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The Scientist and the Citizen

Written By: Paranormal News Staff

Posted: 9/19/1999 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1098   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Mars Anomalies

According to Nietzsche, "That which does not kill a man makes him stronger." In light of this concept, we're going to take a Platonic approach here and listen in on a conversation between two fictional beings, one known as The Scientist, and the other known as The Citizen. The Scientist believes in UFOs and has proof that they exist. The Citizen does NOT believe in UFOs because he has proof that they do not exist. Which one is right? Let's listen in:

The Citizen: Hello my good friend. Wonderful day, wouldn't you say? But let's cut the crap and get to why me and you have been brought together.

The Scientist: Very well, then. And a good day to you too.

The Citizen: Now, as you know, I do not believe in aliens so I do not believe in UFOs. But my belief is founded upon firm fact.

The Scientist: I am sure it does. Continue.

The Citizen: For one, ever since the supposed Roswell crash, the government has taken steps to look into the UFO phenomenon to see if there's anything to it and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in the skies other than weather balloons, ice crystal reflections, and swamp gas. Many people, such as yourself, feel that they are lying. I believe, in part, that they are lying as well, but not because they are trying to cover up the existence of aliens. They are lying because UFOs are actually top secret projects and military experiments of each individual country. Wouldn't you agree that there would be a need for secrecy if this were so?

The Scientist: Most assuredly.

The Citizen: Then how can you continue to claim the government is covering up UFO activity?

The Scientist: Wonderful question. Time and time again, reports have come out which claim that there is nothing to these contraptions seen flying through the skies. They have not denied that something was seen. Instead, they have merely denied that what was seen was an alien spaceship. So as far as our argument goes, we have agreed that the government is lying but we have not agreed on what was seen. Continue.

The Citizen: Very well, then. I'm anticipating that what you would like me to do is prove that it is within our capabilities to fly at such speeds and maneuver in ways that are reported with UFOs. I do not have the technical background to do so. But what I can say is the following: The Air Force and other military entities have made their own investigations throughout the 50s and 60s and have concluded that there is nothing to them. Considering that the United States believes that they are number one in the world both economically and technologically, there would thus be no reason to hide the existence of UFOs. They would break new grounds, much as Columbus did when he sailed across the Atlantic to prove that the earth was round. The United States placed a flag on the moon. They are proud of their achievements, and they would be equally as proud to discover an alien race and be the first to do so. Therefore, there is no reason for them to cover up the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The Scientist: Good point. However, you state that the government would have no reason to cover up the existence of extraterrestrial life because it would be the discovery of the millennium. Considering that the United States believe they are a world power and placed a flag on the moon, is it true that they would be equally as proud to find a race more advanced than what is currently within their own capabilities? The discovery itself would not be something which would compliment their pride, so it would be a discovery that they would avoid making. I have often been guilty of making this same choice, as I'm sure you have been guilty of doing as well.

The Citizen: Very good point.

The Scientist: Therefore, we have come to a new ground of agreement: The government is lying about what people are seeing flying through the skies, and we have also agreed that the United States is proud of their own achievements and have an identity as a world power and would not want to lose that identity. Yet we still have not concluded on what is being seen.

The Citizen: Let us move on to the next point. There is within the United States an organization known as SETI. A private organization, in fact, unrelated to the government which scans the skies in search of a signal for extraterrestrial intelligence. If what people are seeing is in fact extraterrestrial in nature, wouldn't SETI have this on record?

The Scientist: I would think so, yes.

The Citizen: And since they obtain their funding in order to search for such signals, wouldn't they be willing to come out and say they have found it? Obviously if UFOs are as rampant as people claim, SETI would be overloaded with messages of extraterrestrial intelligence. And you cannot say that they are covering anything up since they make their data available to everyone through the internet. You can even scan the skies yourself. And to this day, nothing has been found.

The Scientist: Great argument! I have to record this.

The Citizen: So then what is your take on SETI?

The Scientist: If we have agreed that the government lies about what is seen in the skies and cannot be trusted in released statements, it would seem that for an organization to truly be independent, their employees would have to be independent of any government body to be trusted as well.

The Citizen: Very true.

The Scientist: Is it true that NASA is a part of the government?

The Citizen: Most definitely.

The Scientist: And is it true that the employees who work for NASA would be considered government employees?

The Citizen: Without a doubt.

The Scientist: Jill Tarter and a number of others who work for SETI originally came from NASA, and since this is so, there is a reason to doubt that SETI is truly a pure independent body.

The Citizen: Even if some employees of SETI were originally from NASA, SETI makes all of its data available.

The Scientist: Yet two assumptions are being made. One: that SETI is searching for data regarding UFOs, and for two: that the signals SETI is scanning for are even used by extraterrestrials.

The Citizen: Aren't those assumptions in fact true?

The Scientist: Let's say that you believe the only language people can speak is English. You take a trip overseas to a foreign country and try to find someone that speaks English as well. Yet when you arrive, all you get back is gibberish so you come to the conclusion that no communication outside of your own country exists.

The Citizen: That would be a dangerous conclusion, I would say.

The Scientist: Now let's say that you take this a step further. You do not accept anyone else's research that points to the fact that even though foreigners do not speak English, there is still communication taking place. The thought doesn't even cross your mind. In fact, you don't even research other possibilities and instead continue to scan foreign countries for communication, using English as your criteria. Since you never find anyone else that speaks English, you thus claim that no one else communicates.

The Citizen: Yes, that would be a silly way to go about doing things.

The Scientist: Therefore, it is hard to say that UFOs don't exist merely because SETI hasn't found anything.

The Citizen: I will accept that, yes.

The Scientist: So let me summarize our argument: we have agreed that the government lies about what people are seeing flying through the skies, the United States is a proud nation and wants to maintain that belief, SETI only looks for evidence of extraterrestrial life based on their own criteria, and SETI is not even interested in researching other possible forms of extraterrestrial communication. Let us move on.

The Citizen: Very well. One of the most damning arguments against extraterrestrials is their own elusiveness. Many people who claim to have been abducted have received the message that our planet is in serious danger and that they are here to help. Wouldn't an alien know that the best way to do this would be to land on the lawn at the White House and greet the cameras of CNN, NBC, ABC, and any other media outlet and say, "I am what you refer to as a Nordic. You are going to blow yourself up and we are here to help." Yet this has never happened. If they exist, why haven't they done so?

The Scientist: Yes, this is brought up numerous times and is quite an argument. But in it lies another dangerous assumption. Is it truly a good idea for an alien to land at the White House and announce that they are here to save the world?

The Citizen: If they want to make an impact, I would believe so.

The Scientist: We have agreed that the United States and the world have a great sense of pride when it comes to their status. Almost all members of society are proud to be who they are and stick up for one another. If you are German, you are very proud to be German and support the German cause. If you are American, you are very proud to be American. If you are Christian, you are very proud to be Christian and support the Christian cause. And on and on…So then we agree that because of our pride in who we are, we are an ego-centric bunch.

The Citizen: I will agree to that, yes.

The Scientist: Therefore, if a superior race coming from the skies were to land on the steps of the white house, hoping to make an impact and change the way all of us live, it would disrupt the ego balance of society and would in turn create a tremendous and undesirable backlash.

The Citizen: Please go in to more detail.

The Scientist: Christians, for instance, believe that the word of God that is written in the Bible is the truth. They believe they are saved based on following the principles available to them in the Bible. However, Christian belief also led to numerous bloody massacres during the dark ages because of the belief that their religion was the correct religion and others were second-rate and incorrect.

The Citizen: That is written in history, yes.

The Scientist: Jewish people on the other hand believe that their religion is the correct one, Islamic people believe that their religion is the correct one, and so on and so on. What happens when a Christian and an Islam get into a discussion concerning religion?

The Citizen: There is usually a clash of ideals and beliefs.

The Scientists: What would happen then, if Christians were to learn that the Islamic belief is the correct one, based on new evidence that Islams bring forward?

The Citizen: They would not believe the new evidence.

The Scientist: And?

The Citizen: And even if it were true, they would go to great lengths to disprove that the new data even exists. It would conflict with their beliefs.

The Scientist: Now, what would happen if an alien race were to land on the planet and announce their arrival by landing on the steps to the White House? What would the citizens of the world do now that they have been demoted to second class in the Universe?

The Citizen: Ah, I see. In desperation to maintain their own standing within the scheme of things, some would go to great lengths to disprove or deny the truth about alien existence.

The Scientist: Now, in desperation, what would happen if the aliens tried to force the acceptance of their reality upon the world?

The Citizens: Many would claim that aliens were trying to enslave the world and would attempt to take steps to destroy them.

The Scientist: And others would consider the aliens as Gods and insist that the aliens look after the welfare of the entire planet, much like what some people insist that their own government do for them as well. Much like a father figure. Would you personally want that responsibility?

The Citizen: Probably not.

The Scientist: So is landing on the steps of the White House such a good idea?

The Citizen: There are some problems, that is for sure.

The Scientist: Let me reiterate by saying that neither of us have proven nor disproven the existence of extraterrestrials. We have merely brought up a few interesting points. One, that the government does in fact lie about things seen flying in the skies; two, that governments and people have a sense of inner pride; three, that SETI is not a pure independent body outside of this same government which has been known to lie in the past; four SETI does not scan for all possible types of extraterrestrial communication; and five, that it is not a wise choice for an alien race to land on the steps of the White House. I seriously hope we can continue our conversation in the near future.

The Citizen: And what a wonderful conversation it has been. I hope we can meet again soon.

The Scientist: As do I.