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Ayn Rand was Wrong!

Written By: Tray Caladan

Posted: 8/1/2013 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 15628   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Conspiracy Theories

Someone should have shown this anti-Socialist and super-Capitalist an episode of Star Trek!

Ayn Rand (1905-1982) was a Russian novelist, best known for ‘The Fountainhead’ (1943) and ‘Atlas Shrugged’ (1957). She developed a philosophy called ‘Objectivism’ and had been interviewed by the likes of Mike Wallace, Johnny Carson and Phil Donahue. Considered one of the elite (extreme right-wing) intellectuals, her books continue to sell and influence millions. In this totally-unknown writer’s opinion, such a fact is a crying shame.

My recent interest in Ms. Rand originated from looking up a film (and book) that I knew nothing about called ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ Always curious of film sci-fi and future projections, I had to discover more about it. With the help of YouTube and Wikipedia (sorry) had a crash course on who this woman was and what the heck was she saying? I was fascinated. Then, when I learned more about her…I wanted to puke.

To become famous for promoting self-serving selfishness and Super-Capitalism is appalling. One can understand how she felt the way that she did coming from Russia where the State confiscated her father’s business after the Bolshevik Revolution. We can understand why Ayn Rand was embraced by New York; publishers; the rich and the far right. Here was a Russian talent that had turned her back on Socialism; was anti-Collective and admired America’s top industrialists. But, to promote a philosophy of no Unemployment Compensation; no Welfare; no Food Stamps; no giving; no helping; no assistance programs whatsoever…is cruel and heartless.

In Rand’s world, the wealthy never help the needy. Charity does not exist. I guess we have to harden our hearts; avert our eyes and pretend that many millions of suffering people will just go away. To her…if you provided a successful business; employed many and had a fortune…then, you certainly deserve to reap the rewards. (Who can argue?) What if you were not so successful in life like most of us? Then, to her, you don’t really count or matter at all. It is no wonder the Nixons, Barry Goldwaters, Dick Cheneys, Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs of the world loved her.

In the documentary ‘Seeing Red,’ we learn a secret barely whispered among Americans or known. You know our decent working conditions; like fair hours/fair pay, time-and-a-half, health benefits, paid-vacations, etc. that we take for granted today? SOCIALISTS (Pre-Commies) who organized in America during the Depression Era were responsible for first UNIONIZING and insisting upon these decent conditions. We owe them. In rags, during deplorable times of the Depression (that the rich caused), Socialists stood on soapboxes and yelled to the wealthy, ‘FEED THESE PEOPLE!’

Ayn Rand, Russian who became an American citizen, would tell the poor, ‘you’re out of luck; you’re not getting a nickel.’

What fascinates me is comparing ‘1984’ to ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ There are at least three film versions of 1984. The main character of Winston Smith has been played by John Hurt, Peter Cushing (‘Lord Tarkin’) and Edmond O’Brien. In the story, this is what happens when the Rich or the State (Big Brother) is out of control and has all the power. The masses have no freedom and are helpless victims to the totalitarian State. The world is divided to three nations forced into continuous and needless wars by Big Brother. Orwell had the secret fascists bombing their own subjects then lying by reporting they were enemy attacks. The People horribly suffered at the hands of the Rich and Powerful. Sound familiar?

In ‘Atlas Shrugged’…it is the exact, 180-degree opposite! It is the Rich and Powerful that are (boo hoo) forced to suffer in the future if THE PEOPLE have all the power. Oh NO, the State is ‘the Collective’ that looks out for the sick and elderly and cleans the streets and takes out the trash, etc. The Rich and their Big Business deals cannot contribute to any of that or pay a penny in taxes! The State will become an out of control Welfare State and that will be the ruin of humanity. Kings of Capitalism have much to fear from all those little people with their hands out.

In the 1960s…we experienced pride, joy and had good feelings when you heard the phrase ‘Power to the People!’ It meant something real. In Rand’s view, the motto would be, ‘Power to the Rich’ or today’s top financial 1%. Certainly, nothing should go to where it was really needed in the bottom 99%. To her, the world was best run by super-rich moguls of industry that are only motivated by their own self-interests. WAS SHE NUTS? What a propaganda tool for the Rich! Like the Powerful have not screwed up the planet or are incapable of it? Billions of people are not the problem, Ayn! The problem (Newsflash) is how the masses are treated by the few Overlords that absolutely believe we are their property.

TECHNOLOGY SHOULD BE SHARED…NOT SOLD! And, ‘they’ will not do it. That’s how it can all work. Technology given away; suppressed technology utilized and no longer hidden from the surface people who desperately need it! If suppressed tech was utilized now, humanity could quantum leap overnight!

The nerve of Ayn Rand taking her Anti-Social, Anti-Democracy and Super-Capitalism ideology into FICTION…and creating a mirror/reverse 1984! (Keep in mind Rush Limbaugh loves her). This woman is considered a futurist? BULL. Here’s the reason she’s a ‘fatalist’ instead…Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek.

Before my critics condemn me for playing a fictional, televised series-card; try to understand a real, good and positive CASHLESS society. Try! Yes, it’s an ideal (as I have been recently reminded) as long as men strive to control other men; such ideals sound like fantasy.

World-Mysteries viewers should be well aware of impossible structures of stone EMPIRES; many ruins from the distant past are far greater than what can be achieved by today’s ‘modern’ technology. Egypt, Inca, Toltec and even Atlantis were REAL advanced-human civilizations…

and the fascists that rule Earth today would have you believe KINGS or Pharaohs of one type or another always ruled and always had dominion over the masses. That’s a crock. Atlantis was EDEN. Atlantis was a Paradise on Earth for 50,000 years according to my research and inside information. As I have said a few times on radio, ‘Edgar Cayce would agree with me.’

Before you laugh at the Star Trek reference, consider your real history physically demonstrated in STONE (the masons think they understand). Yes, Paradises Fell… but there WAS Utopia; there was Heaven on Earth. They don’t want you to know you once possessed power. Guess what? That perfection lasted far, far longer than any reign of any empire of Kings and Queens. Long ago, there were NO GOVERNMENTS or NATIONS. There was only the positive usage of MAXIMUM TECHNOLOGY and KNOWLEDGE freely given to everyone; uniting the planet in a way Mr. Tesla would be very proud.

So, NO…I don’t like Ayn Rand very much. She was against the Vietnam War. How could that be? Was she so far right, she was left; trying to be popular for the times? Libertarians loved her because she was against Taxes. She was against ‘faith’ and the Church; why not against Big Business which is government? The novelist underwent surgery for lung cancer in 1974 after ‘decades of heavy smoking.’ She signed up for Social Security and Medicare, which is terribly hypocritical when you consider her whole philosophy on life.

As I wrote in the beginning, maybe if she saw a Star Trek episode…maybe, just maybe…she could understand that in the far future, we won’t be the Ultimate YUPPY. The acquisition of money, wealth and power will not be our prime function in life. We’ll learn; progress over time; recycle; really evolve into an enlightened Human using more of our brain’s potential. We’ll be the Ultimate HIPPIE! The ‘Federation’ was a high-tech Collective…and, possibly, so was real world Egypt and Atlantis. Peace is in our blood and at our core, not war.

It could all work, together. GIVING isn’t a horrible crime. I’m Italian; if we had extra food, we gave it away; everyone ate. If you have extra; why not GIVE? One good turn deserves another. Why not pay-it-forward?

If Ayn Rand came upon a car crash, would she stop and help? She spoke of never ‘self-sacrificing’ for another person or group, ever. In other words, her philosophy was a totally selfish and self-centered attitude. I know others with the same traits. They are called ‘babies.’ (If she wasn’t the Devil, was she a vampire?) And this is a person we revere, praise and consider an intellectual?


Good, take on Rand, thanks for sharing…Ralph (Ring).

In a message dated 7/22/2013 2:20:04 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, [email protected] writes: I KEEP SPITTIN’ THEM OUT! This I sent to Mark Cuban and Barbara from Shark Tank – for all the good it will do… – Doug

After writing the above article, I was motivated to discover more of this LIGHTNING ROD of a person called Ayn Rand and also clarify my positions on Communism; Orwell’s ‘1984’ as well as a reemphasis on the DANGEROUS MESSAGE of ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ Not in what the book and films portend for our future, but the very dark agenda of leaving it up to the Rich to rule the world.

I studied the subject a number of curious ways. I viewed YouTubes of George Carlin’s later comedy routines. You will Learn and Laugh. He speaks of the folly of politicians (Church) and entire political system; only there to present an ILLUSION of Freedom; an illusion of choice. ‘You have none!’

When I interviewed Jordan Maxwell over dinner, he spoke in great admiration of George Carlin; that he was a master of WORDS. Anyone studying both men will see a link between them with the origins, usage and power of words.

I studied the subject by viewing a long, detailed, biographical film on the life of George Orwell. Also reviewed were both, old films of ‘1984’ starring Peter Cushing and the other (American release) starring Edmond O’Brien as Winston Smith. Slight differences in the two: American version did not mention it could be Big Brother attacking its own subjects and was more of a love story.

Orwell clearly wrote of the disastrous future of COMMUNISM gone amok with all the power while the masses had none. Grey, colorless uniforms; the Inner and Outer PARTY; no choices in products, actions, words or thoughts were obvious reflections of growing concerns of ‘Red’ Communism. Was Big Brother Mother Russia as ’84 was written right after WW2? Yet, keep in mind that Soviet Socialists as well as other ‘freedom-fighters’ were also anti-fascist and fought alongside U.S. GIs during WW2 against Hitler and fascism.

‘1984’ was also anti-Fascist…anti-any group forcing its ways upon helpless people, ruthlessly. Orwell’s future was a ‘boot smashing a face, forever.’ Socialists were anti-fascist; they simply believed in a COLLECTIVE rather than a Capitalistic form of government.

I AM NOT A COMMIE! Communism is NOT the answer if we have a low standard of living; no choices; few freedoms; told what to do or think. Such old-fashioned, archaic notions are not what I refer to or the motivation behind these words. I speak of a VERY HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING with ultimate freedoms; ultimate vehicles and maximum power sources; super selections in products; ultimate technology freely applied for the common good and benefit of all. People, everyone, having everything! That idealistic concept is NOT CAPITALISM! I am pro-Collective operating the right, decent and humane way for the Good of All.

Capitalism bleeds the masses. The masses are only consumers to make the Rich richer. We should be enlightened enough by now to realize the 1% on top only care of their self-interests and certainly not the less fortunate 99%.

THE TRUTH IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF AYN RAND’S PREDICTION AND FEARS HAS COME TRUE! 1984 HAS COME TRUE, NOT ATLAS SHRUGGED! To her, World Democrats (collectivists) sharing technology; new energies; new power sources; simply GIVING KNOWLEDGE and POWER AWAY in a Global Collective will ruin humanity. NO; they will ruin Monopolies of the Super Rich and their dark plans of power in only the hands of a few mad, soulless, bloodless, compassionless Republicans of the State.

No matter how you slice it; Rand was a contradiction and clearly supported FASCISM in the form of the few, elite, Star Chamber at the pinnacle of the Social Pyramid DICTATING the fate for the rest of humanity. When did that ever work? Rivers are brown; trees are gone and our air is unsafe because of ‘caring’ Billionaire industrialists.

See the YouTube of the brilliant Ralph Nader and what he thought of Ayn Rand. He was horrified and could not read ‘Atlas…’ without gagging. And, ‘Atlas…’ is one of the biggest selling books of all time! Even Conservative William F. Buckley clashed with Rand (I guess being far too liberal for her likes).

At one point in a George Carlin clip, he was asked, ‘how could it all work?’ He said ‘Technology wasn’t the answer, either’ since that has always been perverted or corrupted. Ah, but Technology used wisely – given, not sold – IS THE ANSWER! Such an answer returns to my original point of the ideas in ‘Star Trek’ or real-world Egypt and Atlantis. The answer is Knowledge and Power in the hands of the COMPASSIONATE…applied for everyone in a Tesla or Buckminster Fuller Tomorrow of ‘Spaceship Earth’ where we are all united as ONE people with power.

‘Atlas Shrugged’ is propaganda from the Rich in the same way as 1984’s ‘Freedom is Slavery,’ ‘Knowledge is Ignorance’ and ‘Strength is Weakness.’


I’ve been asked, ‘how can I possibly believe in Power that does not corrupt?’ In other words, how could a truly Free Society exist where everyone has everything; where we are Supermen and Superwomen in a mega-metropolis and UTOPIA was not a dream, but a technical reality? How could it really be?


This will sound strange: I see the parallel course in Human History; the road not taken; that does not exist…and it sounds like Fantasy. The almost utopian high-tech ideal I speak of…could have been a reality NOW! And, believe it or not, could have been a reality for human society 100 years ago!

If Nikola Tesla would have been successful with this 187-foot New York (‘Wardenclyffe’) power-tower called the ‘Magnifying Transmitter, built between 1900 and 1905…then, by 1913, human society would have been transformed into that which resembled Krypton Society! There would have been no World Wars, Crash, Great Depression or suffering multitudes of people.

Tesla had already changed the world with RADIO. Who could believe, at the time, a box could vocalize speakers or music from many miles away? Tesla, true inventor of the A.C. and Television and so many other innovations, planned for families to be riding in the comfort of disk-shaped vehicles 100 years ago! All the Electro-Magnetic energy we needed could be freely drawn out of the Earth and distributed the proper way.

Why were we cheated out of being on the Road to Utopia? (Inside info from Arthur Matthews, his ‘secret son,’ that) Tesla himself dismantled the Power Tower because he knew it would be misused by those men soon to create the First World War! Nikola realized it was the wrong time for the ‘Principle of Paradise.’ Such POWER could not possibly exist during the rule of war-mongering, fascist bankers. Those in control at the time and today would only seize more control and strip the masses of numerous ‘quantum leap’ benefits in technology. Knowledge has been suppressed then and now.

I see the road not taken. I see that it parallels the ancient past of high-tech Egyptians, Incas and Atlanteans when Eden was not an idealistic dream…but a reality. YES; perfection ended and there was Paradise Lost…but ONLY because power-mad fascists, Rand’s hero-saviors, had their way…took control over the People…and the masses have been struggling ever since.

Hail Atlantis! There will be a time in the far future when it can work in a world without War. The ‘meek’ with their small hands on large Technologies will inherit the Earth. Power does not necessarily, every time, corrupt. Such utopian realities will happen again because they once happened long ago. We have that potential. Everything returns…even peace and love.

PS. Ayn Rand was the opposite of Robin Hood. This all started when I first heard Ms. Rand say, ‘we are moving toward Socialism and, under Socialism…everyone will enslave everyone.’ No, madam, only those Money-Men from the Dark Side you have supported all your life will ENSLAVE the masses! There actually exists positive life in the universe that might not choose oppression upon the people.

[email protected]


PS John Todd

John Todd, who claims to be a former member of one of the inner circles of the Illuminati, explains.

The Illuminati is Real.
An Illuminati Defector, Explains What They Are and What They Plan on Doing

The Conspiracy for world takeover is as old as man himself. The Illuminati, in recent history, has twice tried to control the world — in Napoleon’s day and during World War I. Only about 5,000 people in the entire world know the true purpose of the Illuminati and its conspiracy to rule the earth.

Their plan was written down in code, as a fictional novel, in 1957. In the mid-1950?s Philippe Rothschild ordered one of his mistresses, Ayn Rand, an established authoress and philosopher, to undertake the writing of this code to the witches of the world. This novel, Atlas Shrugged, was never intended to be a best seller, although it turned out to be one.

The main characters of Atlas Shrugged are code names for individuals or companies. The code is as follows:

  • Dagny Taggart — Ayn Rand
  • Dagny’s brother — The combined Railroad System
  • Ellis Wyatt — David Rockefeller
  • Hank Rearden — U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel
  • Francisco D’Anconia — Combined Copper Mines
  • Galt, D’Anconia, and the Pirate –Rothschild Tribunal

The Tribunal in the book went around convincing certain major corporation presidents of their philosophy and plan, getting them to bankrupt their own businesses. The owners of these companies would then vanish and leave with either Galt or D’Anconia to a retreat area in the Colorado mountain regions. Colorado” is the code name for the “Bermuda Triangle”, the place where the key figures of the Illuminati will be when the world crashes.