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Do It Yourself Ghost Hunting - Volume 3: The Technique Behind E.V.P

Written By: James Paradie

Posted: 11/29/2012 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 6967   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ghosts
Last time we talked about how to go about getting your first investigation going. It's not a guarantee, but it's something to try. Now, you're at your first investigation and the sun is going down, there is a full moon, and a wolf just howled outside…Okay, I'm setting up something for a horror movie, but the anticipation is just as close to it. Don't fear, because ghost hunting is an exercise to face fear and find the reality within that supposed fear.

Your first investigation is about to take place, you've taken out the equipment; you got your digital camera, your digital audio recorder (if you bought the analog…you poor thing), and maybe you bought some other equipment like a K-II or something, but let's just say you got the camera and the audio recorder just for the sake of this article (Within the next few weeks I‘ll make sure to do more articles on the equipment we use and how to use it). What to do now?

Lights out.

If you're afraid of the dark, then well, you probably got to get over it real quick for an investigation. I'll be real with you, when I got into this I wasn't too fond of the dark myself. Not that I need a night light, because of the fear some boogie man is going to come out and get me, it's just I've never been fond of the dark. I had to get over it real quick if I wanted to be in NEPI. Is there some sort of rule that ghosts are going to only come out if the lights are off? Let me put it the way Anthony Ardolino, the co-founder of NEPI, said on our last investigation, "We do it, because that's what they do on TV." So, is there some sort of rule to have the lights out? No. But we'll have the lights out for this tutorial.

Flashlights, remember them, they are your friends, your eyes in the night. Cherish them, keep them close, keep your finger ready to turn them on, but also keep your finger ready to start what we call an E.V.P. session. I did an article about E.V.P.'s a little while ago, so here's a brief description of what E.V.P.'s are intended for in ghost hunting from that article:

"EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena and it's probably the most important tool to ghost hunting. How does EVPs work you may ask? The basics of this question is that whichever proposed haunted location you are at, you ask the spirit questions. Simple questions: 'What's your name? Why are you here? What's your favorite color? Are you trapped here? Do you need help to cross over?' All these questions, some may seem ridiculous yes, but any question may get a possible answer."

Now, one thing I didn't touch base on in that article (which you can view, cheap plug I know, on my website: scaredsheetlessncn.blogspot.com) is that ghosts are said to talk in a different frequency than us. Spirits, according to experts, talk in what is known as the white noise frequency. Humans can't hear it, but audio equipment seems to pick it up very well. Are the questions above the ones you should ask? Yes, but not right away.

You see, I'm starting to sense that maybe one of the reasons why we are not getting great answers from these spirits is because that some investigators forget this one important detail: they are spirits, yes, but what makes a spirit? A former citizen of the living. At one time they were alive, they had working organs, they could think, they could talk to another living person, their hearts beat, their lungs inhaled and exhaled. They were one of us. Now, they are passed on as denizens of the afterlife and one of the poor mistakes that some investigators make is that they seem to treat them like side-show acts at a circus.

You want to try to approach them like they are one of us, because if you go in there like some people, "How'd you die? Were you murdered?" These are sensitive questions that you should not start out with. You should try to form a bond with the spirit. Try to talk to them like they are one of you. Start off with introducing yourself and maybe asking what the spirits name is. On one of my previous articles I said that me, my cousin, and a friend of his did an EVP session in the upstairs of our garage and he asked what the spirit's name was and we got an answer("Michael or Mikayla." We‘re still debating on that one). That's because my cousin formed a bond with this spirit. It's like my two cousins from down state New Hampshire who have their own ghost hunting quests in a cemetery in Concord and they've formed a bond with this spirit child.

Forming a bond with a spirit may sound crazy, but it does get results, and I've always gone by the old saying, "Treat others the way you want to be treated…unless they are demons, then you call a priest." But you won't bump into them on your first ghost hunt? Or will you? Well, good luck! There will be more Do Your Own Ghost Hunt's tutorials as time progresses, but take these hints, clues, and guidelines as a way to get started. Thanks for reading. This has been another Scared Sheetless, happy haunting and keep it scary!

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