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’Radial Pattern’ Anomaly

Written By: CCCRN NEWS

Posted: 3/3/2002 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1977   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Crop Circles

While doing a talk this past weekend, a sharp-eyed observer pointed out a 
previously unnoticed peculiarity in one of the aerial photos from Midale, 
Saskatchewan last summer. 
It is a shot of the ’celtic cross’ formation (Midale #5) beside the oil 
pump, the same one where the previously discussed ’blind spot’ anomaly 
showed up in other photos and video. This picture was taken by CCCRN field 
research assistant Robert Leslie a few days after we had been in the 
formation ourselves. The farmer had by now harvested around the formation, 
leaving a band of standing crop surrounding it, with the rest of the field 
cut. In the area of cut crop, you can see a subtle pattern of very thin 
straight ’lines’ radiating out from where the formation is, almost like a 
secondary ’extension’ of the formation in some way. In other words, the 
formation appears to be at the center of the radial pattern, which is more 
easily seen on one side of the formation but also faintly visible in places 
on the other side. The pattern is not visible in the area of standing crop 
immediately surrounding the formation, suggesting it is perhaps only very 
close to or on the ground. Shadowing and relief of the lines from the 
sunlight can be seen. It looks somewhat like a magnetic lines of force or 
sunburst type pattern - could this be some kind of magnetic or energy 
’imprint’ in the crop? How far out the pattern radiates is unknown, as it 
goes off the edges of the photo. It is perhaps reminiscent of a photo from 
Busty Taylor in England several years ago showing a formation of thin 
straight radial lines very lightly ’imprinted’ into a field. If some normal 
part of the field, why does the pattern appear to radiate out from the crop 
formation? Why is it only visible in the cut part of the field? It may be 
noted also that the power lines between the two electric towers (one near 
the oil pump, the other out of range in this shot, to the right of the 
formation) pass directly over the formation, roughly in line with the 
radial pattern at the point where they cross over above it. Explanations or 
theories, anyone?