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CCCRN Report

Written By: Paranormal News Staff

Posted: 8/4/2001 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 976   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Crop Circles
Posted: August 2, 2001
Source: CCCRN


Summer/Fall 2001

The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network is requesting the continued assistance of farmers, pilots, media, police/RCMP and the general public in its investigative efforts regarding ‘crop circles‘, those circular or geometric patterns of flattened field crops which continue to be reported worldwide every year, and apart from some known hoaxes and man-made ‘land art‘, still remain largely unexplained.

In Canada, most formations are reported in August and September (the typical circle ‘season‘), near or at harvest, primarily in Saskatchewan, although they can also be reported year-round (in pastures, wild grasses or even ice, for example). CCCRN, a non-profit research organization, has been investigating this phenomenon in-depth across the country since 1995. While like in other countries, most circles have been appearing since the late 1970s, some reports in Canada and elsewhere go back to at least the 1940s/1950s and possibly much earlier as far as is now known.

Twelve formations were reported across the country in 2000, in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. Full reports are in the Circle Phenomena in Canada 2000 report archive on the web site. So far in 2001, there have been five reports as of late July, in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. See the Circle Phenomena in Canada 2001 report archive on the web site for current updates. They have also been reported in at least nine other countries so far this year.

CCCRN is requesting that reports of formations be forwarded either to the main office or to any of the provincial contacts (CCCRN currently has coordinators and field research assistants in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia). Contact information for all CCCRN representatives is on the web site. It is requested that reports be forwarded as soon after discovery as possible so that a proper investigation may be initiated. As many formations are discovered initially by farmers, sometimes in remote locations, it is also of particular importance for the farming community to be aware of this phenomenon, and to report formations when they are found.

Field studies are conducted at circle locations as they are found, including photo and video documentation (both aerial and ground if possible) surveying and plant/soil sampling for lab analysis, as well as investigation of other related phenomena. Field investigations are conducted in cooperation with the BLT Research Team in the USA, which has been conducting serious scientific lab studies of plant and soil samples from crop formations in several countries for the past decade, now including additional independent labs. All applicable laws are strictly adhered to, and under no circumstance is a farmer‘s field or other property entered without expressed permission. Names and locations are kept confidential if requested and will not be released publicly in those cases.

Physical deformities of the plants themselves in formations are often found, including ruptured/stretched or sometimes ‘singed‘ stalk nodes (effects similar to those produced by microwave/electromagnetic energy), severely twisted or even seedless seed heads, ‘magnetic glaze‘ and micrometeorite dust particle material in some circles and reduced germination and seedling growth of seeds from formations which were later re-planted. Other unusual effects are also often observed, such as equipment irregularities (malfunctioning cameras, videocameras, compass deviations, etc.) inside some formations. Dogs and other animals have often been noted to behave in an agitated manner when in close proximity to some circles, refusing to go in them. In England in particular, small ‘balls of light‘ have been witnessed and filmed many times hovering or moving over fields or particular formations, sometimes the night before a formation is found. It is this kind of evidence which continues to indicate that there is a real, as yet unexplained phenomenon occurring, not only in Canada, but in many countries around the world since the formations started appearing in greater numbers in the 1970s.

CCCRN will be conducting field research studies for Crop Watch 2001 in Saskatchewan later this summer. Futher details on this in the next few weeks.