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Book Review: In The Light

Written By: John Clark

Posted: 2/18/2013 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 9745   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality

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To be direct and honest about it, I am a very recent acquaintance of the author. Before reading this title, I directly sought out Mr. Behnke's advice and expertise just prior to the release of "In the Light." My cause was to obtain his assistance in fostering a greater understanding of some of his other mystifying writings in connection to his near-death experience. This author has many web-based postings detailing topics which are typically related to an assortment of truly staggering and ingenious insights learned from the stressful experience which he details in the outset of this revealing short story.

The story did inspire a small amount of anxiety while reading. The well-related detail concerning the first-hand viewpoint suffered by the author throughout his ordeal made this reading entirely worthwhile from a dramatic perspective, if nothing else. But there is much to take away and consider, here. When taken in conjunction with other writings which also detail near-death experiences, it is ever clearer to me that there is an undeniable, yet anonymous, force of intelligence that belies each and every one of us, collectively, and individually. It is a governing, 'God-like', intelligence that otherwise facilitates the illusion that is our reality, and makes our lives possible. Although this intelligence of which I would attempt to speak is naturally elusive, and difficult to entirely assure oneself of, it is through testimony via experiences such as this that gives me confidence that it is there, nonetheless. Should we just call 'it', God? Although I would not disagree, I am ultimately inspired to simply say that it is "beyond me." Perhaps concrete affirmation is not meant for the living.

I dare say that this author's knowledge and experience related to esoterics of this nature portend something amazing and very worthwhile. I thank him for works such as this title, and for enduring what has admittedly been described as a challenge to rehash in order to relate. Anyways, I suggest that if you are looking to further an understanding of the 'beyond' which lays within, this title should be purposeful.