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Review of Prudence Calabrese’s Presentation at the CRV conference

Written By: Cassandra Frost

Posted: 5/18/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2361   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Remote Viewing
Reprinted with permission from Suite101.com  
Prudence Calabrese is fierce, compassionate and a gifted teacher. She is a renaissance woman who fears nothing as she explores the outer limits of her being. She is a great listener, always absorbing information and processing it in her wild yet methodical Pru brain. Pru Stew.  
We were in Tampa to attend Lyn Buchanan’s Controlled Remote Viewing Conference. Pru was a speaker.  
FYI, remote viewing is the name coined by SRI International of a method of perception defined as ’the acquisition and description by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance, shielding or time.’  
We needed to meet Bambie Linn and Farents, other conference  
attendees, so we could all get a ride to Dr. Bill Stroud’s for a pre-conference get together. We caught up with Bambie at a luggage carousel and Pru gave her a personalized copy of her new book ’Intentions The Bathroom Guide to Enlightenment’.  
After meeting Pru for the first time in the Tampa Airport, I thought ’She looks so young!’ Pru is only 36 with the soul of a teenager. We sat in some chairs so she could paint her toenails bright pink. Her hair is short, choppy looking and easy to take care of.  
I can’t imagine Pru worrying about her hair after she gets up about 5 each morning to surf or run along the beach in front of her Carlsbad, California home. Home to her four children, her half Russian wolfhound/lab Sissy and some seventeen guinea pigs. Also home to her business, TransDimensional Systems.  
She had spent the week before flying into Tampa teaching at New York’s Learning Annex and Columbia University. She was scheduled to present ’Remote Influencing for Diagnosis and Healing’ Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3pm at the conference.  
Pru, and she does prefer to be called Pru rather than be called Prudence, has an interesting Remote Viewing family tree. She learned RV from Courtney Brown who was taught by Ed Dames who was taught by Ingo Swann. Her approach is Zen-like. ’It’s all good’. She is a practicing Buddhist.  
’Each session is perfect,’ she said as she began her presentation. She stood before the crowd and explained how she used binaural beat audio guidance to help her group/team viewers get into ’theta’ state for maximum RV success. And successful she is.  
She had predicted 9/11 and it was captured in a San Francisco Weekly article, December 6, 2000, ’The View From Here, In the Cold War, the U.S and the U. S. S.R. saw ’remote viewing’ as a weapon. What about now?’ by Silke Tudor.  
CBS News Sunday Morning’s reporter, Rita Braver profiled Pru and Paul H. Smith on April 28 and challenged her viewing team to view Lincoln’s assassination. Pru’s interpretation of her team’s viewing was:  
’So, I would have to say that there’s probably someone here who isn’t in the best physical state and perhaps could be dead. Somebody may be trying to run away from something - quick movement.’  
She predicted the anthrax attacks and announced them around September 10 at the Laughlin UFO conference. A few days later, the FBI contacted her. Her specialty is viewing the future. Pru is currently still providing intelligence to the FBI.  
Pru’s conference presentation was about Remote Diagnosis and Remote Healing. She detailed her methodology on the white board so we could do it too. She also said we were doing this on behalf of someone and we’d find out who at the end of our hands-on exercise.  
Pru emphasized the critical importance of practicing the highest of ethics and obtaining permission from anyone and everyone she works with.  
This was my first RV training, my first formal remote viewing experience. I explain the following from a newbie point of view.  
Personally, I recommend you get her conference tape because it is much more technical than what I can provide here.  
First, we wrote two four number coordinates or ’tags for the objective’ in the upper left corner of our white 8 ½ X 11 inch white typing paper. Some people commented about ritualistically writing, not printing their names up in the right corner of their paper. If they printed their names, they couldn’t view because their behavior was so rigid. Kind of like psychic self-sabotage, sounded like to me. Just an observation.  
Remote Diagnosis  
We then made a quick doodle or ideogram that represented our objective.  
We then wrote ’OB’ at the top of a column and start noting our impressions, in conjunction with the ideogram or doodle. We then wrote ’IB’ at the top of another column and start noting our impressions, again in conjunction with our ideogram.  
Then we repeated this process on fresh pieces of paper.  
Some of my ’OB’ column included: lanky, long, arm, fingers, not able to wiggle, no extension, bruised, dark, bending, injection.  
Some of my ’IB’ column included: blue, hurt, blocked, sad, no ability to fight infection, from strong muscles to weak muscles, drained, fractured, diminished, storm.  
Then we were to draw gingerbread man shapes, one for inner body and one for outer body. Pru told us to put our pencils on the lines and start probing. As we touched our pencils to the outline points, we were to then draw a line out and note our impressions for that point.  
Remote Healing  
After the gingerbread stage, we then went to the remote healing process.  
We got a fresh piece of paper, drew a horizontal line to separate the top from the bottom of the paper and followed along as Pru sketched out a diagram that I would call a ’Medicine Wheel’ circle. This stage is where the viewer blends with the subject.  
We drew a circle with a horizontal line drawn to divide it in half in the top half of our paper. We then through an X through the horizontal line and labeled the top lines Conscious Condition and Conscious Thoughts. We labled the bottom lines Subconscious Condition and Subconscious Thoughts.  
In the bottom half, we labeled the top of four colums each CC for Conscious Condition, CT for Conscious Thought, ST for Subconscious Thought and SC for Subconscious Condition.  
With our pencils tracing from the center out of each of the four lines, we carefully probed each section and noted thewords in the appropriate column.  
Mine read:  
Conscious Condition: jittery, bug eyed, surprised, like a fish out of water  
Conscious Thought: I am superior, I will bite you like a dog, I am superior, no one is better, like a strong sunflower  
Subconscious Thought: I am black/green sludge, I want to sit on top of my roof, I want to dominate all around me Subconscious Condition: cracked, shattered like glass, broken car glass, I want to be strong, trashed, destroyed  
Then we were shown how to do the remote healing part with the medicine wheel diagram.  
This stage is where we circle our thoughts and flow them into the proper part of the consciousness, circling the words and following the line, as if we’re leading the words, directing the words, into the person’s mind so we can help manifest healing where they need it. We were all relaxing and consciously breathing slowly as we directed our intent.  
My conscious Condition words were: Sense of well being.  
My Conscious Thoughts words were: Calm  
My Subconscious Condition words were: Be here now.  
My Subconscious Thought words were: All is well, Zero Defects  
It turns out the target was Christopher Reeve, the ’Superman’ movie star left paralyzed from a horse riding accident.  
Did I hit it? Judge for yourself. I hope he felt my healing intent.  
For more information, Pru’s site is  
Lyn Buchanan’s site is  
Tapes can be ordered from http://www.digitalcognisense.com/.  
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She is an award winning journalist, a member of the Native American Journalists Association and the International Remote Viewing Association.