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Further Confirmation of the Sept. 22, 1999 SOHO Anomaly

Written By: Paranormal News Staff

Posted: 11/20/1999 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1014   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Space

On September 22, 1999, the LASCO instrument aboard NASA's SOHO observatory recorded an unusual eruption in the Sun. Enterprise Mission, along with Richard Hoagland, wrote up a report on the unusual event with their own interpretation, stating that the eruption confirms their belief in hyperdimensional physics. They also went on to say that NASA attempted to cover the event up by purging the image from their archives. If you try to find the image in the SOHO archives, it is no longer available. However, Enterprise Mission received the image from two independent sources, and it is available below:

As stated by Enterprise Mission: "This incredible image, sent to us by two independent sources, Ken Robb in Hawaii and John from "Harbingers Skywatch" shows nothing less than a Hyperdimensional beam emanating from the sun. The helical, rotating beam is emerging from somewhere near the south polar region. "Shock diamonds" are clearly visible, probably as the energy passes through the superheated plasma in the corona. It is impossible to tell for certain just where the origin is because of the occulting disk of the LASCO camera."

Since the image is no longer available, was NASA, in fact, trying to cover something up? Considering that NASA has a policy to discourage dissemination of information to the public that 'threatens national security' according to Section 102 of the Act of 29 July 1958, it is plausible that they removed it from their archives because they felt it was not in the nation's interest to release them. But is this true?

Enterprise Mission viewed this removal of the photos as an attempt to cover up the acceleration of physics and to cover up proof that Hoagland's ideas are valid.

Instead of merely agreeing with them, I decided to contact NASA to see if it were true that this image was purged and find out why it had been taken down from their archives.

Doug Biesecker from the Goddard Space Flight Center received my forwarded letter with questions about the photo. He informed me that:

"You have indeed uncovered a problem. When data are sent down from the spacecraft, they are reformatted to standard fits files. We have a record of a C3 image at 17:42 on 9/22/99 being reformatted here at GSFC. However, we don't keep data on-line longer than one week, except for what we put in the SOHO archive. We have another site where we keep all of the data on-line. However, they don't seem to have that image. We are trying to figure out why."

Seven days later he sent me an e-mail, stating that the lost image is now found. In Biesecker's words: "What is it? I have no idea. Although the word `slinky' comes to mind." Thus, here is further confirmation of the September 22, 1999 SOHO anomaly:


So, if there was a cover up involving this image, the cover up does not appear to have originated from inside GSFC. Doug stated that he did not know why the image was missing, that it was highly unusual, and since the letter I sent was forwarded from Dominic Zarro with the new subject line, "was this a comet?" to Doug who is their comet expert, they do not seem to know what the image is either.

This raises a question: is it possible that there are others inside of the government with access to all of its own computers including those available at NASA? A Unix superuser of sorts who can, and does, delete things that they find inappropriate? Dominic Zarro didn't know why image was deleted, and according to the returned letter, neither did Douglas Biesecker. Questions thus linger with no answer.

The SOHO image demands an investigation from the scientific community. The image is not a forgery, it is not a comet, and it is definitely not something that I ever read about in a Physics book. What is the explanation? Theories need to proposed and questions need to be resolved. I do not have the background for such work, but I hope there are others out there who do.