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ISPR To Fill Two Team Investigator Positions

Written By: ISPR

Posted: 8/22/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 845   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Parapsychology
The ISPR Team, under the direction of ISPR founding Parapsychologist, Dr. Larry Montz, is now conducting an international search to fill two professional Clairvoyant Team Investigator positions. The ISPR anticipates filling these positions with individuals who can demonstrate specialized enhanced clairvoyant abilities, in both private field cases and in front of cameras for various Television shows and other media projects.  
The ISPR has implemented the first on-line ISPR Psi Test, located at ISPR.Net / Hauntings.Com, http://www.ISPR.Net , the authorized site of the ISPR Team. The ISPR Psi Test is open to all interested parties and is the first step to becoming qualified for consideration for one of the two open ISPR Team positions. According to the ISPR, everyone is invited to participate in the Psi Test, in hopes of finding the individual(s) who possesses and demonstrates specialized enhanced clairvoyant abilities and knows it, as well as finding qualified individuals who may not necessarily be 100% cognizant of their own abilities.  
August of 1999 was the last time a clairvoyant Position became available on the ISPR Team. The call for psychic applicants was made through a third party and in one day, over 300 Southern California residents responded. ISPR’s Dr. Larry Montz, Ron Kilgore and Daena Smoller conducted the on-site testing in the formerly haunted Vogue Theatre in Hollywood, the most utilized site for ISPR’s Ghost Expeditions between September of 1997 and December 2001. "The testing was a very interesting and successful process, but it was more than a little exhausting", exclaims Smoller, an investigator on the ISPR Team since 1995. She further states, "The on-line ISPR Psi Test will allow the ISPR in reaching beyond on-site locales and provide a greater and more even, international playing field if you will, enabling the ISPR to find those who can really exercise the specific clairvoyant abilities the team is looking for, in order to fill these positions."  
November 17, 2002 is the deadline to participate in the ISPR Psi Test; the test will go off-line on November 18, 2002. The ISPR looks forward to filling the clairvoyant Team positions by early January 2003. 
For more information on the current ISPR Team (USA/UK based) and the new ISPR Psi Test, visit http://www.ISPR.Net . 
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