic evidence. 
The contrast enhancement of TEM’s image reveals a 
mysterious dark gray shadow already reported by this 
blog. The shadow masks the data rotation by filling 
in the blank space we saw with the "Dirty Secret" 
rotation. The shadow runs all the way along the top 
of TEM’s "real" data, getting progressively thinner, 
until it disappears toward the top right edge. 
The image rotation and the dark gray line that cuts 
across both images and plain black background are a 
clear indication of tampering, an obvious clue left 
by the hoaxer as a hint that there is something wrong 
with the overall TEM image. If you’re still having 
trouble with that, consider the half-percent data 
reduction between the NASA/ASU and TEM versions of 
the file. 
The data reduction isn’t hard to understand, has 
nothing to do with image compression, and you don’t 
even have to conduct another experiment to see for 
yourself. All you have to do is check both NASA/ASU 
and TEM versions of the file and observe that the 
pixel resolution for the NASA/ASU version is 4036x1991, 
whereas the pixel resolution for the TEM version is 
4036x1990. That’s a loss of 4036 pixels and a 0.5% 
data reduction for the version that TEM calls 
What does this mean? It does not mean that the 
overall image was resized or compressed to fit a 
slightly smaller image resolution. That would be a 
data reduction that even TEM apologists would have 
a hard time shrugging off, and one that Richard 
Hoagland wouldn’t want to explain. 
Imagine a classic pie-chart diagram with a half- 
percent slice cut out of it. That half-percent 
slice would necessarily cut across image data. 
Extending our pie-slice analogy, that half-percent 
of data was not actually cut out of the whole pie, 
but rather cut away from the crust. 
Those of you who remember the blank space along the 
bottom edge of the "Dirty Secret" image rotation 
have probably guessed that there is a 1x4036 row of 
pixels cropped away from the bottom of the rotated 
TEM image. The image hoaxer cut a line of pixels 
from the bottom of the TEM image to hide the rotation. 
The bottom edge of the tampered-with TEM image has a 
plain black background, just like the full size 
NASA/ASU image. 
Try it yourself. Removing the bottom line of pixels 
from the "Dirty Secret" rotation image will 
adequately conceal evidence of rotation by simply 
cutting it out of the picture. No need for a messy 
dark shadow along the bottom edge. That’s why the 
TEM image is only 1990 pixels high. 
While TEM apologists cling tenaciously to the hope 
that the data is still valid and points to a bona 
fide city on Mars, The Electric Warrior suggests 
that the image rotation and data crop are way "out 
of spec" for an image ostensibly from NASA or the 
Arizona State University THEMIS team. Don’t you 
suppose that the folks at ASU have Quality Assurance 
standards that would prevent them from releasing 
such an obviously flawed image? 
TEM apologists are already floating the idea that 
NASA passed questionable data to TEM in a valiant, 
if slipshod, effort to expose the truth about a 
speculative extraterrestrial civilization on Mars. 
It remains to be seen whether The Enterprise Mission 
seizes upon this new information and casts it as 
case for plausible deniability. As my online 
colleague, Mac Tonnies of the Cydonia Imperative has 
written, this isn’t the first time that "smoking gun" 
evidence for artificial structures on Mars has been 
offered by TEM. 
If the hoaxer had simply cropped off the top edge 
of the TEM data, in the same way the bottom was 
cropped, the image tampering would have cut away 
part of the THEMIS data, and researchers working 
with the IR data would have noticed. The show would 
be over. You wouldn’t be reading this article. 
Mac is really much better than I am at explaining 
the dramatic cloak-and-dagger aspects of The 
Enterprise Mission’s online antics. At least he 
makes them sound interesting. So, if there’s another 
dramatic plot twist to explain the Dirty Secret 
Rotation and the Half-Percent Data Reduction, maybe 
the Cydonian Imperative will want to take a shot at 
Tale of Two Images: Proof the Enterprise Image was Hoaxed 
(Anomalous Images) - This TEM / Laney image used in 
this test was saved as a zero compression greyscale 
jpeg from a copy of the original tiff Keith Laney 
downloaded before applying a Gaussian blur. Hoagland 
has since used the Laney-blurred image as proof of 
buried ruins of an ancient civliization spanning the 
entire IR strip. I sincerely hope that this 
presentation will put to rest this hoax once and for 
all, so we can return to finding the real anomalies 
on Mars!  
The Enterprise Mission and the Anatomy of Credulity 
(The Cydonian Imperative) - TEM’s appeal is 
comparable to that of "The X-Files"--which, 
interestingly, TEM occasionally uses as a source. 
As entertainment, TEM fills a void with its 
inimitable formula of paranoia and science; Hoagland 
and Bara have created a thoroughly postmodern venue 
in which fact and fiction are broken down into pixels 
and liberally blended. TEM’s role is seated more in 
myth-making than "science" in any conventional usage 
of the word. 
September 27, 2002 
Silicon Valley, CA