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Paranormal Unity - What It Means to Me

Written By: James Paradie

Posted: 11/29/2012 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 6532   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ghosts
I've been hearing a lot about "Paranormal Unity" lately and even though I don't have the complete grasp of what it means as a whole, I'm going to make a guess: My guess would be that it means that no matter what we do, no matter how much evidence we have, no matter how many millions of stories are out there, we just can't win them all. And no matter what, there's going to be those who simply put their fingers into their ears, shut their eyes, and not listen. See no evil, hear no evil. There are those who just don't want to listen and it's almost like nails on a chalkboard for them to even take a moment and rationalize the possibility of their being life after death. And where does the paranormal unity talk come from? We got to stick together.

I've believed in spirits for a very long time. Do I believe in every story that I read? I keep an open mind about it, but I got to be there to fully believe in it. But they are those that no matter how much evidence there is out there, they simply just won't believe in it. There are those who are "hardcore believers" and "hardcore non-believers." A skeptic doesn't technically not believe in it. They are on the fence, basically. Whereas there are those who are non-believers that no matter what evidence you have they still won't believe you. Some just don't want to listen to us and those who don't probably think we are a bunch of liars just seeking our fifteen minutes of fame.

Channels like A&E, Travel Channel, SyFy, Discovery Channel, and History Channel (who have or had paranormal programs in the past) are not going to just pick everyone's story just because it sounds cool. No, they want evidence, so they don't look deficient. That doesn't mean what you see on TV is absolutely real, because we all know that isn't true and sometimes, yes, you can get shows that put a little or too much Hollywood in it, but that's their fault. It is not the fault of those who actually have a story that could change the face of what we don't know and what we could find out. This world is a strange place, because think about: We still have places on Earth we haven't even explored yet. We only know so little about what lays at the bottom of the oceans. We only use 10 percent of our brain's capacity (though this has been debated for many years). We don't know what our own galaxy holds (are we the only intelligent forms of life out there?). We are still a young breed of the evolution of life, so we still got a lot to learn about ourselves, about our surroundings, and about what frontiers we still haven't explored yet. What we could find when we do could be extraordinary.

Paranormal is also a relatively young science that will take decades before it can be mastered. Right now, it's just a fine art that people take interest in. People took interest in Sebastian Bach or Picasso, but it took years and years before they saw it for it was, an escape into a reality we don't know about. But there's just some of those who believe that it shouldn't be in our lives at all. One person, who sent me some hate mail not that long ago, said, it's a product of the devil and I am doing the devil's work for participating in it. Well, it's not like I have a sacrifice on a stone table while waving an Oracle bone over the body. I go in there with equipment that's too expensive for me to afford; I go in and basically talk to myself. Yes, from a third person's point of view I guess I do look like a goon, but I'm trying to see what's out there. I've had a few weird experiences in my life that's made me believe that maybe our loved ones are still out there in the great beyond. Maybe there's some lost souls who need help crossing into whatever plain of spiritual reality there is out there. If none of those ideals exist, then it simply gives one hope. Hope is a blanket of solitude; it gives us comfort even when the odds are against us. If it's hopeless, then it don't mater, because if nothing exists after we pass on, then at least we had that comfort until we breath our last breath. I guess it just takes the knots out of our stomachs as well.

The one thing that I will not bring myself to is to suspend my belief in spirits. I've had way too many experiences and witnessed a vast amount of marvels that leads me to believe that something lies ahead of us when our time is up. That maybe this isn't IT, that maybe we do get to see our loved ones and spend the rest of eternity with them. On several occasions, during a glass swirling session (where we use a drinking glass to make contact with spirits - think of an Ouija board with just the planchet and no letters. Usually we ask what's a yes and what's a no, we most of the time get the same response). We asked if there's an afterlife and it made a figure eight, which means eternal life. Could all of us be moving the glass or is something else moving it?

To make a long story short: The only way to find out if there is life after death is something the vast majority of us are not looking forward to---Death itself. Some of us believe in spirits, some of us believe in a Heaven and Hell, and some just simply put their fingers in their ears and shut their eyes. I say, do what works for you. But do some research and maybe go on an investigation or two. Just because you've never had an experience doesn't mean it don't exist. Because millions of people have and if you want to know who? Just go out into the streets and ask, "Do you believe in ghosts?"

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