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Fortress Cydonia

Written By: The Electric Warrior

Posted: 9/23/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1490   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Mars Anomalies
(The Electric Warrior) - Twenty years of animosity toward NASA erupted in an all out Internet flame war when Richard Hoagland of The Enterprise Mission accused Mars Odyssey imaging experts of releasing fraudulent infrared images of Mars Cydonia. 
Not long after a composite photo with nine different thermal imaging strips was posted online by the Arizona State University THEMIS team, Hoagland came forward with his own version of the data asserting that he now had incontrovertible evidence of a full-scale subterranean cityscape on Mars. 
Hoagland employed the talents of a NASA imaging and software applications specialist -- known to the Mars anomaly community as Bullitt -- to process THEMIS data allegedly acquired from NASA under mysterious circumstances. 
Two weeks into the controversy The Electric Warrior cautions that if statements about TEM’s hotly contested "Real" TIFF data file are true, then the world’s premier champion of Mars Cydonia has withheld and altered scientific data in much the same way as he’s always accused his nemesis NASA of doing. 
There are disturbing questions about the provenance of data that Team Enterprise has put forth in support of their claims. But researchers who worry about where the data came from might just as well question what was done to it before it was distributed. 
Was the original data already compressed when Bullitt acquired it? ... Did Bullitt apply a blur to TEM’s Real TIFF? ... Did Bullitt apply a rotation to TEM’s Real TIFF? ... Did Hoagland know any of this before he challenged investigators to examine his findings?  
Hoagland has said, "Our position is that anyone can take this Real image and process it through ENVI and get what we have published." But if Team Enterprise published bogus data, then serious investigators will be wasting time trying to validate their results. 
Furthermore, if the results of investigation are at variance with TEM’s own conclusions, the poor investigator runs the risk of having his or her pants pulled down in public as TEM "moons" everybody with statements saying, "Look we did this or that to the image beforehand, to protect ourselves. This guy obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about." 
Hoagland should know better. Nobody enjoys this kind of undignified behavior in an ostensibly scientific context.  
Did TEM muddy the waters with their MUDulated data? Mark Carlotto has already dismissed the so-called "Real" TIFF, based on his understanding that datahanded out by TEM was unaltered. That’s not Carlotto’s fault, folks.  
Humorously speaking, if TEM wants to burn their boats and bridges behind them, that’s fine with me. I’ll tag along at a safe distance, just in case those boys run out of matches.  
The Enterprise Mission has alleged that NASA’sonline THEMIS data is a hoax. Independent researchers find that TEM’s purported "real" data is rotated. TEM’s data exhibits a similar rotation, masked by a dark gray line. 
Looking for insight into a full-scale subterranean cityscape on Mars? Here’s what people are saying... 
Boyle: More Mars mysteries 
(MSNBC) - The most prominent boosters of Martian enigmas such as the "Face on Mars" have produced photos that they say provide evidence of mysterious buried city-style structures on the Red Planet... 
However, that claim was contradicted by Arizona State University Professor Philip Christensen, the head of the scientific team for the Thermal Emission Imaging System, or THEMIS. "If you look at the image that is being purported and discussed, it’s clearly been doctored," Christensen said.  
Tonnies: Infrared Images and Underground Cities on Mars: A Status Report 
(The Cydonian Imperative) - From the beginning, TEM has been adamant that the image in its possession is the original and that the version currently available on the ASU site is a deliberately substandard fraud. This certainty proved premature when Laney acknowledged that he had already manipulated the "original" TIF in an attempt to exhume detail before passing it on to Hoagland. As of this writing, the Enterprise Mission clutches a doctored photo of unknown provenance and--astonishingly--claims it possesses incontestable proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. At best, this is a comic mockery of scientific method.  
Fall 2002 
Carlotto: New Frontiers in Science  
(NFS) - There is no evidence in this image that any of these features are thermally unique. THEMIS may eventually acquire an image showing the Face or some other feature to be thermally anomalous (perhaps at night or at a different time of day). But this image isn’t it. 
September 20, 2002 
Silicon Valley, CA 
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