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Lucifer's Geometry

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 4/19/2013 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 15668   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality

The way that I see it, and you are probably going to consider me completely nuts for saying this--it's a thought, anyway--but most people without even being fully aware of it attempt to lead what I call a geometric life. What this means is that they attempt to remain consistent in some fashion by following a certain set of ideals or ritualized patterns, and this geometrizes those ideals, expressing their spiritual forms on the material plane. If, for instance, you are attempting to express 'compassion' on a daily basis, you could be considered a channeler of the spiritual form of 'Guanyin', helping her objectives pour through into the world around you. If you continuously express anger, you could be considered a channeler of 'Lyssa', the goddess of Rage. There are many names for the same gods, obviously, but basically the ones you utilize the most and are most familiar with are the astral forms that you geometrize into reality. You can't physically "touch" compassion or rage or chaos or whatever dramatic form you express, but others will be able to sense it when in your presence.

If you are catholic and you pray to a particular angel or saint for protection, the same rules apply. If you are christian and 'emulate Christ', you are channeling his astral geometric form. By remaining logically consistent and adhering to the qualities of these astral entities and partaking in actions that work to express these forces, sacred geometry is taken out of the astral which 'reflects' itself in the material world around you, through you. This doesn't necessarily mean you get what you want all the time--it just means that your consistency stays within the bounds of these astral qualities, and 'staying within the lines' of the pictures you are drawing creates a more perfect representation of it, as opposed to just drawing scribbles on the surface of a blank page and hoping people 'get' it. A pattern may still be visible in a scribbled drawing, but it will pale in comparison to someone who is attempting to do everything to remain within a consistent form.

As a human, you can channel any astral form you want, you can switch your allegiance, or you can stay with one in particular, as you are a vessel that is filled with their form. You become a star in their zodiac by representing them on a whim. But it is these Egregores which 'own' these qualities and are made up of these qualities, not you, as you can pour them out and refill yourself with something else entirely.

On the contrary to remaining within a geometrized pattern, you don't have draw anything consistently. And this is the difference between just living life and enjoying it, and being an adherent to a geometry. We give this geometry many names, however--the most common one being "personality." Your personality is a reflection of the spiritual geometry you channel through into the material the most. Everyone has quirks, likes, dislikes, and these quirks generally form a pattern. This pattern is the geometry. And this geometry is the astral form you currently 'represent.'

Having said that, I believe that the main astral form which embodies all of the geometries combined is Lucifer, the bright and morning star, who is the key angel for bringing 'enlightenment' of all these geometries to mankind in general. The universe, on the other hand, provides the organic framework for these geometries to exist. Geometries could not exist without the organics. God--name him what you will--provides everything that these geometries need to be expressed, and his main ingredient for them is the rational mind of man who can see them, experience them, and express them of his own free will.

Conspiracy Theorists see the geometry better than most. It goes with the territory. Those in charge of the world are 'Luciferians' who are drawing the shapes that they believe create an 'enlightened' human being, and those in charge of the chain of command seem to be doing so in a ritualistic fashion, believing the obtain enlightenment through the most perfect geometries. They 'channel' all of these forms in the purest manner possible, giving us what --confusing at first--transforms into our greatest artistic works. Why would this be "evil"? It's the debate of the Millenium, if not more.

The juxtaposition of Lucifer, the bringer of light, and 'Satan' is thus very confusing. Why, for instance, were the 'The writings of the watchers' meant to be destroyed after Noah's flood if the bringer of enlightenment was responsible for writing them? Isn't sacred geometry and all the pretexts to a 'holy life' reflected in their works? Lucifer (name him what you will too, I suppose) controls the watchers (i.e. Egregores, Igigi, Annunaki, man-gods) who bring man knowledge of geometry and everything else, and God wanted it all destroyed. Why? It's this confusing proposition that is not easily sorted out and has led me down numerous strange pathways. Why, for instance, if Lucifer was so evil, did Jesus refer to himself as 'the bright and morning star' in the book of Revelation? It makes no sense for Jesus to classify himself as Lucifer if Lucifer also meant Satan.

Regardless, it doesn't seem to be a stretch of the imagination to see that Lucifer is in charge of the Geometry whereas God is in charge of the organics as well. The most perfect geometry cannot 'create life' as the designer of the universe can do, and since a good bulk of our knowledge is based off of these geometries, we ourselves will never be able to create life without hijacking the organic process that is already in place. And since geometry cannot create life, why do people assume that, by remaining consistent in their actions through ritual and continuously expressing an ideal, that this can somehow 'save' them from eternal death? Lucifer doesn't have the keys to life.

We are vessels who have both the potential for evil just as much as we have the potential for great good. Since we have both potentials, we are, in all honesty, free to live this life as we see fit without 'eternal death' hanging over our shoulders in the event we do something wrong and draw outside of the lines of an ideal. We are based on an organic process, and that organic nature continues and fills other organic processes, giving birth to this world, the spirit world, and everything else that comes with it. Because of the way my own mind is set up, I can never stick to a certain set of ideals and expect to enjoy myself. I am not a machine, and neither are you. As such, draw away, but realize there's much more to you than any set of ideals you might happen to momentarily channel.

I was hoping for feedback on this article, so if you could, let me know your thoughts.