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Book Excerpt: Speaking to the Dead with Radios

Written By: Michael Hobert Edwards

Posted: 10/25/2012 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 4365   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ghosts

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Speaking to the dead with radios obviously is the name of my book, but what actually does that mean in layman terms. Do I have a radio that I turn on to have a two way conversation with the dead, for example, like using a CB Radio? Well no, not exactly. The radio is just a just a tool used in the process to help record paranormal messages or Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

As you learned from reading the history of Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP, there are different ways and devices to record and capture EVP. Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP as noted during my introduction, culminates using a manufactured or homemade radio that has been altered to scan or sweep stations un-muted which creates a medium the dead somehow use to formulate messages within that noise of the radio scanning stations, and those paranormal messages somehow get picked up by a tape or digital recorder. I personally believe the dead capture words within the noise of the radio scanning stations to form messages in the form of one or more words, phrases or sentences as one would use the game of scrabble to form words. For this reason, I believe messages tend to sound male, female, childlike, elderly, raspy, an even electronic sounding.

Unlike what I call the traditional EVP message which culminates from using a tape or a digital recorder only where you ask questions and do not hear any messages until play back, quite often when using the Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP method during certain types of recording sessions, one can hear the messages “Real Time” during the recording process.

Real Time Spirit Communication (RTSC)

One of the luxuries of having and using a Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP device, is you can often hear paranormal responses to your questions of the dead real time. Real Time Spirit Communication or (RTSC) coined by Steve Hultay of Keyport Paranormal®, simply means once you turn that radio and recorder on, if you ask your question and hear an answer to your question while the recording session is in process that form of communication is coined real time. You are in a sense having a two way conversation with the dead.

For example, during one of my Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP recordings at Ferry Plantation Home, Virginia Beach, VA, several of us asked the dead what holiday the spirits in the home liked best, and we heard a real time audio voice message heard by everyone in the room that said “Christmas”. Hearing that response in just about every room in the house, we later asked why they liked Christmas so much, and the next real time response we heard real time was “Because of the Presents”.

To further explain RTSC; let’s say that you reading this book are a paranormal investigator who assists families as does the T.A.P.S® team of Warwick, RI. In your process you only use digital recorders, and do not use Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP devices. Under your current process, when you walk the client’s property and ask questions, you have to wait until later after the investigation is over to listen to the recorder to see if you have recorded any paranormal messages, or EVP. If you add a Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP device with your recorder, if the conditions are right, you now have the ability to communicate real time in a two way conversation with the dead. If you get a real time response, you can then ask more questions right there on the spot whereas using your current process you would not know what the dead said until after you have left the client’s home, and listened later for any messages on play back.

One of my first RTSC EVP recordings I received occurred when I turned the radio on for the first time, and this message said “Mike Edwards”. A spirit actually called out my name, and when I asked who he was, I got a message that was not real time that said Christian. When I asked again “who are you that called me, I got another real time message that said “Hello Michael” from a British sounding male voice. Hearing my name called out like that real time is what got me hooked like a fish into this field of study.

After I received this first real time message, and knowing that some dead person was in my room that could see and hear me, one that I could not see, I started arranging Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP recordings with any dead spirits that wanted to tell me the name of certain items. I found that by holding up items in my hand, simple house hold items, and asking any dead in my room to tell me the name of the item, I was able to hear more real time messages.

Real time messages can be the dead answering a question you asked, or they can be the dead saying something to you or asking you a question. The following are some examples of real time messages I have recorded over the years, messages that were so loud I heard them while the hacked radio was scanning stations.

· Mike Edwards!
· Hello Michael!
· I’m here at Mike Edwards house
· Michael we touched you
· There is a cat on your lap
· I miss you
· I love you
· All of us
· It’s a girl
· I did not kill her
· Bang! He shot me!
· Christmas
· They hung them
· Opossum
· I went bowling
· I was fat and nobody told me
· Tell Ruth I love my family
· That dumb deer, I saw him standing there
· I did
· The little
· Tums
· Tell her he loved to see the ocean
· He had you for a month. His duct tape
· We shall save your mother
· Dolphin
· Husband
· I loved my husband
· Kids were hunting for me

I know that is a lot of real time messages, but I have a ton more, and way too many to list here. Real time messages when they occur provide you the recorder the opportunity to respond back, and this type of communication is a must when you use these devices as a tool to try and get information.

Imagine your father has passed, and before he died he told you to not forget about his coin collection. He is in the hospital bed, and you are sitting beside him, and he is fading in an out, and this time is a very emotional time for the two of you as you and he know death is near.

After the funeral, and perhaps some time later, you and the family are preparing to sell his house. While going through all of his belongings packing away his stuff in boxes for Good Will®, it hits you! Where is the coin collection? Oh my God, you say to yourself, the house has been sold, and we have to be out of here by next Friday!

If you just use a recorder only and you try and establish communication with your dad, you will not know what he said until later when you play it back, and even if you play it back later and the answer is not there, you will have to make another appointment with dad, and ask him more questions, and continue this process over and over again until the coin collection is found.

Under the right conditions, and in truth what those conditions actually are no one really knows, if you use a Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP device used in conjunction with your recorder, if you hear your father speaking to you real time, you can respond back at that moment in time. Sure you still may have to engage in more than one recording with him, but having that two way conversation with him to try and find the coin collection can make the experience a lot easier than if you just used a recorder and play back what he may have said at a later date and time.

Below I will lay out what a real time recording session with your dad might sound like to try and find the coin collection. In this example below, I am only going to list out the real time responses you may have heard, and later I will discuss the other messages that got recorded that were not real time.

Question: Hello is my father John Wayne here today?
Response: Yes!
Question: Dad we are trying to find your coin collection. Do you know where it is?
Response: It___shelf___I love you
Question: OK Dad, I heard shelf, and I love you too. What shelf?
Response: It is by_______wood box

During this recording with your dad to try and find the location of his coin collection, you heard real time the following words which are “it, shelf, I love you, it is by, wood box”. This was a good recording session. Now you know the coin collection is on a shelf somewhere, but you and your wife already searched the entire house, and did not find it. Furthermore, the house and garage are now completely empty, and all that is left to do is have the cleaning people come in to clean the house before the real estate closing.

What you the reader just read is a typical real time spirit communication dialog with a deceased person or spirit, however, there is more information you missed hearing during that recording session. You have yet to hear the lower sounding messages that occurred before and after the real time messages, and these messages are very important, and if you listen to them, you may not have to do additional recordings with dad to try and find the coins.

Going back to this fictional recording session I just laid out for you as an example, let’s now go back, but using head phones, and if need be use some audio editing program to perhaps block the lower sounding messages that occurred before and after the real time message, and raise the volume a bit. After doing the above, below is how the recording session with messages from your dad looks now. bold text indicates the lower sounding words you did not hear real time.

Question: Hello is my father John Wayne here today?
Response: Yes!
Question: Dad we are trying to find your coin collection. Do you know where it is?
Response: It is on the shelf in the attic. I love you
Question: OK Dad, I heard shelf, and I love you too. What shelf?
Response: It is by the window in a wood box

Now by going back and listening to everything your father really said to you, and not just listening to the real time messages, you have the right information now to find the coin collection.

Real time spirit communication means you can hear the dead speaking to you during the recording session enabling you the ability to respond back to them with additional questions, however, I want each of you reading this book to understand to truly understand everything your loved one or any spirit is saying to you, you must also listen to all the lower sounding messages that occur before and after the real time messages. If you do not take the time to listen to them, even to raise the volume a bit to better hear them, in net you have neglected to hear everything your loved one, the loved one of a client, the deceased missing crime victim or any dead at the paranormal investigation location, really said to you.

By neglecting to hear it all, and if the recording session is one in which you are trying to find information that is ultimately going to help the living or solve a crime, you are wasting the spirit’s time by having them come to your home for repeat visits.

Think of it this way, imagine you are a police detective, and you bring in a witness to a crime, and the witness tells you information about the case, and they answer any questions you may have. Imagine you are not listening to them as intently as you should, and you are also not writing down everything that person said. If you keep making appointments with that witness to keep coming back to you for more sessions, you are wasting their time, and after too many appointments with you, they may stop coming.

What I just said to you, actually happened to me while recording Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP recording sessions with a particular deceased crime victim. At that time, I had not developed the process I use today, and was just listening to the entire question with answer file without segmenting it into smaller files. I missed hearing a lot of lower sounding messages only focusing on the real time messages, and after a myriad of repeat appointments with this deceased crime victim, during one recording session the spirit made an angry statement that he already told me what I wanted to know, and he never came to my house again.

In this book, I will teach you a specialized process I personally use to discern, listen to, and transcribe Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) Electronic Voice Phenomena messages, more especially messages that occur before and after a real time message. I will also share with each of you some of my personal experiences and some actual cases I recorded using this device.

To listen to some of my exceptional Radio Sweep (Ghost Box) EVP recordings, go to my Yahoo® web site at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/EVP-ITC-SDWR-SpeakingToTheDeadWithRadios-/?yguid=338683728, or you can also listen to others on You Tube® on my channel EVPITCSDWR.