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Ancient Celtic Necklace Linked to Paranormal Activity

Written By: Lewis Hales M.A.,M.A

Posted: 12/1/2012 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 11463   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ancient Mysteries

This article is about my corporation’s signature artifact, a Celtic necklace about 2,300 years old, and the astounding experiences our staff and others have had with it over the past eight years.

The Celtic Collection Program is a nonprofit educational living history corporation, located in Georgia, America. Our mission statement is to facilitate a better understanding of ancient Celtic society, history and artwork from a multicultural perspective. We specialize in historical research and feature educational presentations and living history models representing Native Americans, Hinduism, Celtic Christianity and ancient Celtic society. The Celtic Collection Models come from different faiths and cultural orientation. We also exhibit 10 ancient collections consisting of thousands of geological specimens and artifacts, but only one relic has caused more response than any of the others combined. Since we obtained the necklace, some of our models, staff and I have noticed a pattern of strange activity associated with it, especially for those that either touch or wear it during photo shoots and at our shows.

I bought the necklace in 2004 from the Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art in New York. It was excavated in Central Europe and is of exceptional rare beauty and historical importance. It is believed to have been owned by a female druid. It is made out of bronze and was large enough to have been clearly visible in a large crowd. In the Sun’s reflection, it likely made a convincing impression. Its green color is called patina, a kind of tarnish that forms on the surface of bronze from being in the ground for a long period of time.

Its chain is about 20 inches long consisting of 33 links to which are attached three interconnected pendants. Two of the pendants are circular and the third is a bell. Because its primary motif is an enhanced version of Celtic circle theology, the necklace was likely a multipurpose religious item worn while performing at different kinds of ceremonies. Its features are feminine, which suggests it was either made for a woman or used to invoke a particular female deity or both. Each link is different from the others in shape and size to emphasize the importance of the circle. Its numerical encoding portrays symbolism that likely did not come from the metal smith that made it. It is reasonable that a cleric personally designed the encoding details and then assigned it to a smith to make according to those specifications.
The meaning of the necklace is to portray an enhanced version of the Celtic sacred number three; 33 links combined with three pendants equal the number nine, which is the most complete sequence in Celtic sacred three theology. To the ancient Celts, the circle meant protection, veneration of ancestors and life’s comprehensive circle, which involved birth, death and reincarnation. The bell stood for protection and enlightenment. Ancient Celtic sacred bells were the forerunners of sacred bells now used by Catholic priests during Mass. Legend states that St. Patrick once used a sacred bell to drive away evil. By today’s religious standards, the necklace would have been regarded as important by the Celts as a vestment, communion cup, Hoshen, Kittel or a cross.

The necklace has attained several educational accolades in a short period of time. It has been special featured on WAGA-TV Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta, CBS, a CNN affiliate station, GPB Georgia Gazette and on WXIA 11Alive News by Anchor Wes Sarginson. It has been published in Celtic Heritage, and in 2006, Georgia’s Governor Purdue held it during a special viewing of The Celtic Collection and was very impressed with its beauty and antiquity.

Just after the necklace arrived, the editor of a small historical publication wanted to feature special coverage about its discovery. Paige McDaniel Vallee, our deputy CEO, then a founding model, was selected to represent its debut media appearance. A professional photographer conducted the photo shoot and several pictures were taken. All of our staff was behind the photographer and no one else was on the property. After a photo was sent in with the story and published, a remarkable image was noticed just above Paige’s shoulder on the left of what appears to be a tall male dressed in black holding a tablet. At the time of the photo, we were all looking straight in the direction where this image was standing, but we did not see anything. Erin Tompkins, a psychic and one of the investigators that recently examined the necklace, states the image is connected with the artifact and has an ancient Celtic persona to it.

A diverse mix of experiences have been reported by several staff and others coming in contact with the necklace, including getting chills, feeling stunned, experiencing a sense of awe and losing their balance. One model told me she felt that the artifact radiates with energy. Others report as soon as they touch it, start seeing images in their thoughts of ancient ceremonial and warfare scenes. Almost everyone says they feel an almost overwhelming sense of awe followed by feelings of calm, happiness, relief of stress and especially empowerment. These reports are consistent with statements a few patrons have made after viewing the necklace during an exhibition.

In 2006, I was asked to teach a class on Celtic history at a parochial school. Part of the lecture involved a living history assignment of having students walk around the room showing Celtic artifacts to their classmates. A young girl about age 14 volunteered to show the necklace. After putting it on, she acted stunned and just looked at it without saying anything or moving. The other students did not react in the same manner to the artifacts they showed. The little girl proceeded to make her way around the classroom paying more attention to the artifact than the students. This was the first time I began to question whether something paranormal might be going on with this artifact.

In 2009, one of the models came to my home for a magazine photo shoot, which involved her wearing different outfits and using several production props. The project took half a day to finish and had to be photographed at three public locations. One set of photos involved her holding the necklace. After I handed it to her, she acted shocked for about 10 minutes and then her mood became very calm.

Early in August of this year, I took the necklace to Angel Salter, a sensitive and 7 year paranormal investigator, who stated that examining the artifact was her “Most memorable experience due to the intense emotion and energy I felt from this necklace. I sensed a tremendous amount of energy that I have never felt before”. Angel also stated the necklace had been owned by a woman.

Next, to obtain some objective feedback, I asked my friend Kim, who has no experience with my corporation, Celtic history or paranormal research to try on the necklace. She immediately extended her arms and said: “Just look at the goose bumps on both of my arms. This is causing me to feel very powerful. This necklace is full of energy”.
After this incident, I decided to contact the Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research in Atlanta and asked them to investigate the artifact. They graciously agreed to do so and I emailed them the debut image. On Friday, August 3, three Southeastern team members and newspaper editor Sherri Hammock arrived at my home. Soon after they entered, Sherri noticed that her almost completely drained cell phone had become fully charged. Investigators Denise Roffe, Diane Culpepper and psychic Erin Tompkins observed that three of their fully charged video batteries were completely drained. Erin, who had not been informed about why the team was there, walked through the house and was asked to identify anything with a high energy level. I have thousands of geological specimens and artifacts, including other sacred Celtic items. However, within a short time, Erin walked across the exhibition room to a cabinet in which the necklace is kept, pointed to it and said that a high amount of energy was coming from that spot. After she held the necklace for a while, she started to feel “Weak in her knees” and “Butterflies in her stomach”. She handed it back to me stating she had better do so before becoming overwhelmed by its energy.

The investigators then used two K2 meters around the necklace, conducted an EVP session and videoed the event. Although there were no EVP or video phenomenon identified when the footage was later analyzed, both K2 meters registered a 2.5 when Sherri wore the necklace.

Erin said she picked up on scenes of ancient woods, mounds camp fires and large gatherings of people. She said the necklace once had been valued as a sacred symbol and had been used by a woman. Each team member, including the editor, tried on the necklace. They all stated that wearing it prompted feelings of awe, peace and calm. Denise told me she used computer analysis on the photo and it appears to be genuine. Erin was then shown the image for the first time and she said she felt it was connected to the necklace.

We have carefully exhibited the necklace for many a year and it is very fragile due to its age. It has now been officially retired to preserve its links and pendant attachments. Fortunately, it has not sustained any accidental or other types of damage due transporting it from one center to another or having models wear it during the shows.
Although I am still skeptical about some of the details involved, there is no doubt about the number of reputable reports and documentation that we have collected. Over the past 8 years, we have had over 30 reports and experiences of paranormal activity with the artifact. They are not coincidental or just the products of dramatic or overly worked imaginations. However, there have been no negative or harmful consequences to anyone after having made contact with it. Instead, most report feeling initially taken back with a strong sense of awe on some level followed by a state of calm, reduction of stress and empowerment. Perhaps this is our best indication of what the necklace may have been originally used to accomplish. I suspect it was worn while performing healing ceremonies and provided hope, comfort and empowerment to many during wartime. It was likely used by someone who was devoted to the tribe and invested long hours of service to ensure the well-being of its members. I am informed that high levels of positive energy could indefinitely attach or imprint itself to an object used in this manner with so many individuals. This would explain the experiences we have encountered. There truly appears to be a pattern of unexplained phenomena and events associated with it. I cannot think of a better description that summarizes our diverse range of experiences than an observation Sherri made about it: “The necklace has a powerful amount of residual energy. It feels as if all the elements are coming together within you as one, bringing an awesome sense of not only peace but the energy to do what is determined to be done. After wearing it, I was left with a lingering feeling of welcome and joy."

Lewis Hales is a counselor, journalist and historian specializing in continental Celtic society, the insular Celts of ancient Britain and is credited with writing over 120 published articles. In 2008, Gov. Perdue awarded the Celtic Collection Program with a commendation for having made special educational contributions in Georgia. In 2011, Governor Deal awarded the Celtic Collection Models a commendation for their educational contributions.