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Unidentified Flying Critters in South Carolina

Written By: Larry Smith

Posted: 12/7/2012 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 24029   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ghosts

UFOs, are an interesting subject, but did you ever hear about UFC's? At this point I'm going to take a little beginners license and steal a phrase from research papers done by a gentleman by the name of Trevor James Constable. He is a scientist credited with the photography of CRITTERS, as he named them and certainly produced enough written material to make it worth your time reading. He explored an area 50 years ago that I certainly would not have been interested in at that time but in view of present-day phenomenons I believe anyone would be interested now. I believe these are the first quality, pix to be published, and they come with a long story . I hope there is going to be enough interest to satisfy my curiosity at least. I have finally located a person who is an actual eye-witness to what I merely obtained game-cam digital pix of. It is my hope that others who have seen critters, at least, or better yet have clear pictures will come forth and share.

Part of my investigation of these critters involved going to different sources of information such as the newspaper and meteorologists, three of which assured me that what I was looking at was merely anomalous effects of dust, moisture, light and temperature on the lens. I call it “THE BUG ON THE BUG ON THE WINDSHIELD EFFECT”. Well, I'm just a retired carpenter, but don't look at my ass and say my hat is on crooked. That says nothing about my fat gut.

In the reports freely given to me by experienced photo examiners the same conclusions were expressed. The sprinklers caused the effect shown. However the sprinklers were not evident in all pix. Also there was a half-dozen pictures with and without sprinkler action.
Regarding the crits, they were explained using the example of bugs on a windshield. Very good example if that is what they are. Looking at all the pix, one can see that at least some of them were at least 27ft. From the camera. The next pic is taken 11 seconds later and shows no sigh of anything on the lins or within 50 ft.

In the following pix #14, there appears to be evidence that there are at least 2 critters. 1 organism and another one greenish. Being in the same pic seems to indicate 2 different colored critts. That helps eliminate the theory that light angle and exposure causes the different colors. In reports of sightings of this type critt, occurring in day light, they are reported to be from gray-black to colorless.

Not knowing the science of color photography I offer these simple thoughts.

1.If the subject is, for the sake of argument, dark and the atmosphere dark as at night. The only artificial light is the law mandated type designated to not confuse nocturnal animals .
2. The camera is a game cam. No flash, infrared, with no frills. $100 +-
3. The subjects of the pictures appear distinctly 2 different colors, orange and green.
4. The simple conclusion to an untrained person must be , the critters are of 2 different colors. It's not important what color, only that they contrast. Different colors COULD indicate a difference in sex, species, genus, or whatever.
5. Similarity of appearance COULD also indicate a breeding population, of unknown consequence to the environment.
6. It seems the subject would be of some interest to the DNR.