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The Atlantis Secret

Written By: Alan F. Alford

Posted: 10/8/2001 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 794   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ancient Civilizations
I am now ten days or so away from publication of my new book, ’THE ATLANTIS SECRET’, and a new website to go with it.

As things stand, I may well be launching ’The Atlantis Secret’ into the midst of a tremendous conflict and possibly even the beginning of World War Three. At the present time, here in the UK, we are on the next-to-highest state of alert and doing all we can to avert the kind of awful atrocity which took place in New York and Washington September 11th. ’Reprisals’ from terrorist ’sleeper cells’ are expected as soon as joint US/UK military action takes place in Afghanistan (and who knows where else). We are all just holding our breath.

I am writing to you now - rather than ’then’ - just to say that no matter what happens during the next ten days or so, I *will* be pushing ahead with publication of ’The Atlantis Secret’. Indeed, with the threat of a ’holy war’ looming large, there has never been a greater need for a book of this kind, which strengthens my case for the revelation of THE ancient religion behind all world religions, and paves the way for an eventual (though don’t hold your breath) unification of all religious faiths.

I am attaching below some brief details about the new book. Please forward a copy of this to anyone whom you think might be interested.

I hope to be back in contact with you in about ten days.

Love and enlightenment,

Alan Alford

PS Please let me know if you would like to be removed from this Mailing List.

A Complete Decoding of Plato¹s Lost Continent
Publication Date 11th October 2001
Format: Trade Paperback
Price £18.00 (USD $27.00) plus Post and Packing.

In this book, Alan Alford examines Plato¹s story of Atlantis in its full and proper context ­ Platonic mysticism, ancient Greek religion, the esoteric Greek writings, and the ideas of older civilisations anterior to the Greek. He builds on his theory in earlier books that the religions of Egypt and Sumer were Œexploded planet cults¹, and he demonstrates, beyond any reasonable doubt, that these earlier cultures transmitted their ideas and myths to the Greeks. The Greek religion, Alford argues, was thus an exploded planet cult, albeit one whose true meaning was concealed from the eyes of the masses.

Among the mystery schools that preserved the exploded planet secret in Greece was the Pythagorean brotherhood, who counted Plato as one of their brightest initiates. It is no surprise, Alford suggests, that Plato, thus enlightened, encoded the exploded planet secret into his Theory of Forms, into his account of the creation of the Universe by the Demiourgos, and into his story of Ancient Athens and Atlantis.

Alford¹s theory of the Atlantis story is bold, innovative, and radically different from anything ever proposed before. Far from claiming that Plato¹s story was historically true, as other writers generally do, he argues that the story was Œtrue¹ in the sense that it was a myth about the origins of the Universe, with all such myths being regarded as Œtrue¹ by the sages of old. The reason Atlantis ended up in the deep, he suggests, is because the original Atlantis fell out of the sky!

Alford¹s astonishing hypothesis allows Atlantis to be in the Atlantic Ocean ­ just where Plato says it was; it allows Atlantis to be sunk ­ just like Plato says it was; and it allows Atlantis to be larger than two continents ­ just like Plato says it was (all other theories of Atlantis reject the legitimacy of one or more of these fundamental claims). His theory also explains all of the bizarre elements in the Atlantis story, such as the supernatural creation of the island, its abundance of the unknown metal oreichalkos, the fact of its enclosure by the Œopposite continent¹, the strange disappearance of the Athenian heroes at the time of the war against Atlantis, the alleged discrepancy concerning the date of the war, and the transformation of the sunken island into a sea of mud. Furthermore, Alford¹s theory explains how Plato¹s story could be absolutely Œtrue¹ despite the lack of findings on the Atlantic Ocean floor; it was Œtrue¹, he suggests, in the sense that it conveyed a mythical Œtruth¹ about the cataclysmic origin of the Universe. In summary, Alford¹s theory manages to accord with every single word that Plato wrote ­ a genuine and highly significant Œfirst¹ in the history of Atlantology.

Some Atlantologists will be dismayed to hear that Atlantis did not exist in a conventional sense, but Alford¹s Œlost planet¹ theory rings true, especially when he evokes the ancient image of a golden race of men who had lived upon the heavenly planet prior to Œthe fall¹. Moreover, Alford strikes a harmonious chord when he emphasises the spiritual aspect of the exploded planet myth, along with Plato¹s status as a mystic who believed in the existence of the human soul, its divine origins, its immortality, and its fate in the Œother world¹. Alford¹s final, and arresting, conclusion ­ that Plato¹s Atlantis should be Œraised from the bottom of the sea and restored to its rightful place as the supreme symbol for the spiritual quest¹ ­ will surely appeal to a broad range of new-age truth-seekers who can share his disdain at the materialism inherent in the conventional Atlantian quest.

In Alford¹s words, the true Atlantis ought to signify Œthe quest for knowledge of the origins of the Universe, the quest for knowledge of the origins of life, and the quest for knowledge of what life truly is.¹